Euphoria TV Show Review

Image Source: Wired

TV Show: Euphoria
Distributor: Hulu & Now TV
Production Companies: The Reasonable Bunch, A24, Little Lamb, DreamCrew & HBO Entertainment
Director: Sam Levinson
Producers: Sam Levinson, Tyler Romary, Philipp A. Barnett, Jamie Feldman, Kenneth Yu & Harrison Kreiss
Scriptwriter: Sam Levinson
Main Cast: Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elorid, Sydney Sweeney, Angus Cloud, Maude Apatow, Alexa Demie, Barbara Ferreira & Eric Dane
Release Date: June 16 2019
Seasons: 2
Certificate: 18

After winning three Emmy awards in season 1, the US hit TV show Euphoria returned to our screens on January 9. With a talented cast, Euphoria brings life to a group of young teenagers in the modern age world dealing with drug abuse, mental health, sexuality, identity and maintaining a social life.

As a young adult myself, I found Euphoria quite shocking at times. I should disclose that there is a profound amount of nudity, at times unnecessary but I think it adds to the age of modern media and entertainment. It breathes life into the lives of young people who do face these genuine issues of finding their identity and trying to fit into society.


Synopsis Of Euphoria

The show focuses on Rue, a young teenager and drug addict dealing with the grief of her late father. She is surrounded by multiple friends in school each facing their own problems ranging from domestic abuse to identity crisis.

Throughout the series, we see friendships forming and falling apart all whilst Rue struggles with her sobriety.

Makeup & Wardrobe

It’s no surprise that Euphoria is highly recognised for its makeup and wardrobe design. It looks as though at least a ton of glitter was used on set with amazing eye makeup to reflect each character’s persona. For example, Jules, a trans artist wears very colourful lined eye looks and excessive glitter to reflect her creative talents. Not to mention the colour scheme of clothing for each character. For instance, Maddy, a confident and outspoken young woman wears mostly tight-fitting sexy outfits usually of a dark colour to accentuate her body. These colours reflect her upfront confidence as she hides her internal insecurities.

Visually, Euphoria provides stunning colourful frames and montages including a cameo of pop culture romance movies in season 2. Altogether, the artistry behind the scenes makes for a brilliant watch.

Soundtrack & Composition

Another very important factor in the show’s success is the audio and soundtrack. Composed by Labrinth, a very successful artist, the music is a fusion between gospel, soul and electronics. The fusion creates an extraordinary and unique group of songs that perfectly set up the tension and emotions in the show.

Analysis Of Euphoria

This is a wonderful visual masterpiece that integrates the stories of young individuals coming together to either help or destroy one another. The character development is written so cleverly as we learn to love and hate each character rather than the typical traditions of having protagonists and antagonists. Each character shares both good and bad qualities providing realism to the audience.

The casting of the show is impeccable and each character is cast so perfectly that you forget they’re acting. It’s no surprise that Zendaya won the Emmy for best leading actress as she plays Rue so iconically as a drug addict. She clearly did her research in order to convey such a raw and heart-breaking depiction of life as an addict that if anyone else tried, they would not surpass her.

Many have criticised that Euphoria is a glamorisation of addiction. Yet, Rue is a very unlikeable character especially in season 2 when we see her horrid treatment of her family and friends along with her selfishness. She is verbally abusive and purposefully goes out of her way to hurt the ones she loves. Furthermore, we see her withdrawal symptoms and the awful side effects of abuse on the physical and mental body.

Summary Of Euphoria

In closing, Euphoria is enticing, vivid and often a little strange. The latter is due to random flashes of nudity and rather intense sexual scenes. It can also be quite hard-hitting and uncomfortable to watch at times. But the story represents the real hardships of being a young adult trying to fit into society.

Overall Rating: 8/10 – Very Good

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