Vernon’s Girls Review – Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

Vernon's Girls
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This is our review of Vernon’s Girls at Liverpool‘s Royal Court Theatre!

Description Of Vernon’s Girls

The play was set in the late 1950s when The Pools was beginning. Now, the game involved customers filling in a pools coupon each week to guess the scores. The more scores you got right, the more you could win. Notably, the rivals were the Littlewood Pools (don’t mention the “L” word!).

So, the young girls who worked at Vernon’s were on a strict regime. For example, they could only use the toilet one at a time. But they all had a dream. To boost morale, the company agreed that they could form a choir. Some girls were very good singers, and so the choir started getting noticed. However, Littlewoods Choir was also doing well.


With both companies making a lot of money, each strived to outdo the other. Littlewoods achieved their first big winner, so Vernon’s decided to let their choir perform elsewhere. However, they had to reduce the number of choir members in the process, which created a lot of unrest. Only the young, pretty girls got picked. They were put in fancy hotels and mixed with celebrities. As they began to achieve success, their fame rose and they became a great success.

Indeed, the girls would start to make real moves by delivering hit after hit and mingled frequently with top industry names. However, challenges would lay ahead which threatened their viability as an act. And over time, we would experience the circumstances that would slowly bring an end to their success.

Analysis Of Vernon’s Girls

This was a really good production, though a little light on comedic moments. This was a show that seemed to target older attendees in suits. But this meant that we could enjoy so many great hits from what some regard as the true heyday of music. These tunes included When I Grow Too Old To Dream; Come On Eerybody; Halfway To Paradise; and more. I must also mention the lovely performance of Ave Maria in the second half.

It was also great to see familiar faces from the era, though the Cliff Richard homage had the audience howling! Elsewhere, all of the cast delivered impressive performances, not least as they were multitasking between singing and playing musical instruments. It was a nostalgic treat and one that I really enjoyed.

Summary Of Vernon’s Girls

Something a little different from a typical Royal Court show, but no less entertaining. I would definitely suggest that you check this show out during its current run.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 – Good