The Wizard Of Oz Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Wizard Of Oz 2023
Image Source: The Wizard Of Oz

This is our review of The Wizard Of Oz at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of The Wizard Of Oz

“There’s no place like home.” An iconic movie quote that summarises the story of this legendary show. So, Dorothy grows frustrated that her family doesn’t listen to her as often as she would like. But amid a storm, her life changes, and she and her dog Toto end up in Munchkinland. And so her quest to return home to Kansas begins.

Dorothy learns that to return home, she must travel along the Yellow Brick Road and meet The Wizard Of Oz. And as she travels, she makes three new friends: The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion. Each character seeks to meet The Wizard for varying reasons: to gain a brain, a heart, and courage. But when they finally meet the Wizard, he advises that they must first provide The Wicked Witch’s broomstick. Can Dorothy and her new friends overcome major odds to deliver on the Wizard’s request? And will she and Toto return home to Kansas?

Analysis Of The Wizard Of Oz

This is a joy to watch, just like the original movie. By design, it’s a modern retake with elements such as selfies and Coca-Cola (well, Poppycola). But the original themes that made for a classic tale are all on show. These range from catchy songs to colourful outfits to amusing in-character one-liners. Not to mention the audience participation for some of the bigger numbers, ensuring that children and adults alike get involved.

Then we have the amazing special effects on the big screen to bring this already exciting production further to life. And then there are the performances, which are very strong across the board. Both Aston Merrygold and The Vivienne truly shine as The Tin Man and The Wicked Witch respectively. And on a personal note, the Empire’s pre-show press event made the evening even more special.

Summary Of The Wizard Of Oz

You must see this show at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre over the Christmas period. It’s a fantastic, big-budget production with tons of entertainment and a modest running time. When you add in the songs, the special effects, and the famous faces, you have a tremendous festive treat for all the family.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding