We Will Rock You Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

We Will Rock You
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This is our theatre review for We Will Rock You at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre. So, let’s take a look at We Will Rock You!

We Will Rock You

Synopsis Of We Will Rock You

The show occurs hundreds of years from the present day. In this future iPlanet, power lies in the hands of the Globalsoft Corporation. Everyone lives vicariously through technology; even their names are nothing more than URL codes. Yet one man, Galileo Fandango, refuses to conform to this. And he has the natural ability to think of (by then) long-forgotten song titles and lyrics. He quickly realises that there once was this magical thing called rock ‘n’ roll music. And despite the efforts of Globalsoft, he and a female accomplice, Scaramouche, manage to escape. Their goal? To bring rock ‘n’ roll music back to life.

Yet that seems a tall task in a future world where such music is obsolete and essentially archaic. Nevertheless, they meet a group of fellow rebels who also wish to bring back music from the past. Meanwhile, Galileo and Scaramouche begin to develop a closer relationship that extends beyond friendship. However, Globalsoft will do everything they can to remove the chance of rock ‘n’ roll music making a comeback. So, the question is: can Galileo and Scaramouche succeed, or are their efforts (and romance) in vain?

Analysis Of We Will Rock You

The story is a little complex, but the general basis is easy to comprehend. Namely, that the world just isn’t the same with rock ‘n’ roll. And it’s scary how it’s entirely possible for Globalsoft’s technology-focused domination efforts to become a reality. (Some might say that we’re already there!) The show should serve as an eye-opener to the selfie-obsessed generation who may miss out on true cultural phenomenons. After all, what is a selfie when you can listen to a truly amazing rock song?

And the music is vital to the success of this show. As the name suggests, the entire soundtrack comes from Queen. And if you know Queen, that means the audience is in for a treat. Every famous Queen song is here, from We Are The Champions to Bohemian Rhapsody. From Radio Ga Ga to Crazy Little Thing Called Love. And from Don’t Stop Me Now to The Days Of Our Lives. Not forgetting, of course, the title track that concludes the main show with a bang. It’s similar to Mamma Mia! in that it’s not a Queen show per se, but the influence is impossible to ignore. Oh, and it also helps that the vocal performances are amazing. Don’t expect a full-on Freddie Mercury tribute here, but you should expect truly incredible singing.

Other Thoughts

I personally loved the multitude of references to other songs and artists throughout the show. Yes, Queen receives the most attention, but the dialogue occasionally feels like a checkbox of musical history. We get references to everyone from The Beatles and ABBA to Britney Spears and Cliff Richard. There’s even a shoutout to Mr. Blobby! The comedy writing of Ben Elton also shines through, especially within matter-of-fact statements that are self-deprecating. An example is a discussion of how each Queen member died. This includes the suggestion that most people didn’t even notice the final drummer had passed for many years.

One unique element is that a voiceover by Ben beforehand requests that the audience doesn’t sing along. This is to allow the range of highly talented performers to do their thing uninterrupted. And it works, because one can appreciate the singing that much more when we only hear their voices. Well, except for the trio of attendees to my left that, unfortunately, had to talk throughout the show. So much so that fellow attendees were shushing them up, much to their annoyance. That the trio emphasised “well we had a good time” sums up the selfish mindset that certain people sadly have. But even their thoughtless behaviour couldn’t spoil this evening.

Summary Of We Will Rock You

If you’re expecting a true Queen tribute act, this is not that sort of show. Instead, it’s something larger and more spectacular. The story is about rock music as a whole, with Queen and their amazing discography linking everything together. With superb singing, an awesome soundtrack and a nice helping of British comedy, We Will Rock You is a real treat.


Target Audience: 12+
Content: Infrequent Moderate Language & Sex References
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding

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