The Mousetrap Review – Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

Image Source: The Mousetrap
Image Source: The Mousetrap

Show: The Mousetrap
Venue: Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, Wirral
Genre: Play
Date: Monday 6 November 2023
Age Rating: 14+

This is our review of The Mousetrap at New Brighton‘s Floral Pavilion!

Introduction To The Mousetrap

So, The Mousetrap is the genre-defining murder mystery from Agatha Christie, the world’s best-selling novelist of all time. The 70th anniversary tour opened at the Theatre Royal Nottingham, where it held its original world premiere in 1952. Now, the iconic thriller is visiting over 70 venues across the country, including New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion last night which was packed to the rafters. The Mousetrap opens in the very comfortable Monkswell Manor which is about to open as an upmarket guesthouse. In the background, we hear news on the radio regarding the recent murder of Maureen Lyon in London. Murder!

However, young newlyweds and recent inheritors of the estate, Mollie and Giles Ralston, (played by Rachel Dawson and Michael Lyle), are busy preparing for the arrival of their very first guests. They have little time to pay any attention. The arrival of bad weather and a blizzard, means that the couple and their guests become snowed in. Then, the phone line is cut, Detective Sgt Trotter (Garyn Williams) arrives with bad news, and things take a turn for the worst. It appears that one of the guests, or indeed one of the hosts, may be connected to the London murder. The murderer may even be staying at Monkswell Manor! The race is on to work out ‘whodunnit’.

Analysis Of The Mousetrap

The story is dramatic, and the cast is excellent. Considering there are only eight cast members, the play is quite pacey and you don’t lose interest. The lighting and sound were also very good with decent staging. Sometimes it can be difficult to hear every word in these types of productions but the acoustics at the Floral are excellent. Every cast member played their part well and the gentle wit and humour of a bygone age was enchanting. The infuriating Mrs Boyle was superbly played by Catherine Shipton and Todd Carty played Major Metcalf – a key central character throughout.

Other guests included the humorous Christopher Wren (Shaun McCourt) and Miss Casewell, played by Leigh Lothian with cut glass precision. We must not forget the very commanding Mr Paravincini (Stephen Elliott) who I think was supposed to be Italian but his accent had a slight Welsh twang! Meanwhile, it was fun trying to work out just who the murderer was and who was in the firing line. We all know now just who did it, but the murderer at Monkswell Manor must remain a secret. The audience is sworn to secrecy and we must not reveal the ending.

Summary Of The Mousetrap

This was a really entertaining show, and if you can, catch it whilst it is on at the Floral Pavilion. It runs until Saturday 11 November, so make sure to check it out!

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding