Peak District visit With Attractions.

Here is our latest travel feature on Kinder Scout circular and its surrounding attractions, in the Peak District.

Introduction to the Peak District

As the winter passes I will be planning camping trips for next year. Given that I have a love for outdoors, I am too domesticated and cannot deal with the harsh cold. On a contradictory point, the cold is more favourable to myself, on this subject, top of the visit list next year will be Kinder Scout, a Peak District Mountain. Kinder scout Plateau has plenty of attractions I would plan to make it a two-day journey, leaving enough time to visit everything.

Jacobs Ladder 

This walk connects to the Pennine way, after passing through the Kinder plateau. The Pennine way is a circular walk linking Peak District, Yorkshire Moors, Northumberland and the Scottish boarder and is approximately 268 miles. Besides this Jacobs Ladder is the main part of this walk.

Peak District. A view from Kinder Low.

Kinder Low 

Sitting south-west of Kinder Scout, Kinder Low and its trig point have three steep sides that drop off leaving a beautiful open panoramic view. Jacobs Ladder brings you up and over Kinder Low making it the ideal route to follow on the ascent. 

Peak District. A view from Kinder Scout.

Kinder Scout 

Carrying on, you arrive at the main attraction, Kinder Scout. The highest in the Peak District and in England, sitting over two-thousand feet above sea level, and only a few hundred feet above Kinder Low. In any case the mountain has a lot of impressive waterfalls and if you follow it far enough you will come to Kinder Downfall. 

Mermaid Pool 

There are many local myths surrounding the Mermaids Pool, believed to have healing properties. Subsequently the pool is allegedly connected to the Atlantic Ocean through and underground passage giving the water a high salinity. In due time adventurers can take a refreshing dip to heal ailments.

Peak District. Waterfall.

Kinder Downfall 

Kinder Downfall is the biggest waterfall in the Peak District and stands at 98ft. Although this waterfall is the last attraction north-bound it certainly is not the last of the adventure. Furthermore this beautiful, ancient waterfall cascades over the edge of Kinder Plateau, as a result the fall is misty

Grindslow Knoll 

Grindslow Knoll is a smaller mountain that sits south-east of Kinder Scout, regardless it spans a large area of small streams and waterfalls. In any case walking along this pituresque mountain the views spread far and wide over the rolling Peak District.

Peak District area Summary 

The Jacobs ladder, Kinder Scout and Grindslow Knoll walk has areas ideal for dogs. Equally, Kinder Scout Mountain has a smattering of boulders making it hard to ascend. Local to the trail is a camp site near the start ideal for spending a few days. One final attraction would be a B52 exposed crash-landing site. Kinder Plateu deserves a 10/10 as you can see it has plenty of attractions with an easily accessible train station and camp site. This is a beautiful area of the Peak District.

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