A traveller’s guide to experiencing Mostar

Image Source: UNESCO

The rich history, vibrant culture and stunning architecture of Mostar is a unique and enchanting experience for those who want to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here is your comprehensive guide for the best things to see and do in Mostar!

Stroll Stari Most

No visit to Mostar is complete without walking the Stari Most, the city’s iconic bridge. You can marvel at its great Ottoman architecture and if you are feeling that bit adventurous, join the locals in the traditional diving spectacle off the bridge. The views of the Neretva River and the surrounding architecture are breathtaking. Did you know aside from the golden bridge, Stari Most is the second most photographed bridge in the world? All the more reason to visit I’d say!

Explore Mostar’s market

Lose yourself in the narrow, cobblestone streets of Mostar’s market. You will find absolutely anything you can think of from traditional handicrafts, freshly squeezed strawberry juice for a euro, and the gorgeous flavours of Bosnian cuisine from the local cafes and restaurants. The vibrant atmosphere and historical charm make this a must for any Mostar traveller.

Old Bridge diving

If you are lucky enough to visit during the annual Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, you can witness the world’s best divers leap from the Stari Most into the Neretva River. Awesome right?!

Visit a history museum

If you have the time and want to learn more of the history of Mostar, I would recommend going to the Museum of War and Genocide. Here you will find all the information, letters and artefacts from the Bosnian War.

Blagaj Tekija and Buna River

A short drive from Mostar is Blagaj Tekija. An Islamic monastery built into a cliff. At Blagaj Tekija, you can listen to the soothing sounds of the Buna River which emerges from a cave at the foot of the monastery. The picturesque setting makes for some magnificent photos!


Mostar is a food lover’s paradise. No need to worry about going out for food, as you will find most meals under 10 euros! Why not try traditional Bosnian dishes like cevapi, burek, and tufahija? If you are looking for a cheap restaurant with good veggie options, check out Food House Mostar.

Hike Hum Hill

For panoramic views of Mostar and the Neretva Valley, hike Hum Hill. The trail is great for hiking beginners, and the summit rewards you with incredible views. It is an ideal way to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds the small scenic city.

Watch a street performance

Lastly to finish your immersive trip around Mostar, keep an eye out for any music festivals or traditional dance shows happening in the area. There is always an opportunity somewhere to explore art and entertainment in Mostar. If you are walking across any bridges, there is bound to be a free performance you can watch!