The Scouse Sleeping Beauty Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

The Scouse Sleeping Beauty
Image Source: The Stage

Show: The Scouse Sleeping Beauty
Location: Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
Date: Thursday December 3 2021
Time: 20.00
Running Time: 150 Minutes
Age Rating: 16+
Performers: Emma Grace Arends, Emma Bispham, Jamie Clarke, Michael Fletcher, Lindzi Germain, Hayley Sheen, Andrew Schofield, Keddy Sutton & Liam Tobin
Production Company: Royal Court Theatre
Writer: Kevin Fearon
Director: Stephen Fletcher

This is our theatre review of The Scouse Sleeping Beauty at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre. So, let’s take a look at The Scouse Sleeping Beauty!

The Scouse Sleeping Beauty

Background Of The Scouse Sleeping Beauty

It’s the annual Royal Court Theatre’s rather Scouse take on the traditional Christmas panto! This year, it’s the familiar tale of Sleeping Beauty that gets the Royal Court’s Scouse treatment. So, we meet the King of the Poundland kingdom, a location that is close to being World Heritage Site-worthy. And it’s the evil Maleffluent that casts a spell on “our” Ora. Should Ora feel the wrath of a sharp prick before her 18th birthday, she will fall asleep for 100 years. Assisting Maleffluent is her trust sidekick, Crow (we find out his full name later on). But can their wicked scheme succeed?

Not if the King and the three Fairies have anything to say about it. For they enter a time portal that sends them to Liverpool, and that’s where they meet Scouse. Now, Scouse assists them in their quest to avoid the impact of Maleffluent’s vile spell. Along the way, as Ora turns 18, she and Scouse start to develop feelings for one another. However, the Crow and Maleffluent find out about their whereabouts and plan to gatecrash her 18th birthday celebrations. So, can “our” Ora avoid being destroyed by the spell, or will the villains get their wish? Watch this show to find out!

Analysis Of The Scouse Sleeping Beauty

If you’re familiar with the format of the Royal Court’s Scouse panto, you know what to expect here. Simply put, there are tons of one-liners, local references and Scouse slang to keep the audience laughing over and over. Whether it’s the King discussing the likes of “John Bishop’s sloooooow delivery” or “the dulcet tones of Sonia”, the references to other Merseyside boroughs like Widnes and St. Helens or the cultural landmarks that are brought into the story (such as an acknowledgement of the city having “two Cathedrals, they’ve got one to spare”), this show has it all when it comes to spotlighting the city. Not forgetting references to other goings-on, such as Crow revealing that he’s double jabbed and thus can survive anything.

There’s also the typical pantomime crowd participation, which Maleffluent mocks at various points. Elsewhere, the sets are superb, in particular the fancy dress shop that Ora’s family opens when escaping the witch. As are the costumes, with no lack of detail in making every character look as authentic as possible. In addition, the story itself has several hilarious swerves that would have the audience in raptures. And there are plenty of great musical performances with songs covering both the late 20th century and the present day. On this night, that would include the honouring of Caroline from the bar staff team, who was celebrating her 80th birthday. Cue a great rendition of Sweet Caroline that would see everybody in the Royal Court Theatre sing out loud. Oh, and you may just see a certain former Mayor of the city show up for old times’ sake!

Summary Of The Scouse Sleeping Beauty

If you enjoy your local humour and the craziness of pantomime, then this is a terrific night of entertainment. The show has so many funny moments and lines that it’s impossible to remember them all. Yet you will definitely remember the show as a whole. And you will leave the theatre with a huge smile on your face.


Target Audience: 18+
Content: Some Strong Language
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

So, The Scouse Sleeping Beauty continues at the Royal Court Theatre until Saturday January 22 2022. And you can buy tickets right now!

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