The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper – Just Like That! Review – Epstein Theatre, Liverpool

The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper
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Show: The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper – Just Like That!
Venue: Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
Genre: Comedy/Acting
Date: Friday June 9 2023
Age Rating: 14+

Another wonderful evening was spent at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre, with fun and giggles watching The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper – Just Like That!

Introduction Of The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper – Just Like That!

With his perfect sense of comic timing, bungled magic tricks and unforgettable jokes, Tommy Cooper delighted millions of adoring fans for almost 30 years. A unique brand of humour and engaging personality, he truly was a legend!

Tears Of Laughter

With the blessing of the Tommy Cooper Estate, well-known local actor and producer, Daniel Taylor produces and performs in this hilarious one-man show. And it’s proper daft and the hour-and-a-half show (plus interval) includes many of Cooper’s beloved one-liners. So, there is some wonderful wordplay and vintage magic tricks: Glass/Bottle, Dappy Duck, Spot the Dog, and Jar/Spoon, the show had the audience in stitches. The trademark laugh, shoulder shaking and mannerisms made you feel like you were back in the 70s – watching Sunday night at the London Palladium!

Not Just A Pretty Face

I have previously seen Daniel in Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Epstein Theatre. He’s a great actor and this show also demonstrates his brilliant comic timing and mimicry skills. Is there no end to this guy’s talents?

So, the set was great, and the music was nostalgic. My only small criticism was that the backing music was a little loud at the beginning of the show which drowned out some of Daniel’s opening introduction and gags. Bearing in mind the average age of the audience, we needed as much clarity and volume as possible to keep up with the speed of delivery!

A Well-Needed Lift

Danny did really well to lift spirits and keep the momentum going. Especially as the Epstein Theatre released the news that they are to close at the end of June, earlier that day. There was appreciative applause at the end of the show. So, this also demonstrated support for the theatre and the hope that closure may be avoided.

Summary Of The Very Best Of Tommy Cooper – Just Like That!

If you are a fan of Tommy Cooper (or of Daniel Taylor!), don’t miss the show which is currently touring across the UK until August 2023. “What do you call an out-of-work Jester? Nobody’s Fool!”

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good