Best Big Bang Theory Episodes Ranked

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Well our whole universe was in a hot damn state and yes that was a bad segue. Anyway, despite the show probably overstaying its welcome the Big Bang Theory is still a beloved show. All this in spite of the fact it’s ended which shows you how beloved the show was. So what better way to celebrate the new year than to look back at the best Big Bang Theory episodes? So before I get into the list properly here is some history about the show.


The Big Bang Theory first aired in 2007 on CBS and ran for 12 seasons and 279 episodes. It broadcast its last episode in 2019. The show follows five friends living in Pasadena, California: Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj and Penny. With all the men being involved in sciences, Penny obviously stands out as an aspiring actress who has to deal with their shenanigans. Overtime, the show introduces more characters like Howard’s future wife microbiologist Bernadette and Sheldon’s on/off partner Amy. Naturally, the show received plenty of critical and audience acclaim especially for some of the performances like Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper. Naturally, the show’s success led to a prequel series, Young Sheldon, which isn’t too shocking. Anyway, let’s get properly into the list of the best Big Bang Theory episodes now.

10: The Panty Piñata Polarization (S2, E7)

Kicking off the list of the best Big Bang Theory episodes is The Panty Piñata Polarization. Now what makes this episode so good? Well it’s more of Penny and Sheldon’s friendship as Penny reaches for one of Sheldon’s onion rings. And somehow this triggers the pettiest war ever as both of them go out of their way to annoy the other one. Genuinely really relatable as we’ve probably all got that really petty mate.

9: The Roommate Transmogrification (S4, E24)

Now the Season 4 finale is quite frankly brilliant because of the cliff hanger it sets up. So from the outset it deals with Raj being put under pressure from his parents and somehow ends up with him in bed with Penny. Now not only is this a great cliff hanger but the little hints throughout the episode that stuff isn’t that great between Penny and Leonard genuinely makes the audience think something genuinely happened between Raj and Penny. Honestly it’s so funny how the episode messes with the audience….

8: The Countdown Reflection (S5, E24)

Honestly sometimes the Big Bang Theory managed to be really wholesome and the Countdown Reflection is a perfect example of this. With Howard set to head into space, he and Bernadette finally decide to tie the knot. Naturally the rest of the gang want to help them throw the best Impromptu wedding ever. And honestly the wholesome shit of the gang holding hands as Howard’s rocket ascends into space while he’s screaming is honestly so perfect and just weirdly wholesome in all honesty.

7: The Barbarian Sublimation (S2, E3)

Apart from a great episode title, what makes this episode so good? Well, the fact is it tackles the wonderfully wholesome world of online gaming through Penny. What really makes this episode so good is Sheldon introducing Penny to it which ends up with Penny foregoing sleep, food and human interaction. Naturally, Sheldon tries to set Penny up on a date to snap her out of it but even that doesn’t work. Overall, this episode is a great demonstration of how good Penny and Sheldon’s friendship is.

6: The Thanksgiving Decoupling (S7, E9)

Now remember the old saying: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well that definitely doesn’t ring true of this episode? This is because it’s revealed Penny is technically married to a guy she met in Vegas. This naturally upsets Leonard and everyone else who assure Penny that is decidedly not how it works. Honestly this is another episode which really fleshes out Leonard and Penny’s relationship which is always a good thing.

5: The Scavenger Vortex (S7, E3)

At the halfway point of the best Big Bang Theory episodes is the Scavenger Vortex. Now what makes this episode so good? Well Raj gets revenge on the rest of the gang for ruining his murder mystery partner. Now he does this by pairing everyone up and making them go on a scavenger hunt for some gold coins. And I’m just going to say the ending is both brilliant and a fantastic cop out simultaneously as everyone once again gets mad at Raj. So really it’s quite an underrated episode. 

4: The Adhesive Duck Deficiency (S3, E8)

Once again a terrific episode title here and once again I’m talking about how good Penny and Sheldon’s friendship is. After Penny slips in the shower it falls to Sheldon to drive her to hospital. The only problem is he’s never driven anywhere before. Oh and the subplot is even more mad as Leonard, Raj and Howard go camping to look at a meteor shower. However they end up taking cookies laced with drugs, start confessing embarrassing things and miss the meteor shower.

3: The Staircase Implementation (S3, E22)

Kicking off the top three best Big Bang Theory episodes is The Staircase Implementation. Now what makes this episode so good? Well it acts as a throwback episode to show fans how Sheldon and Leonard came to live together. Oh and because it’s the past they’ve both got some dodgy looking hair but that’s beside the point. This episode really shows how deep the bond between Sheldon and Leonard is and it also acts as a great bit of backstory for how the whole gang came together.

2: The Maternal Capacitance (S2, E15)

Narrowly missing out on the top spot is The Maternal Capacitance. Now what makes this episode so good? Well it’s the proper introduction of Leonard’s mother as she begins to psychoanalyse all of his friends including Penny and Sheldon. This relentless analysing somehow brings Penny and Leonard closer together and could lay the groundwork for their eventual relationship. Oh and a side note this is just another example of Season 2 really hitting its stride.

1: The Stockholm Syndrome (S12, E24)

And the best episode of the Big Bang Theory is…. The Stockholm Syndrome. Now there’s something nicely poetic that the best episode is also the last episode. Basically this episode ties everything together nicely with Penny and Leonard expecting, Howard and Bernadette preparing to leave their kids alone for the first time and Sheldon and Amy preparing to accept a Nobel Prize. Oh did I forget to mention Raj bringing Sarah Michelle Geller as a date to the ceremony? Honestly this episode just encapsulates everything great about the Big Bang Theory.

What are your favourite episodes of the Big Bang Theory? Let me know in the comments below!