10 Reasons to be excited for Daredevil: Born Again

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I know Marvel has conditioned us to have low expectations for their Disney+ shows but surely there’s one which can buck the trend: Daredevil Born Again. As I’ll dive into in the list, this is arguably the Marvel project with the most pressure. This is due to the incredible success of the original series and some of the performances it features. Oh, and also because Marvel is probably going to try and launch 150 shows and films from it so no pressure guys. Anyway, with filming well under way I thought I’d take a look at some reasons to be optimistic for Charlie Cox’s full time return as Daredevil. Now before I get into the list, here is some history about the prior show for which I’ve looked at the best episodes here.


Daredevil initially premiered on Netflix back in 2015 and ran for three series and near critical acclaim from both fans and critics alike. It follows Matt Murdock (Cox), a blind lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen New York, who turns to fighting crime when a mysterious figure known as Wilson Fisk (Kingpin) begins making aggressive underworld expansions. The show also has appearances from classic Daredevil characters like Stick, Elektra and Bullseye to name a few. Despite near critical acclaim, Marvel still canned the show after 3 series before announcing a sequel/reboot series for 2025 called Daredevil: Born Again. So with the history out of the way, here is some history about the show.

10. The Possible Suit

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Now this is purely me speculating but I don’t think they’ll stick with the suit that Daredevil wore in She Hulk. However, I’m sure that was at one point discussed until Marvel saw the toxic reactions to the show and hopefully canned it. Now, hopefully it’ll be the classic full red suit with the Daredevil logo on the chest because it feels like a crime that the only appearance that’s made in Hollywood is Ben Affleck’s Daredevil. Also, if this is supposed to set up more Marvel appearances for the Man without Fear, his classic costume may end up being a must due to some of the more fanatical Marvel fans. Either way, you’ve got one shot Marvel don’t waste it……

9. The Return of Classic Villains

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Hinting at something I mentioned above, Daredevil: Born Again presents a great opportunity to bring in classic villains. While Bullseye is already a lock, there’s on set footage maybe hinting towards White Tiger making an appearance. That doesn’t also rule out the Hand making a return. Alongside the obvious Kingpin appearance gives Marvel more than enough villains to last an initial 18 episode run. Also, Netflix’s Bullseye is one of the more underrated appearances. So like with Daredevil’s suit maybe it’s time to see the assassin get his own suit. Either way, from a villainous front Matt’s going to have his hands very full.

8. The Possibilities created by the title

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Ok, now this one seems unlikely given what Charlie Cox’s interviews about the series’s title implies but hey a Daredevil fan can still dream. For those unaware, the title of the series is the name of one of the most iconic storylines in the Daredevil comics. Given that maybe one of the original show’s weaknesses was its adaptation of the Born Again storyline, Marvel has a chance to do the storyline true justice. This could be done with a dive into the character’s guilt and insecurities about taking the mantle again. Also, Cox has previously expressed interest in giving it another go. Unfortunately, more recent interviews suggest this is a more literal and meta title but here’s to hoping…

7. Setting up more Daredevil appearances

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Is this one going to make me look hypocritical in 2025? Probably yes. However given Kevin Feige’s desire to pursue more street level characters in Phase 5, Daredevil: Born Again may serve as the launch point. Given Daredevil is being rumoured around Spider Man 4, it’s hardly a secret that there’s going to be hints at other characters and appearances for Daredevil in Born Again. And that’s exciting as long as Marvel doesn’t announce it ahead of time. Like they did with Daredevil in She Hulk and Kingpin in Hawkeye. Either way, hopefully Cox will be in and around multiple Marvel projects in the future post Born Again.

6. The Hopefully Finalised Tone

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This one seems to be a dead certainty given the behind the scenes shuffling. Good news for fans of the not really Defenders Saga. Basically, Marvel were initially going to go for a slightly lighter tone and deviate from the Netflix series. That was until after the SAG-AFTRA strikes. Then, apparently they fired half the team. Thus bringing in people to make the show closer to the Netflix series in tone. Now, that is exciting as it captures what made Daredevil so unique in terms of Marvel back in 2015. Basically, it was a rare ray of darkness amidst a relatively safe MCU which helped differentiate it from the competition. So, this is probably the biggest thing Marvel has to nail other than two other things but I’ll touch on them later.

5. New/Old Parts of the Mythos

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Again, this is me reading too much into Charlie Cox’s interviews about Daredevil: Born Again. But I don’t really care because it’s cool to speculate. With Cox talking about different runs from comic book writers inspiring the series, it offers opportunities to expand the mythos. For example, if they went down the Brian Michael Bendis route, they could continue to flesh out the darker side to Daredevil. This could explore his past especially with Elektra and the Hand. Now this was explored in the show but would definitely be worth a revisit. Anyway, here’s to more pointless speculation as the show gets closer and closer. Speaking of…

4. The Return of Jessica Jones

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So, this was reportedly very much on the cards. That is until the return ended up a bit like Ritter in Breaking Bad: very much dead. However, with the reports of a Netflix series star returning surely there can at least be a cameo from Jessica Jones? I mostly say this because despite it being brutally short, Ritter and Cox’s chemistry in the Defenders was fantastic. And the idea of a proper dedicated episode of the two ripping on each other could be absolute untapped gold.

Also, knowing Marvel they’d probably have Daredevil sleep with Jessica given the characters somewhat promiscuous past. But still there’s more than enough avenues for the show to go down. This would also give Marvel a chance to gauge Jones’s popularity for a spinoff there. Also it’d give Ritter a deserved chance to reprise her role from Marvel’s second best Netflix show. However, if she can’t return we definitely know one man who will be…

3. The Return of the Punisher

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Yep, given his confirmation in the cast lists for Daredevil: Born Again it seems very likely that Jon Bernthal’s Punisher will cross paths with the Man Without Fear once more. Basically, if reports are to be believed, Daredevil was initially going to be looking for Jessica Jones before Ritter’s schedule may have scuppered those plans. So, in steps Punisher to fill that gap with Daredevil reportedly going to be tracking the Punisher for an as yet unknown reason. However, whatever the reason it’ll be great to see Jon Bernthal back in his element as the violent, yet weirdly sympathetic Frank Castle role which remains his best work. Also, given someone else’s role within the show surely there can be an interaction there but I’ll come back to that…

2. A Better (and Closer Version to Netflix) Kingpin

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Once again and for the final time, I’m reading into an actor’s comments about their appearance in the show. Specifically, a top three Marvel villain in terms of performance: Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin. Given how he’s said, the characters portrayal in Echo is much closer to the original series for his liking it seems like that’ll be the direction Born Again will continue with. And given the fact he’s probably going to be mayor, that bodes very well given the character works as the invisible hand behind the scenes wielding incredible power without ever really being sited too much. That version of Kingpin easily trumps anything Marvel has given him since Daredevil ended and that could really help Born Again find its feet.

1. Foggy and Karen’s Return

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And what else was I going to be able to put on top of this list? Despite all of the above, a lot of Daredevil fans, including myself, were sceptical about the show’s ability to succeed without two thirds of its heart: Elden Henson and Deborah Ann Woll. Obviously from on set pictures, Foggy seems to have spent time in prison (a joke but seriously that’s a drastic change from the show) whereas Karen seems to have stayed ageless. Anyway, along with everything else Daredevil succeeded because of the Matt, Foggy and Karen friendship triangle and the relationships between all three. Just look at episodes like Nelson vs Murdock as examples of how good all three are and tell me Marvel didn’t nearly fumble the bag by not bringing them in. Let’s just hope everything goes swimmingly and the show gets the reception it deserves.

So those are our reasons to be excited for Daredevil: Born Again but what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!