Shrek The Musical Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Shrek The Musical 2024
Image Source: Wirral Globe

This is our review of Shrek The Musical at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of Shrek The Musical

Shrek goes on a quest to overcome Lord Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona. Meeting his new friend Donkey on the way, Shreks seeks to keep his home swamp to himself. Meanwhile, Fiona wishes to find true love, which is only possible if somebody rescues her. Now, Shrek feels neglected and humiliated due to how society views his ogre presence. But Fiona has a secret that she doesn’t want the world to know. Given their different situations and troubles, how will a resolution occur to satisfy all?

The show features plenty of catchy songs such as Far Far Away, Big Bright Beautiful World and I Know It’s Today. Not forgetting, of course, I’m A Believer to close the show with a bang. We see Antony Lawrence as Shrek; Joanne Clifton as Fiona; James Gillan as Farquaad; and Brandon Lee Sears as Donkey.

Analysis Of Shrek The Musical

This show is a lot of fun for all ages to enjoy. There are plenty of noteworthy scenes forming what is an easy story to understand. Meanwhile, Donkey and Farquaad provide much of the humour, with Donkey, in particular, garnering big laughs aplenty. (Farquaad’s role is somewhat different from what it was in previous productions due to a creative change.) And there are choice comedic moments amidst the songs such as the fairytale characters occasionally demonstrating some hilarious self-awareness.

Elsewhere, the most famous songs of the show are all here and garnered big audience responses. But best of all was Cherec Richards bringing the house down with Forever. Such an amazing performance here from Richards that thoroughly deserved the standing ovation that it received. Furthermore, the scenery is very convincing with some eye-catching screen effects. Oh, and a huge dragon that wowed the youngest attendees. Meanwhile, experienced theatregoers should look out for the easter eggs, the nods towards other theatre productions. Can you spot them all?

Summary Of Shrek The Musical

Anyone familiar with the Shrek movie will recognise the characters, the story, and the songs. But even if you’re new to the Shrek universe, you will enjoy this production. It’s a feel-good, entertaining, and light-hearted tale that appeals to all audiences. Make sure to see it during its current run at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent