Peter Pan Goes Wrong Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Peter Pan Goes Wrong
Image Source: Pamela Raith Photography

This is our review of Peter Pan Goes Wrong at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of Peter Pan Goes Wrong

First, there was the award-winning show The Play That Goes Wrong and then The Goes Wrong Show on BBC television. Now, Mischief provide a riotous spin on the timeless classic story of Peter Pan. So, the Cornley Drama Society team return to the stage. Along the way, they fight technical glitches, major mishaps, and cast fallings out. All while attempting to relive the all-time tale that represents J.M. Barrie’s greatest work. But can the cast ever arrive at Neverland?

The cast stars Jake Burgum, Jack Michael Stacey, Matthew Howell, Jean-Luke Worrell, Ciara Morris, Theo Toksvig-Stewart, and Clark Devlin. Also appearing are Jamie Birkett, Gareth Tempest, and Rosemarie Akwafo.

Analysis Of Peter Pan Goes Wrong

This is a real gem to watch, partly because you know something is going to fall apart; you just don’t know what. Without giving away spoilers, you have to keep every detail in mind on the set and amidst the character’s personalities. Small nuggets of information end up having a major impact for those watching and listening carefully. Meanwhile, the physical chaos comes from nowhere, so it’s vital to not miss a second of the show. Otherwise, you may just miss some of the funniest moments of the performance.

On the subject of performance, the manner in which the mishaps occur helps to elevate the standard of the production. It’s easy to generate typical slapstick; it would be amusing, but not particularly original. However, Mischief succeed at ensuring everybody plays it totally straight, almost as if the mistakes really are authentic disasters. (Though ironically, there really was a legitimate technical fault that temporarily halted the show during the first half. It all added to the surreal nature of the evening, I suppose.)

Summary Of Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Mischief now have a range of shows covering different subjects but with the same, calamatious story arc. Yet each of them manages to remain fresh and unorthodox that every single one is a watch. And certainly, this absolutely deserves a viewing, because it’s as unique and hilarious a production as you could see in 2023.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding