Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes Ranked

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So it’s finally over… After 8 seasons and so many good times, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has ended. And it didn’t even end on Episode 9 of Season 9 which is so sad… Anyway, what better time to look back on one of the funniest American TV shows? To prove that point, it blends comedy and serious matters all without that laugh track. So, before I get into the list, here is some history about the TV show.


Brooklyn Nine Nine first debuted in September 2013 and ran for 8 seasons until September 2021. Fun fact, the final episode was almost exactly 7 years to the date that the first episode premiered. Madness. Anyway, Brooklyn 99 follows the antics of the 99th Precinct in New York as they try to navigate being cops with wacky side quests and family drama. The 99 includes Die Hard fan and (occasional) cop Jake, stationary nerd and sergeant Amy and the most human robot ever made, Captain Holt. The show received heaps of praise for merging real life issues, like Me Too and Black Lives Matter, with wacky and zany antics. So, enough history here are the best Brooklyn Nine Nine episodes.

10: 48 Hours (S1, E7)

Kicking off the list of best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes is 48 Hours. In all honesty, this is a bit of an underrated one. So what happens? Well, Jake arrests a criminal with barely enough evidence to convict him. This gives him 48 hours to find the evidence needed or the criminal walks free. The fact the entire 99 have to pull overtime to help Jake find that evidence just helps build character, as well as ruining their plans. Overall, a solid episode where Jake does get the criminal in the end.

9: Halloween (S1, E6)

It wouldn’t be a list of the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes without a few Halloween Heists. And what better episode is there to start with than the original? For those who don’t know, Halloween Heists revolve around the 99 trying to steal a certain item to be crowned an amazing human/genius. Here, Jake bets Holt that he can steal the Medal of Valour from his office by midnight or he will work 4 weekends with no overtime. Damn, those are some stakes. This episode sets the template for future heists: over the top and way too competitive.

8: Yippie Kayak (S3, E10)

This episode being featured won’t surprise anyone if you watched enough Brooklyn 99. Why? Jake’s favourite film is Die Hard. So, him being stuck in a real life Die Hard situation when he forgets to buy Charles a Christmas present. What follows is Jake geeking out about getting to be John McClane. Also, the running gag of Gina trying to make a homemade flamethrower is hilarious. Also, the fact that Charles ends up saving the day in John McClane cosplay and messing up the iconic line. Which one? Well, here’s what Charles says: Yippie Kayak Other Buckets. Jake lost a certain amount of respect for Charles here…

7: Moo Moo (S4, E16)

Now for those annoyed by this episode being in seventh, we’re at the point where any of these episodes could make a valid case for being the best episode. If anything, Moo Moo shows how well Brooklyn Nine-Nine can handle serious issues and send a powerful message without removing comedic elements. Anyway, Moo Moo sees Amy and Jake picking up Terry’s kids from preschool and accidentally losing their blanket: Moo Moo. This leads Terry to look for it but he gets racially profiled by another cop. Look, there isn’t much more I can do to sell this episode, just seek it out.

6: Halloveen (S5, E4)

Ah yes. The episode confirming Peraltiago are the best TV couple ever. And, yes if you’ve read the title this is another Halloween Heist so you know carnage is about to ensue. So, what happens in Halloveen? Well, the 99 compete for a championship belt which leads us to the proposal heard round the world. Jake alters the belt’s inscription to read Amy Santiago, will you marry me? Not only did all the fans like it, but Charles (the living representation of the Peraltiago fandom) likes it so much he faints….

5: Game Night (S5, E10)

At the halfway point of the best Brooklyn 99 episodes is Games Night. Like Moo Moo earlier, Games Night is a great example of Brooklyn 99 can make characters of any sexuality, gender and race equal in terms of depth and presentation. Case in point, Rosa comes out as bisexual to the 99 and then asks Jake to pretend to be her boyfriend for a dinner with her parents. Well, it’s safe to say it doesn’t go well. Why? Rosa’s parents initially think she’s Jake’s mistress after they refuse to see her as bi. While her dad eventually apologises and accepts her, family game night is put on hold… until the 99 host it in a genuinely heart warming moment. 

4: Crime and Punishment (S4, E22)

Narrowly missing out on the top three best Brooklyn 99 episodes is Crime and Punishment. This episode sees Jake and Rosa framed for multiple bank robberies by corrupt Lt Melanie Hawkins. While Jake remains confident in the justice system, Rosa is as stone faced as usual. While the 99 manage to track down a lead, Matthew Langdon, who confirms Hawkins’s corruption he refuses to mention that on the stand. This leads to Jake and Rosa being sent to prison and kicks off the start of a 3 episode story.

3: The Box (S5, E14)

Yes, I’ve really put the Box at number three in the best Brooklyn 99 episodes. So, what happens in the Box? Well, Jake and Holt interrogate the only murder suspect in a case but can’t get a confession out of him with anything. Nothing gets a confession as Jake tries screaming and playing an out of tune guitar and the old good cop/bad cop routine also produces nothing. Yet, Jake devises a plan where he lays out an average murder plot which gets a confession because the killer thought his plan was much better than others. Also, props to Sterling K Brown who produces an incredible guest performance.

2: He Said, She Said (S6, E8)

To go to a serious place one last time, He Said, She Said tackles the incredibly difficult issue of sexual assault and the stigma surrounding it. This episode perfectly illustrates the issue of sexism in the workplace as all of the workers say the company is a happy place. However, this doesn’t stop Jake and Amy from working out the man did sexual assualt his female co-worker. While is a difficult watch, especially with Keri (the woman who was assaulted) offered hush money and the issues victims have with coming forward to the police, it is one of the best episodes of Brooklyn 99.

1: Jake and Amy (S5, E22)

And the best Brooklyn 99 episode is…. Jake and Amy because could it have been anything else? Well yes, but that’s not the point. This episode perfectly demonstrates how much can go wrong in a day, which goes double as this is Jake and Amy’s wedding day. Despite their Nakatomi Plaza cake being affected by heat (and Cheddar), their ring bearer getting chicken pox, Amy’s veil getting dirty AND a bomb threat at their wedding venue, Jake and Amy still tie the knot. Where? At the 99 with the most human robot ever built Captain Holt officiating in a scene which is just so heart warming. God I miss Brooklyn 99…..

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