The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite! Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

The Jersey Beats
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This is our review of The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite! at Liverpool‘s Epstein Theatre. So, let’s take a look at The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!

The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!

Description Of The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!

This was a welcome return for a show that is a firm favourite here in Liverpool. As usual, the Epstein crowd was excited and ready for a guaranteed good night! The show begins with the Jersey Beats began with two classics: Sherry and Rag Doll. They continued with many familiar hits from Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. This includes acapella versions of tunes, as well as hits from the very early days. Meanwhile, Leye D. Johns hosts in his usual way, with an outrageous, flamboyant and hilarious manner.

The second half would continue the formula of show-stealing music with show-stopping comedy. An example of this was Johns attempting to participate while paying homage to The Lion King. And I mean that in numerous ways! Johns’ attempts to participate would continue as the Beats delivered a Grease melody. All of this would lead to Johns finally demonstrating his musical talents, and the crowd was very impressed! Further major Jersey Boys hits would round the evening off.

Analysis Of The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!

This is a show that we have seen numerous times. And while the material is a little familiar now, it always raises laughs due to the sheer daftness of Johns’ antics. Not to mention that his one-liners are always going to spark a reaction. Meanwhile, you have the outstanding vocal talents of the four men paying tribute to the Jersey Boys. When you have such a strong range and a versatile voice, you’re always going to entertain an audience. And so it proved with a mix of applause, singing, dancing and laughter throughout.

That, to me, is the secret to the success of this show. There are many Jersey Boys tributes shows. And there are a great many comedy routines. But few shows manage to combine the two in a manner that is logical and enjoyable. Not to mention that everyone receives a chance to shine on the stage. And each of the performers themselves is of a high calibre. All of this means that you have a great overall package for people of any age to enjoy.

Summary Of The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite!

As is always the case, this show was a fantastic night out offering a ton of fun for everybody. Make sure not to miss The Jersey Beats – Oh What A Nite! when it returns to Liverpool!


Target Audience: Ages 40+
Content: Minor Risque Comments
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Excellent

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