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Sleeping With Beauty
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This is our review of Sleeping With Beauty at Liverpool‘s Epstein Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Sleeping With Beauty!

Sleeping With Beauty

Synopsis Of Sleeping With Beauty

It’s a pantomime, so you should recognise the story even with its more risque title. But for those that don’t, this is the story of Princess Aurora a.k.a. the Sleeping Beauty. And Aurora (Vikki Earle) is on the verge of celebrating her 18th birthday. But the wicked Carabosse (Robert Squire) placed a spell on Aurora early in her life. This means that the simple prick of a finger could send our hero into a permanent deep sleep.

Fortunately, though, she is largely oblivious to her fate, and she’s not alone in her quest. That’s because she has Queenie (Jimmy Burton-Iles) and Jangles (Liam Mellor) by her side. Not forgetting the magical powers of Fairy Muff (Eilish Stout-Cairns), who sprinkles her fairy dust at times of jeopardy. And then there’s Prince Benjamin Of Hollyoakia (Ben-Ryan Davies), the charming man that hopes to win her heart. But with Carabosse out to disrupt the Palarse at all costs, will there be a happy ending? Or will the Wicked Witch get her own way to cause a terrible climax for all?

Analysis Of Sleeping With Beauty

This follows the usual pantomime formula of daft capers and bizarre situations all tying together in one encompassing story. Indeed, it’s easy to understand what is going on, making it a simple watch for anyone new to the panto universe. The settings stand out, but the costumes are particularly impressive. Indeed, a lot of time and effort goes into crafting the exquisite costumes that elevate the status of the show. And of course, there are the usual panto traits, from sing-a-long tunes to the quick one-liners from Jangles.


But of course, all of this isn’t the biggest talking point about this show. No, it’s the 18+ nature of the premise that allows this show to stand out from other pantos. Innuendos become blatant references, while the insults are coarse and the dance moves are – well! – pretty strong. Of course, anyone buying a ticket to the production will know of this beforehand. But it’s still quite the sight to watch scenes that are less about concentration and more about penetration. I just hope that the cast, especially the dancers, know each other very well off-stage!

The only downside to this is that after a few minutes, the shock value does lose some of its impact. And it will feel weird to watch another family-friendly panto after seeing this show. However, there are still plenty of other notable moments. And like with many pantos, sometimes the funniest incidents are of an unscripted nature. And if they’re hilarious to the cast, then that translates towards garnering big laughs from the audience too.

Summary Of Sleeping With Beauty

This is unlike any other pantomime that you’re likely to witness, with the content ramped up to extreme levels. But if you’re comfortable with that, then this is a thoroughly entertaining and provocative production. And it’s unlikely you will ever look at pantomime the same way again after watching Sleeping With Beauty!


Target Audience: 18+
Content: Frequent Strong Language & Strong Sex References
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

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