Best Jessica Jones Episodes Ranked

Best Jessica Jones Episodes
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Well, that’s a shame. In a sad but inevitable turn of events, all of Marvel’s Netflix series will be moving to Disney+. So, after I’ve looked back over Daredevil why not look over the second-best Marvel and Netflix collaborative series. And no, I’m not talking about Iron Fist. Like Daredevil, Jessica Jones felt noir-like and totally different from anything the MCU produced to that point. Anyway, before I get into the actual list, here is some history about the TV show.

History Of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones debuted on Netflix in November 2015 and ran for three seasons of 13 episodes. Jessica Jones garnered huge praise for its approach, which was noir-like and grungy. This was well-fitting of Jessica being a PI, most of the time. But what sets the series apart from something like Daredevil? Well, the themes of the show. Jessica Jones tackled notoriously sensitive themes like rape, consent, trauma, and mental health superbly well.

So, what happens in the show? Well, Jessica Jones is desperate to find and free herself from her past with Kilgrave aka The Purple Man. Besides expert theme handling and style, the show featured fantastic performances from Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, and Carrie-Ann Moss. Also, there will be both SPOILERS and difficult subjects ahead. So, here are the best Jessica Jones episodes.

Best Jessica Jones Episodes

10. AKA The Sandwich Saved Me (S1, E5)

Kicking off the list of best Jessica Jones episodes is AKA The Sandwich Saved Me. Sidenote, great episode title. Anyway, this episode sees the bringing together of several iconic characters. Who are they? Well, Trish’s boyfriend Simpson joins the hunt for Kilgrave alongside Trish and Jessica. Also, we see a brief shot of Jessica’s Jewel costume which is nice for fans of the comics. And another point, David Tennant’s performance threatens to steal every scene that he’s in. Man, I love him.

9. AKA A Lotta Worms (S3, E12)

In something of a recurring theme, Jessica finds herself in police custody for the first time since Season 1. Anyway, it’s the classic trope of blaming the hero for a crime they didn’t commit. So how does Trish conspire to get Jessica out? Well, checks notes, she commits a murder while Jessica is still in custody. This proves to the police it couldn’t have been her. But damn, Trish really is going slightly mad. This in turn slowly moves her towards becoming a certain cat based hero. And no, I’m not talking about Catwoman……

8. AKA Take a Bloody Number (S1, E12)

Next up is the penultimate episode of the first season: AKA Take a Bloody Number. This episode reveals two huge plot points. One, Jessica isn’t susceptible to Kilgrave’s mind control anymore. (Remember this point for later). Two, Luke Cage is under Kilgrave’s control. Why is this significant? Well, all the declarations of love Luke made were all Kilgrave’s feelings. Damn. Don’t play with my heart like that… Also, this episode sees a fight between Luke and Jessica which feels like it came straight from the comics.

7. AKA Ladies Night (S1, E1)

And now the episode that started it all. As all opening episodes do, Ladies Night brings together key characters and sets up the long term story for the season. So, who do we meet? Well, we meet Trish, Jessica, Kilgrave and Hope. Who’s Hope? A girl under Kilgrave’s control who shoots her own parents. Damn, starting off heavy. Ladies Night also gives the audience so much hope before the tragedy of Hope killing her parents. Also, this episode manages to please both comic fans and casual fans. That is no mean feat….

6. AKA Camera Friendly (S3, E8)

You know what’s a shame? The fact Trish and Jess only really worked well as a team once. When was this? AKA Camera Friendly. The reason a lot of Season 1 episodes are featured is that once Kilgrave is gone there aren’t really many strong villains left. No disrespect to Salinger but Kilgrave is better. Anyway, back on track. Jess and Trish team up to find a gruesomely murdered body to legally incriminate Salinger. Fairly simple, yet very effective.

5. AKA Top Shelf Perverts (S1, E7)

At the halfway point of the best Jessica Jones episodes is another great episode title: AKA Top Shelf Perverts. Great title there. Anyway, this episode sees Jessica’s fight with Kilgrave intensify. How? Well, he kills her neighbour and leaves him in her bed. Damn. Anyway, Jessica decides to get herself locked into supermax prison… but Kilgrave works out her plan. Then, every character tries to work a solution out simultaneously. Wonderfully chaotic and fantastic storytelling.

4. AKA 1,000 Cuts (S1, E10)

AKA 1,000 Cuts sees Kilgrave back on the loose after the events of a certain upcoming episode. Anyway, Kilgrave controls Jeri before ordering her wife to leave her with 1,000 cuts. Gosh damn, this is getting intense. Luckily, Jeri survives but not before Kilgrave starts to increase his power. Now you might be asking why is that a big deal? Well it’s not, however the episode does play with the idea of who will die. Spoilers, it’s not Jessica……

3. AKA Smile (S1, E13)

Sneaking into the top three best Jessica Jones Episodes is AKA Smile, which is the season one finale. Why does this make the top three? Well, it features the highly anticipated final showdown between Kilgrave and Jessica. And just for a second, it looks like Jessica won’t be able to stop him. But then after she smiles, she snaps Kilgrave’s neck. Well, that’s certainly one way to stop a villain. AKA Smile does nothing to stop fans shipping Trish and Jessica. Sorry Luke and Jessica fans…..

2. AKA WWJD? (S1, E8)

Narrowly missing out on the top spot is AKA WWJD? Well, in this case she would move back to her childhood home with her abusive and controlling ex in order to gain secret confessions from him. Like I said, this show gets very dark. Anyway, this episode also flirts with the idea of Kilgrave being heroic when he mind controls an attempted shooter. However, it obviously doesn’t happen long term and Jessica finally captures Kilgrave after more than half a season of trying. So what happens to Kilgrave when he gets captured? Well, see the next entry….

1. AKA Sin Bin (S1, E9)

And, the best Jessica Jones episode is AKA Sin Bin. Before you ask, yes that is a reference to the rugby term. And the answer to what happens to Kilgrave is… Jessica locks him in an electrified safehouse isolation chamber to force him to confess. Wow… Anyway, this episode also sees Jeri becoming sympathetic to Kilgrave and Trish discovering her boyfriend’s, Simpson, dangerous drugs. But what truly makes this episode great? The writing. For an episode with so many moving parts, every reveal feels massive and developed. That is no mean feat…

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