Sleeping Beauty Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

Sleeping Beauty Epstein 2023
Image Source: Epstein Theatre

This is our review of Sleeping Beauty at Liverpool‘s Epstein Theatre!

Synopsis Of Sleeping Beauty

So, Sleeping Beauty tells the enchanting tale of Princess Aurora. But the evil fairy Carabosse plants a curse on Aurora. This tricks Aurora into eternal slumber, with a kiss from her true love as the only way to break the cause.

Will the beautiful princess find her true love and escape the evil fairy’s curse? And what fate awaits the evil fairy? So, set your alarms and come to the Epstein Theatre to see what happens!

Analysis Of Sleeping Beauty

This Regal Entertainments production stars Mia Molly as Sleeping Beauty, Reece Sibald as Chester, and Rachel Wood as Carabosse. Not forgetting Lewis Burrage as the Prince, Warren Donnelly as the King, and Katy Mac as the good Fairy Sprinkle. There was an air of excited anticipation within the audience. Mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents, boys, and girls all looked forward to the curtain rising.

The colourful costumes were totally amazing, with Queenie having lots of changes. There was also some upcycling with the costumes in line with sustainability. In terms of memorable moments, one particular scene with Queenie singing Dolly Parton’s 9-5 stood out. The juggling of her chest was amazing! Meanwhile, the children were encouraged to join in. And the kids who sat near me were literally dancing in the aisles and singing and joining in with gusto. Elsewhere, the very talented Liam Mellor wrote a very witty, clever, and entertaining script.


Once upon a time in Pantoland, the Wicked Witch put Sleeping Beauty to sleep. She slept for a hundred years from her 18th birthday ball, with Disney characters in attendance. She could only wake up by the kiss of the son of a King. The prince was very handsome (and really reminded me of Prince William). He was born to play a prince.

There were plenty of popular songs throughout, and the Wicked Fairy had a wonderful voice. The dancers were excellent and performed to a very high standard, and the dancing Captain Callum Fairfield shines through. There were some very funny, hilarious moments, in particular the water pistol scene, the hissing python, and the ghost scene. Also, YMCA was very entertaining, and Reece Sibald gave a very energetic and excellent performance as Chester.

Summary Of Sleeping Beauty

I thoroughly enjoyed this pantomime for the Easter season. I recommend you take your children and grandchildren to see it!

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good