The Best Of Queen Review – St Helens Theatre Royal, St Helens

The Best Of Queen
Image Source: Evensi

This is our review of The Best Of Queen at St Helen’s Theatre Royal. So, let’s take a look at The Best Of Queen!

Synopsis Of The Best Of Queen

The UK’s biggest Queen cover band presents their Break Free Tour. Portraying Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John, this group celebrates the showmanship of the UK’s favourite rock band. Including some of the best Queen songs, this show transports audiences through the band’s repertoire, from Bohemian Rhapsody to I Want to Break Free.

Analysis Of The Best Of Queen

St Helens Theatre Royal is often providing audiences with stand-out productions, and this was no exception. The Best of Queen treated the people of St Helens with a show fit for a stadium. Each musician fully played their part, embodying the much-loved person they were portraying. This included the guitarist wearing a bold afro wig for Brian May and the bassist doing little sidestep dances just as John Deacon did.

The vocalist had multiple costume changes to showcase Freddie Mercury’s iconic looks, including the all-white outfit with red arrows and the yellow jacket. He also sported a bold moustache and moved across the stage as Freddie, poses and audience interaction included. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hit all the high notes for each song but made up for this with his bravado and stage presence. It is impossible for someone to completely replicate Freddie as he was such an astounding performer and singer, so this was not an issue at all and did not take away from the performance.


When the show began, it took a while for the audience to warm up fully to the band. However, once they got into the swing of things, everyone fully relaxed and enjoyed themselves. People were singing along to every song, with some even moving out of their seats to dance in the aisles. Many people wanted to act as they would at a gig by using the flash on their phones to wave at the band, but the ushers continuously told people this was not allowed during the show. This was confusing for many people as there was no announcement before the show asking people not to film or shine lights.

To make things even more complicated, the band asked people to shine torches for one song, and then once the next song started, ushers told people to turn their torches off. This completely took away from the gig experience and frustrated many audience members. There should definitely be a conversation about relaxing the no-phone and no-speaking rules for gigs within theatres so this doesn’t negatively affect performances in the future.


The second half of the show included multiple requests from the audience, which was a nice touch to keep things fresh for the band and make sure the setlist was appealing to everyone. It also allowed us to hear Queen songs that aren’t usually played at events, such as Love of My Life and Bicycle Race.

One of the highlights of Queen’s performances was Freddie’s call and response to the audience. They referenced this multiple times during this show, with audience members shouting back lyrics and sounds when required for each song. With an almost sold-out show, the echoing around the auditorium was wonderful. The lead singer commented about how thrilled he was to see so many people turn up to support them, which made the show even more enjoyable seeing how happy the performers were to be there.

Summary Of The Best Of Queen

In closing, The Best of Queen was a wonderful show. It showcased all the key points of a Queen performance while staying individual to the performers themselves. There was the flexibility to allow the audience to change up the show and plenty of famous hits to make everyone happy. Unfortunately, it was very disappointing to be thrown from the gig atmosphere by ushers throughout the show that didn’t want people shining lights. Ignoring this niggling issue, the production was wholly enjoyable and would be perfect for any Queen super-fan.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good