Discovering Lyon

Lyon City
Image Source: Trip Advisor

Lyon 2023 | Ultimate Guide To Where To Go, Eat & Sleep in Lyon | Time Out (picture)

If you have ever contemplated exploring the Northern regions of France or found yourself unsure of where to venture after Paris? look no further than Lyon. This captivating city, with its rich film history, intriguing architecture and vibrant street art, beckons to explorers seeking a less crowded yet equally charming part of France for their travelling adventures.

Hostel recommendations

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Immersive Exploration

Participating in the free walking tour is highly recommended for a detailed exploration of Lyon’s history from a resident’s perspective. Alternatively, ensure you set aside time to visit key historical sites, including the Chef Paul Bocuse memorial, paying homage to the culinary inspiration behind the film Ratatouille, captivating Ememem street art by Lyon’s anonymous artist, Lumiere museum celebrating the renowned Lumiere brothers and Musee des Confluences—the museum of evolution.

Activities and Entertainment

With Lyon’s abundance of events and activities, you will never find yourself bored. Why not try a beginners salsa session at Lyon Salsa Bachata? or indulge in an afternoon shopping spree at the Westfield shopping center. Discover the grandeur of Lyon Parc de la Tete d’Or, one of France’s largest parks, offering free entry, a zoo, and even a churros stand for a delightful snack.

Evenings in Lyon

For a jovial evening, Kelly’s Pub, is a great Irish bar offering reasonably priced drinks. If it is a bar you’re after, Le Vitis Bar provides the perfect setting.

All things food

While Lyon leans towards the moderate to high end of the pricing spectrum for dining, options like Indian Cantine and Against the Grain offer exceptional cuisine without breaking the bank. Lyon caters well to vegans and vegetarians, and the HappyCow app is a handy tool for finding nearby restaurants.

For those seeking a Michelin-star experience, Prairal is not only adorned with three Michelin stars but also presents a tantalizing three-course meal for a reasonable 39 euros.

Nearby Cities Worth Exploring

Once you’ve absorbed Lyon’s inspiring art and history, consider venturing to nearby cities. Grenoble, Avignon, and Marseille, all within a two-hour radius, beckon with their own allure—boasting beautiful sights, captivating street art, and museums steeped in history. These destinations provide a perfect extension to your Lyon sojourn.