Two Of Us Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Two Of Us
Image Source: Royal Court Theatre

This is our review for Two Of Us at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre. So, let’s take a look at Two Of Us!

Description Of Two Of Us

The stage is set with plenty of musical instruments. The backdrop of Woolton Parish Church from July 6 1957 shows two boys performing On Our Way Home. But those two would go on to become superstars! Furthermore, they discover that they can both sing, play guitars, and have an interest in songwriting. I Saw Her Standing There was an early hit. They were quickly getting noticed playing at the Cavern and were signed by George Martin, mainly on their personalities. Their first big hit was Love Me Do, quickly followed by Please Please Me.

After From Me To You, their next stop was America with their first international #1: I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Not forgetting Can’t Buy Me Love! They were now worldwide and in demand, as Help was another hit. Now, John Lennon didn’t like writing alone, but Paul McCartney didn’t mind, and he wrote a true classic in Yesterday. Their success continued and in 1966, they headed to San Francisco with Ticket To Ride in front of many screaming fans! However, they didn’t enjoy touring, which was true, and they didn’t always get along, as expressed in We Can Work It Out.

New Direction

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band indicated a new direction. For instance, one song was inspired by John’s son Julian’s friend from the nursery: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. But soon after, tragedy would strike. Brian Epstein, now the manager of The Beatles, died suddenly. From there, we’re treated to a poignant finish to the first half with very enthusiastic drumming. In the second half, after Brian’s death, we learn that the group would lose its way.

After the Magical Mystery Tour, the lads ended up in India for a retreat. Both John and Paul lost their mothers at a young age and penned songs to them. Julia was for John’s mother, while Paul wrote Let It Be for his mum. Upon returning to the UK, they joined Apple Records, but the band was nearing its conclusion. Toward the end of their journey, they surprised everybody with a performance on the roof of the Apple building. Get Back and Don’t Let Me Down were performed, along with The Long And Winding Road and Come Together. The finale could only be one song: Hey Jude, with the audience swaying.

Analysis Of Two Of Us

Tom Connor and Mark Newnham are excellent in their title roles. They gave everything they could, with renditions ranging from joyful and upbeat to sad and morose. In fact, the performance of Yesterday was very emotional and demonstrates the talent of our two main actors. I must also mention the brilliant rendition of In My Life. Furthermore, the backing musicians are very talented, and also very professional at what they do.

This show told us the story of John and Paul with candour and emotion, but also some humour. Indeed, it wasn’t all plain sailing for the lads; far from it. But the group also had many amazing highs, and this show demonstrates those, hence BeatleMnaia being considered the good old days. Furthermore, there are so many great songs to enjoy here, and as noted, the performances are incredibly authentic.

Summary Of Two Of Us

This is a truly great show, especially for anyone who fondly reminisces about the heyday of The Beatles. With outstanding young musicians and amazing vocals, not to mention tons of great tunes, this is a must-see show. One for music lovers everywhere.

Overall Rating: 10/10 – Perfect