The Netherley Hillbillies Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

The Netherley Hillbillies
Image Source: Stephanie Claire Photography

This is our review of The Netherley Hillbillies at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre!

Synopsis Of The Netherley Hillbillies

An alternative, Scouse retelling of The Beverley Hillbillies, this is the Netherley Hillbillies! The Kennedy family are having a moonlight flit after winning the lottery. They’re a typical Scouse family, and they move to Formby having won a ton of money. We must note that Ged, the family patriarch, isn’t entirely keen on having a new life in the posh area. Nevertheless, the family moves from Netherley, only to encounter some rather jealous and uptight new neighbours.

Indeed, there’s instant derision, until the Kennedys state that they’re rich due to an inheritance from an American oil baron. This changes the tune of the well ‘jel neighbours, and they soon get on swimmingly. Well, that’s what the Kennedys think. But there’s a secret attempt to arrange a marriage that would financially benefit the previously ignorant yet still poor neighbours. Meanwhile, Ged believes that something is fishy, yet the rest of the family love their new life. All of which has us wondering: will both couples live happily ever after? Or is Gred right to suspect foul play? And have the Kennedys really said goodbye to their old way of life for good?

Analysis Of The Netherley Hillbillies

This is a different spin on the type of show we usually see at the Royal Court, making for a refreshing evening. The plot is easy to follow and all of the characters are amplified to the nth degree. Meanwhile, the sets are very effective, and as is often the case, there’s plenty of localised humour. Standout lines include “the girls in Liverpool have their lips topped up more than my old Nokia!”

It’s also an interesting glimspe of how a lottery win could impact the lives of the winners, possibly in a negative manner. Indeed, it’s fun to consider where the grass really is greener after a major financial victory. Perhaps some attendees will rethink their decision to pick Lotto numbers after seeing this show? Hmm …

Summary Of The Netherley Hillbillies

On the whole, this is a really funny story that focuses on family and fortune, with a Scouse twist. You should get a kick out of both groups having diverging lifestyles but similar living space. And with some unexpected moments, the story has us guessing how things will end right to the final scene. Make sure to check this show out when you can!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good