Sleeping Beauty Review – Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool

Sleeping Beauty
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Show: Sleeping Beauty
Location: Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Friday December 17 2021
Time: 19.00
Running Time: 120 Minutes
Age Rating: 8+

This is our review for Sleeping Beauty at Liverpool‘s Hope Street Theatre. Now, this is the first theatre pantomime at the Hope Street Theatre since 2019. So, let’s take a look at Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping Beauty

Background Of Sleeping Beauty

The tale of Aurora (Erin Birch) is a classic pantomime story. For the Princess of Kirkby is turning 18, and she wishes to celebrate in grand style. Furthermore, Prince Henry from Huyton (Oakleigh Elizabeth) declares their love for Aurora. However, there’s trouble ahead in the form of the evil Carabosse (Lesley Butler). For she sets a wicked spell on Aurora, meaning that a simple finger prick could leave our hero dead.

How can she overcome this? Will the Prince be able to assist at her time of need? Could it be that Fairy Spell (Gabrielle Dams) is able to conjure up some magic? And how might Dame Dolly (Aaron Hayes) and Fester The Jester (Brian Comer) impact proceedings? We all hope for a happily ever after, yet there’s no time for our heroes to waste to ensure that happens!

Analysis Of Sleeping Beauty

This has plenty of fun right from the very beginning. There are songs, dances and jokes aplenty, with many local references. Despite her villainous ways, I would frequently cackle at Carabosse’s Scouse insults. Indeed, the audience would be referred to as “melts”, “meffs”, “blurts” and other local derogatory terms. Mind you, Dame Dolly and Fester would create the most laughs, especially during the moments where they would ad-lib. Part of the appeal of panto is when the fourth wall breaks and we see the cast genuinely having fun. That would occur numerous times here, and these scenes would garner some of the night’s biggest laughs. There would also be topical humour, with Dame Dolly clarifying that there was no party; just cheese and wine.

Furthermore, the settings were very impressive and had clearly been worked on by the creative team for some time. In particular, the life-size dragon’s head would wow the younger attendees. We would also hear lots of dance-along tunes, such as Born This Way, Rescue Me and a Jackson 5 medley. Erin and Oakleigh would do very well in their roles, fitting in perfectly as the happy royal couple. On top of all that, there was a bonus in the form of kids being able to meet Santa Claus after the show.

Summary Of Sleeping Beauty

With Christmas songs in the auditorium, a gorgeous setting and plenty of gags, this was a lovely panto to see. The intimate setting would make the night feel more special and create an experience for the children to really remember. As long as theatre can continue in the current climate, we would recommend you check this panto out over Christmas.


Target Audience: 8+
Content: No Content Likely To Offend
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

So, Sleeping Beauty runs at Hope Street Theatre until Thursday December 30 2021. And you can buy tickets right now.

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