The Drifters Girl Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

The Drifters Girl
Image Source: Visit Liverpool

This is our review of The Drifters Girl at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of The Drifters Girl

This is an all-new musical with an impact to rival that of The Drifters themselves. So, music lovers of all ages know the songs of The Drifters. But do you know their story, including the very real battle to retain their name? This show explores the story from the perspective of their manager Faye Treadwell and her daughter.

So, we get to see the group rise to fame in the United States amidst struggles ranging from infighting to immaturity to tragedy. Between line-up changes, evolving musical tastes, and cultural challenges, The Drifters continue to grow and improve. But it’s the role of Faye Treadwell as the brains behind the operation that makes the biggest difference. Yet the biggest challenge is yet to come as a legal challenge threatens the existence of the original band. Can Faye overcome the odds to win this lawsuit and ensure The Drifters live on forever?

Analysis Of The Drifters Girl

This show is incredible from start to finish. Focusing on the technical side first, the scenery and lighting are fabulous, providing vibrancy and authenticity. Then, we have the acting performances and the versatility of every cast member. Carly Mercedes Dyer is utterly believable and typically strong-willed as Faye Treadwell. Meanwhile, Ashford Campbell, Miles Anthony Daley, Tarik Frimpong, and Daniel Haswell cover various roles with equal impact. Meanwhile, the story is easy to follow and has the audience rooting for Faye and company to succeed.

But of course, everybody is here for the soundtrack; the show has so many iconic Drifters songs. And the singing performances are truly impeccable. It’s very easy to believe that we really are seeing The Drifters in their original form on the stage. We get Stand By Me, Saturday Night At The Movies, Under The Boardwalk, and Come On Over To My Place. Not to mention other amazing renditions, with Faye killing it with There Goes My Baby. Oh, and the dancing is just as good as the singing!

Summary Of The Drifters Girl

You must see this show. Simple as that. This is a thoroughly entertaining, educational, and at times emotional retrospective of a legendary musical act. And with a running time of 140 minutes, it leaves the crowd wanting more. In closing, this is the best show to grace the Liverpool Empire so far this year. And it’s hard to see that changing, just because of how good this production is. This show gets the highest possible recommendation; see it now!

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect