Wicked Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Wicked 2024
Image Source: Matt Crockett

This is our review of Wicked at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre!

Synopsis Of Wicked

We’re all familiar with the classic tale that is The Wizard Of Oz. There are so many memorable characters, though the most frightening of them all is the Wicked Witch Of The West. But did you ever contemplate how we got to the point that the Witch could rule with an iron (or green) fist? And how did she become so Wicked in the first place?

That is the question which this show explores. We learn of the origins of the Witch, along with her friend Glinda The Good. Their shared development journey includes plenty of magic, surprise, and colour, not least for the green skin of the Witch. But the big question that this show answers is ultimately, how does the Witch decide to become so Wicked? Watch this show to find out!

Analysis Of Wicked

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting show that wowed the audience from start to finish. The production made a big splash during its previous run in 2018, and it’s having a great impact again now. That’s partly because of the grandeur of proceedings; the production plays out marvellously with plenty of memorable songs. Not least Gravity, which was a definite highlight of the evening. Furthermore, the cast are highly talented and the scenery and lighting were amazing, adding to the big-time feel of the show.

The opening scene was especially good, especially with the various animals, including monkeys, jumping on the stage. For those attending, look out for Glinda’s big arrival in an open carriage. The performances were strong (not to mention the cast excelling for a long running time of almost three hours). And the costumes were suitably authentic given the characters and the show’s homage to The Wizard Of Oz. Indeed, the whole show was gripping; it had you on your feet throughout, not knowing what was going to happen next.

Summary Of Wicked

This is a superb show and one that I insist that any fan of theatre goes to see live. In fact, it’s almost less of a show and more of an experience; something you have to be a part of. Make sure to see Wicked at the Liverpool Empire; it’s a production that defies the law of Gravity!

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding