Mind Mangler: Member Of The Tragic Circle Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Mind Mangler
Image Source: Nimax Theatres

This is our review of Mind Mangler at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Description Of Mind Mangler

Meet the Mind Mangler: a man who has magical capabilities to read thoughts and predict decisions. Indeed, he is capable of doing many things. But it’s a question as to whether or not he can do so successfully. And that’s what we witness here, as we see the Mind Mangler demonstrate his considerable talents, albeit with some snags.

Along the way, there is plenty of audience interaction (all attendees could write down a personal secret before the show). We also get a lot of variety in the tricks, ranging from guessing a card to replicating Jesus Christ. (Oh, yes!) Furthermore, we hear about the man who inspires the Mangler, Bob Kojak. But is Bob the inspiration that our hero claims? And is our hero capable of producing the show without any significant challenges right through to its climax?

Analysis Of Mind Mangler

From Mischief Comedy, the producers of The Play That Goes Wrong, comes this latest production. It’s a spin-off from a spin-off, in some respects, with the Mangler first appearing in Magic Goes Wrong. Having watched several previous Mischief plays, I was excited about seeing this new show, and I wasn’t disappointed. There are so many funny moments, with tons of laughs coming in the first few minutes alone. Henry Lewis is superb as the title character, and Jonathan Sayer makes a major splash with his frequent cameos. The format of the show makes it easy to follow, and it’s quickly clear what the crowd is in for.

A crucial element of the success of Mischief Comedy’s output is the subtlety, and how the small details matter. A seemingly innocuous moment could greatly influence events later on. The biggest giggles came when the show provided a callback to a throwaway reference much earlier, with its impact suddenly becoming evident. Furthermore, the comedy is unpredictable, and you never quite know what is coming next. Elsewhere, the running time of two hours is fine, and it’s a show that you could watch twice and still laugh out loud. But just in case you attend yourself, I won’t provide any spoilers if you don’t mind (mind, mind, mind).

Summary Of Mind Mangler

I absolutely recommend this show to anyone, whether you’re new to Mischief Comedy or not. If you’re familiar with their work, then you know how funny your evening will be. But if you’re all new to their brand of entertainment, you’re in for a real treat. And if you’re a first-time attendee, the cast won’t mind (mind, mind, mind).