Best That Mitchell and Webb Look Episodes Ranked

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Now considering I’ve already ranked the best Peep Show episodes, why not look at the best episodes of another famous collaboration: That Mitchell and Webb Look. Now for those unaware of this gem, it’s essentially a sketch show which parodies other TV shows amongst other things. And as you can imagine from something with David Mitchell in it gets pretty chaotic. So enough with me waffling, I’m now going to get into some history about the show.


That Mitchell and Webb Look first debuted in September 2006 on BBC Two and ran for 4 seasons and 24 episodes. While it was very short in terms of episode count it made up for it by producing some very funny sketches. Oh also yes this was an extension of their radio show That Mitchell and Webb Situation. Anyway, the episodes mostly consisted of several sketches of them doing random things like asking for chairs in pubs, the cheese and petrol robot and David Mitchell being very angry about football. So enough with the history and content of the show, let’s get into the list of the best That Mitchell and Webb Look episodes now.

10: Episode 3 (S4, E3)

Kicking off the list of the best That Mitchell and Webb Look episodes is Season 4, Episode 3. Now what makes this episode so good? Well firstly it features Gilbert and Sullivan debuting their new opera about a maverick cop – No Nonsense Harry. Now there’s several things to know about Harry and I’ll leave those a mystery. Anyway other highlights include an actor who has a bitter argument with his own mustache and behind the scenes David is selling a new brand of biscuit. So all in all a pretty good episode.

9: Episode 6 (S3, E6)

Next up on the list of the best That Mitchell and Webb Look episodes is the series 3 finale: Episode 6. So what makes this episode so good? Well, it firstly features some weird phone advertisements like all of Wagner’s operas by text and Rob giving David a not very relaxing massage. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that some people have a problem with a giant robot. And how could I forget about the invention of the tin opener 500 years before the invention of the tin. So many great sketches on display here….

8: Episode 3 (S2, E3)

Ever wondered what it’s like to teach a horse French? Well wonder no more as Mitchell and Webb show you. Other highlights include a robot nearly smelling cheese and an exciting TV show about re-animated corpses. You know I hear that show is dead funny…. Anyway, there’s a very serious documentary about Alan and his many penises. How many does he have? Well frankly more than any man could ever need…. 19. Now that is some creative insanity….

7: Episode 5 (S3, E5)

One thing which will definitely become clearer in later entries is the creative insanity which defined That Mitchell and Webb Look. Case in point, Series 3, Episode 5. Here, we see a pair of cellists who want to build an airport, some bad news about toast and a bitter row about pens. To be fair I don’t see the point to that last row but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, there is also a notable reveal in this episode about the secret behind the futuristic cult: Vectron. That’s not even mentioning the great sketch, Bussman and Christmas. This sees an old school cop with a jumper, paper hat and a slight sherry problem front and centre of a sketch. So overall a pretty good episode.

6: Episode 4 (S3, E4)

So if Series 3 of That Mitchell and Webb Look proves anything it’s that the insanity only ramps up series on series. Case in point Series 3, Episode 4. Firstly the secret to the universe is discovered inside a melon, a butler realises he’s had a 30 year misunderstanding with his employer and there’s a recycling obsessed Pompeii soothsayer. And yes you did read that last one correctly….. Anyway, there’s also the return of classic character Hennimore as he tries to keep a wasp from getting into a jar of jam. So yet more wonderful insanity on display here…..

5: Episode 2 (S2, E2)

At the halfway point of the best That Mitchell and Webb Look episodes is Series 2, Episode 2. Now what makes this episode so good? Well, there’s a historian who can’t control his arms, a health and safety obsessed supervillain and the admirable behind the scenes work at the pheasant hospital. And just to bring us back into the insanity there’s also the world’s least politically correct pantomime in time for Christmas. So overall a lovely variety of Mitchell and Webb here…

4: Episode 5 (S4, E5)

Now we’re jumping back to another great Season 4 episode with the penultimate episode of the show. So beyond the fact it’s the penultimate episode what makes this one so special? Well, it features a modern day Cyrano de Bergerac trying to convince someone to turn off EastEnders long enough to read her a love poem. Charming stuff right there….. Anyway, other highlights include a meta in depth documentary about documentaries and a very angry discussion about christenings. And just to put the cherry on the cake, there’s a sketch about how David and Rob can end their show in a sensitive way. Now that is the sort of meta nonsense that made That Mitchell and Webb Look so good…..

3: Episode 1 (S1, E1)

Now it feels only right to give the first ever episode of That Mitchell and Webb Look a mention. Not only did it launch the show but it’s also really good. Case in point, sketches include some anxious Nazis, easily distracted snooker commentators and a very mismatched crime duo: Angel Summoner and BMX Bandit. Also they’ve got the perfect Christmas quiz game for you: Numberwang. I mean everybody talks about it but unfortunately no one truly understands it.

2: Episode 1 (S2, E1)

So for the Series 2 opener to place this highly it must be pretty great to place in second. So what makes it so good? Well, firstly it features the ancient art of padlockigami or padlock folding. Other highlights include David Mitchell being very excited about all the football, a staffing problem in an innuendo filled hospital and stone age technophobes learning about bronze. And how could I forget about the world’s drunkest super sleuth: Sir Digby Chicken Caesar going on a rip roaring adventure. So a very good episode on display here and the football sketch feels ever more prescient now…..

1: Episode 4 (S4, E4)

And the best episode of That Mitchell and Webb Look is….. Season 4, Episode 4. Now what makes this episode the best? Well firstly it features a TV chef who travels around the world. Now that sounds lovely until you realise he has a hostage in his hot air balloon. Anyway, other highlights include Bavaria’s most popular statistical based entertainment show called Reports Mode and how a glass and a half of wine can solve all the world’s problems. Now especially that last one is relatable to students because if only the world could be fixed with alcohol…. Anyway this episode perfectly encapsulates the chaotic nature which made Mitchell and Webb such a wonderful duo.

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