Best Peep Show Episodes Ranked

Best Peep Show Episodes
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Introduction – Best Peep Show Episodes

Welcome to our list of the best Peep Show episodes! Now I don’t have a creative introduction for this list but man Peep Show is a cult classic British show. This is probably because of the chemistry between leads David Mitchell and Robert Webb which has spawned so many memes. Anyway, what better way to spend a week than watching one of the best British TV shows ever? I digress. But before I get into the list properly, here is some history about this TV show.

History – Best Peep Show Episodes

Based in Croydon, South London, Peep Show debuted on Channel 4 in 2003 and ran until 2015 with nine seasons. The show follows two roommates, Mark and Jeremy, as they try to deal with the hard concept of an ordinary flat-sharing life. Often the best part of the show was how Mitchell and Webb worked together. By this, I mean often scenes would devolve into David Mitchell nearly turning purple with rage all while Robert Webb looked increasingly worried and amused. Honestly, the rest of the cast wasn’t bad either, especially Dame Olivia Coleman who just seems to be in every British-based series and film. Anyway, enough of my endless drivel. It’s time to get properly into the list of the best episodes of Peep Show now. 

Best Peep Show Episodes – Top 10

10. Shrooming (S3, E3)

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What better way to kick off the list of the best Peep Show episodes than Season 3’s Shrooming? What makes this episode so good? Well Jeremy has an elaborate plan to seduce his ex, Big Suze. Basically he plans a massive magic mushroom party in his flat and all seems to be going to plan. That’s until Mark comes down from gastric flu which seems to ruin Jeremy’s plans. Yes, how dare Mark’s gastric flu prevent Jeremy from trying to get his ex high in order for her to take him back. By the way for people who aren’t too familiar with the show, this is a perfect taster for some of the insanity later in the show.

9. Jeremy Therapised (S8, E1)

Jeremy Therapised
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Speaking of Jeremy, this Season 8 episode sees Jeremy dealing with the prospect of being third-wheeled by Mark and Dobby. So when Mark asks Dobby to move in with him, Jeremy starts dragging his heels and it looks like he’ll get his way. Why? Because Mark’s perennial rival, Gerrard, has also asked Dobby to move in with him. Oh the drama is almost unbearable. Also, despite his antics the fact Gerrard is played by Jim Howick makes the show so much better. 

8. Jeremy’s Mummy (S5, E4)

Jeremy's Mummy
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Continuing on a very heavy Jeremy-themed list so far, Jeremy’s Mummy really explores his relationship with his mum in a brilliant way. Shockingly, it emerges Jeremy has been living off payments from his mum for years and is also in line for a sizable bequest from an aunt. How sizable? Nearly £20,000. Obviously, this leads Jeremy’s self-destructive urges to kick in. This isn’t helped by Mark’s complete lack of ability to behave like a mature adult. More than anything this episode perfectly encapsulates the chaotic nature that defined Peep Show.

7. Handyman (S4, E4)

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A certain phrase springs to mind with this episode and that’s never meet your heroes. Why do I say this? Well, Jeremy meets his hero, Russell, or ‘The Orgazoid’. Stupid nickname aside Mark becomes suspicious of whether Jeremy is actually Russell’s handyman when in reality his job seems to be a lot more smoothie-related. Anyway speaking of Mark, he bumps into one of the only girls who could stand him in high school: Sally. That is until it’s revealed she’s dating one of his bullies, Foz. So naturally he decides to try and seduce Sally while Sophie is away on a business trip. I mean what more can I say about this episode than that…..

6. Das Boot (S6, S6)

Das Boot
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Now I’m sure we all understand the pain and frustration of driving lessons. So naturally I’m sure you can imagine how level-headed Mark, played by calm man David Mitchell, is when he takes them. To be fair he takes them to be able to drive Sophie to the hospital when the baby arrives which is lovely. Oh also continuing in Mark’s spirit from the last entry Jeremy attempts to break up Elena and Gail’s relationship prior to their marriage. All of this is to try and win Elena back. I mean, damn. On the one hand, that’s commitment, but on the other, that’s frankly wrong on so many levels.

Best Peep Show Episodes – Top 5

5. St Hospitals (S7, E1)

Best Peep Show Episodes
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Following on from the last entry about the upcoming arrival of Mark and Sophie’s baby is St Hospitals. This episode sees Jeremy and Mark awaiting the birth. Naturally, Sophie wants as stress-free a birth as possible but that’s going to prove difficult because of who Mark is and his slight tendency to rage. Also, after Jeremy is convinced he’ll never get over Elena something miraculous happens. He meets Zahra, who definitely isn’t a human McGuffin, whose boyfriend has just gone into a coma. Honestly sounds like a perfect match to me….. 

4. Man Jam (S7, E2)

Best Peep Show Episodes
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What better way to follow up Season 7’s opener than with Season 7’s second episode? Well, remember how Mark is now a dad? Well turns out the object of his desires is still Dobby. And yes naturally this becomes a competition with Gerrard to see who can convince her to leave her current partner, a graphic designer named Simon. Oh also, this episode sees Jeremy offered a dream gig as a head developer for a music website. Genuinely that’s kind of nice and a decent change from the constant relationship drama even if that’s mostly what Peep Show seems to centred around.

Best Peep Show Episodes – Top Three

3. Seasonal Beatings (S7, E5)

Best Peep Show Episodes
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Now as you can imagine from an episode titled Season’s Beatings this is obviously a Christmas-related episode. And what an episode this is. So when Mark invites his parents over for Christmas dinner everything seems to be running smoothly. That is until Jeremy starts overly obsessing over other guests. And if that’s not enough, Dobby and Super Hans show up unannounced. Also, this is yet another example of the quality of Peep Show Season 7.

2. Holiday (S4, E5)

Best Peep Show Episodes
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Narrowly missing out on the top spot in the best Peep Show episodes list is Season 4’s Holiday. What makes this episode so good? Well, Jeremy takes Mark on a stag weekend on board a canal boat. Now that sounds weird already especially when they meet two sisters who are both into Mark and Jeremy sexually. So that’s already mad until Mark gets an offer from the girl’s father for a job in India. Naturally, this would get him out of his marriage with Sophie. Also, you’ll never guess what Jeremy does to Mark’s new job offer from India. Again, another really solid episode of Peep Show.

Best Peep Show Episode

1. Threeism (S9, E3)

Best Peep Show Episodes
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Besides having a fantastic title, what makes Threeism the best episode of Peep Show? Well, frankly it’s another great example of Peep Show’s quality. Indeed, Threeism is the funniest Peep Show episode, and it comes from season 9. (Note that the best season of Peep Show is season 9, so this is appropriate.) So, Mark finds out a girl he liked in uni has released a new book. And naturally, he decides to seize the opportunity to see her by telling himself it’s endurance, not stalking. The fact you can hear David Mitchell saying that sentence without having seen the show is funny.

Anyway, things get slightly awkward when he invites her for a fictional dinner party and she asks if she can invite her husband over. Having been thrown off his game by this, Mark desperately convinces Jeremy and his mates to come to the dinner party. Naturally, that leads to an absolutely chaotic ending, which once again shows how funny this programme is and was. It’s absolutely worth watching Peep Show, and this is arguably the best place to start.

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So, those are our thoughts on the best Peep Show episodes of all time! But what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!