The Ultimate Zadar Travel Guide


Zadar is a small city in Croatia best known for its Roman history, UNESCO heritage sites and beautiful scenery.

If you’re thinking of booking a flight to Zadar but are not sure what to do, here is an all-inclusive travel guide on everything you need to know!

Hitchcock Sunset

Around 7pm by the sea, you can see the ‘most beautiful sunset in the world’. Not just my words, but Alfred Hitchcock, one of the world’s greatest directors! Zadar has a sunset to marvel at and looks great for holiday photos.

Greetings To The Sun/Sea Organ

Once you’re done with watching the sunset, why not visit the solar panel display a few minutes’ walk away? Greetings To The Sun is a solar panel display made in 2008 by Nikola Basic. You are also able to hear the sea organ, created by the same artist as the tides come in so a great immersive experience!

Free Walking Tour

If you’re up at 10 am, you can book a free walking tour. The guide shows you around all the churches, and history of Zadar, and recommends great food choices from budget to fine dining.


Zadar has an excellent range of food from sweet to savoury and an amazingly cheap price. If you are looking for a relaxed restaurant evening with a stunning view of Zadar’s sea, I would recommend The Botanist. Although on the pricier side, this plant-based restaurant has a creative menu and something for every fussy eater.

Oh, and Milnar pastries; if you are in Zadar, you have got to try Croatia’s most famous pastry shop Milnar. With pain au chocolates and Croatian delicacies starting at £1.00, it would be rude not to!

If you are looking for a quick cold treat to enjoy that does not cost the earth, Bob’s ice cream is amazing and delicious. Bob’s Ice Cream serves all kinds of ice cream and sorbets for £1.50.

Free Outdoor Swimming Pool

After the tour, the guide will stop you a few metres away from an outdoor swim club. There you will find a swimming pool and diving board that’s free to use for the public. If you are more of a photographer, can capture some incredible photos.


If you are looking for a great night out, Svarog Bar is a fantastic outdoor bar with great music. Another honourable mention would be Tequila Bar, with cheap cocktails, and swinging chairs and is a great place to meet other backpackers as it is an ordinary hostel by day and bar by night!

Hostel Recommendations

Most hostels are cash only, so be sure to check in advance. I would recommend Hostel Elena, as the staff are super friendly, and the place is super clean. If you are on a budget and don’t mind some extra noise from the bar downstairs after 10 pm, the Tequila Bar Hostel is great!

Surrounding Places

Once you have absorbed the beauty of Zadar, there are two neighbouring cities I would recommend. Split (two hours away) is known for its gorgeous food, sea and boat parties. Furthermore, Zagreb, which is two hours away, is the capital of Croatia. If you’re cramped for time, I’d recommend Split as there is slightly more to do!