The Addams Family Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The Addams Family
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Show: The Addams Family
Location: Empire Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Tuesday March 8 2022
Time: 19.30
Running Time: 155 Minutes
Performers: Joanne Clifton, Scott Paige, Kingsley Morton, Cameron Blakely, Valda Aviks, Grant McIntyre, Sean Kingsley, Ahmed Hamad, Kara Lane & Ryan Bennet
Production: Katy Lipson (Aria Entertainment)
Writers: Charles Addams (creation), Rick Elice & Marshall Brickman (musical)
Director: Matthew White
Musical Director: Andrew Milton

This is our review of The Addams Family at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre this year. So, let’s take a look at The Addams Family!

The Addams Family

Background Of The Addams Family

Spooky and kooky, The Addams Family are on stage with a fantastic musical comedy! It’s from the multi-award-winning writers of Jersey Boys and with music and lyrics by Tony Award-nominated Andrew Lippa. And one of the nation’s favourite fictional families will bring excitement for the whole family this March.

Wednesday Addams is the utmost princess of darkness. But she is all grown up and is keeping a jaw-dropping secret only Gomez knows about. We know what it is though. She is in love with a sweet, regular and respectable young man from a regular, respectable family. Morticia is in the dark, but will Gomez be loyal to his daughter, or his wife? What frightful things happen when the two families eventually meet? You will have to go and see!

Join your favourites including Uncle Fester, Lurch, Pugsley and more. They will take to the stage to tell a story of family and friendship… with a creepy twist!

Analysis Of The Addams Family

This show is a lot of fun from beginning to end. And the craziness of the Addams clan means that this show is unlike anything else you will see on stage. For instance, who can look past a man that is in love with the moon? Or a grandmother of unknown relation to the senior Addams’? Not forgetting a child who actually hopes for a monster to appear from under the bed. And we haven’t come to the main characters yet!

Having watched this show on TV in the past, this feels like something of a coming-of-age production. The story focuses on Wednesday’s romance with Lucas, and the reluctance of their parents for them to wed. Yet it also has genuine messages focusing on trust within a relationship. This plays out both in terms of keeping secrets as well as feeling unable to divulge the truth. And as Gomez draws parallels between Morticia and Wednesday, we realise that some evolutionary changes are inevitable. It all stays within the family … even one as creepy and kooky as this group!


I loved the backdrop, as it felt like a truly haunted, yet equally mesmerising, home. The huge staircase that takes us to the large-scale doors adds to the intimidation that outsiders feel when visiting. And some special effects are truly breathtaking (I won’t provide spoilers as the surprise element is crucial). Plus, there’s the foreboding sense of doom whenever the likes of Uncle Fester or Lurch offer introductions. However, we also get plenty of humour, much of which comes from the characters simply being themselves. A great example is when Lurch brings the chalice to the dinner table, walking at an unnervingly yet hilariously slow pace.

As for the songs, there aren’t actually many numbers for the audience to sing along with. But the tunes are performed to a strong standard, elevating this beyond simply being a tribute to a much-loved programme. The acting performances are also notable, with Gomez Adams in particularly alternating between demonstrating hammy traits and high drama. And not forgetting the most recognisable tune of all that opens and closes the show, albeit with no words to sing along to. That may be an issue to consider for future tours, especially since it’s such a famous television jingle.

Summary Of The Addams Family

There’s plenty for attendees of all ages to enjoy from watching this show on stage. For some people, it’s a chance to relive a show from the days when TV was harmless fun. And for other, younger visitors, it’s the chance to experience this weird world for the first time. Regardless of the circumstances, though, I’m sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy getting to see The Addams Family!


Target Audience: Ages 10+
Content: Infrequent Mild Language
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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