Best The Inbetweeners Episodes Ranked

Best Inbetweeners Episodes
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Introduction – Best Inbetweeners Episodes

Welcome to our list of the best Inbetweeners episodes! Now, a certain phrase springs to mind when referencing the Inbetweeners but I can’t quite remember it … Anyway, despite ending almost a decade ago, The Inbetweeners remains legendary within British comedy. Before I get into the list properly, here is some history about this TV show.

History – Best Inbetweeners Episodes

The Inbetweeners first aired on Channel 4 in 2008 and ran for three seasons until late 2010. It featured an all-star cast featuring Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison as our heroes. This isn’t even mentioning Greg Davies’s performance as the psychotic head of sixth form: Mr Gilbert. Arguably the best part of the show was the fact you likely knew people who were very similar to the Inbetweeners within your own life. Anyway, let’s get into the list properly now.

Best Inbetweeners Episodes – Top Ten

10. Caravan Club (S1, E5)

Caravan Club
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Kicking off the list of the best Inbetweeners episodes is Caravan Club. So what happens in this episode? Well, we finally see how much Jay is lying about the sexy nature of the caravan club. There’s also Donovan tying Will to a chair with a bin on his head. All of this leads to an iconic Mr Gilbert and Will about grassing on Donovan. Oh, Neil’s dancing is another reason to love this episode.

9. Bunk Off (S1, E2)

Bunk Off
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What better way to follow an entry about a caravan club than an episode about the group bunking school? And yes this episode is where Will’s drunken rant about Neil’s Dad is from. What else happens in this episode? Well, Will attempts to buy alcohol while wearing Simon’s Dad suit are hilarious. Also, the twist at the end is phenomenally and funny but totally expected when the audience thinks about it.

8. Trip To Warwick (S3, E4)

Trip To Warwick
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Next up on our list of the best Inbetweeners episodes is Trip to Warwick. So what makes this episode so great? Well, Simon brings the guys along on his trip to visit his sister’s girlfriend in Warwick. Somehow that perfectly reasonable decision ends up with Will eating a plant and Neil urinating everywhere. This just proves the crass humour that made the Inbetweeners so iconic.

7. First Day (S1, E1)

First Day
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Aah yes, time to look back at the aptly titled first-ever episode of the Inbetweeners: First Day. This episode sees Will’s arrival at a secondary school after studying in private education his whole life. Needless to say, he feels like a fish out of water with the iconic insult about the birth of his briefcase. Oh, he also meets a group of guys called Simon, Jay and Neil, but that isn’t important.

6. The Gig And The Girlfriend (S3, E2)

The Gig And The Girlfriend
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Now while this is a more forgettable episode, that doesn’t mean it is a bad episode. Case in point, Jay fails to buy drugs from Donovan so he attempts to buy them from a character played by Doc Brown. Yep. Also, everyone smokes which leads to Will getting on stage and wildly waving his arms around while asking for an ambulance. No more words are needed.

Best Inbetweeners Episodes – Top Five

5. Will Is Home Alone (S3, E5)

Best Inbetweeners Episodes
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At the halfway point of the best Inbetweeners episodes is Will is Home Alone. This episode is notable for several reasons. The first is Will’s mild annoyance at Jay and Simon for messing around with his Facebook account. And the other is that the guys decide to drink and smash up a neighbour’s garden with golf clubs. Unfortunately, they then suffer the consequences of their drinking and garden work the next day.

4. Thorpe Park (S1, E3)

Best Inbetweeners Episodes
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Narrowly missing out on the top three best Inbetweeners episodes is Thorpe Park. Why is Thorpe Park so good? Besides the fact it’s a fantastic theme park, Simon and Jay fight over carrying a car door. Oh, also Neil gets a bee in his monkey costume and Will’s iconic mistimed rant at the rollercoaster. What makes Will’s rant so iconic and wrong? Well, he is ranting about a group of kids with learning difficulties. Honestly, this episode is worth watching for that moment alone. So much cringe goodness!

Best Inbetweeners Episodes – Top Three

3. The Camping Trip (S3, E6)

Best Inbetweeners Episodes
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Kicking off the top three best Inbetweeners episodes is Camping Trip. This series 3 episode is great for a number of reasons. Firstly, Will loses his mind about the guys burning his stuff instead of wood. Secondly, Jay and Neil let Simon’s car fall into the lake. And finally, the heart-to-heart of the boys messaging people on each other’s phones. This leads to the obvious jokes about Will’s mum and Carly. Also, this is an example of how the Inbetweeners are incredibly relatable. After all, most people probably did something similar with their mates.

2. The Field Trip (S2, E1)

Best Inbetweeners Episodes
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Now this was a real toss-up between the top two episodes. So, what makes The Field Trip so good? There’s Will’s interesting impression of Yoda, Jay becomes a pro with pedalos, and Neil punches a fish. Plus, there’s Will sending a flare-up … in a harbour. Also, Will’s chemistry with the new girl, Lauren, is excellent, especially the scene of them trying to get into Donovan’s party with vodka. God, I love Simon Bird.

Top Ranking – Best Inbetweeners Episodes

1. Exam Time (S2, E6)

Best Inbetweeners Episodes
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And the best Inbetweeners episode is…. Exam Time. Why is this the best Inbetweeners episode? So, obviously, the boys have to sit their exams with Will and Jay illustrating two different approaches to revision. Jay spends revision kissing his girlfriend whereas Will chugs down litres of energy drinks and, ahem, follows through during the exam. A great example of this crass humour is the facial reaction from Mr Gilbert, making it a fantastic episode overall. Oh, also it features a moment of heartbreak for Jay. God, I miss The Inbetweeners.

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So, those are our thoughts on the best Inbetweeners episodes of all time! But what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!