WNO Madam Butterfly Review – Empire Theatre, Liverpool

WNO Madam Butterfly
Image Source: ATG

This is our review of WNO Madam Butterfly at Liverpool‘s Empire Theatre. So, let’s take a look at WNO Madam Butterfly!

Description Of WNO Madam Butterfly

On the surface, a groom and his beautiful young bride await their dream wedding. But beneath the façade is the cruel reality. That’s because Butterfly feels a sense of abandonment and betrayal. Furthermore, her world crashes down around her, and her one opportunity for freedom transforms into a prison. And so she feels more pain and becomes more desperate while battling for survival with horrific consequences.

This show is a powerful tale about unrequited love, human pain and true suffering. The intensity rises alongside the glorious music of Puccini, thus enhancing both the drama and emotion. And with the WNO cast illustrating Puccini’s fantasy landscape, this production interprets a classic story via a dystopian prism.

Analysis Of WNO Madam Butterfly

As noted, this is a timeless operatic tale. And it’s performed to a very high standard by a thoroughly talented cast. Indeed, the WNO team delivers on every level, both in terms of acting and singing. Every major character expresses emotions that perfectly illustrate the situation, ranging from initial pleasure to heartbreaking sadness. And they hit the high notes in a manner that is both mesmerising and inspiring.

Furthermore, I appreciated the set of a revolving house, where the interior changes just enough to complement each scene. There is also a clever use of lighting, with the musical score itself offering peace and drama at equal rates. I also personally liked the vision of the sea waves projecting onto the side of the house. My one negative is that it’s a little on the long side, with the second half alone lasting 85 minutes. It is a complex tale, but with a slightly tighter interpretation, the experience could be slightly more enjoyable.

Summary Of WNO Madam Butterfly

When you combine Puccini’s storytelling with WNO’s performance standards, you’re bound to have a great show. And that’s what we have with this retelling of one of opera’s most famous tales. Any opera aficionado will relish the opportunity to watch this production live and in person.


Target Audience: Ages 40+
Content: Mild Threat & Suicide Themes
Recommendation?: Yes

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding