10 Video Games Which Deserve to be Adapted Into TV and Film

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Now what could have inspired this list? If you said Amazon’s new Fallout series, then congratulations you’re a winner. After rightfully receiving praise for a genuinely great adaptation which doesn’t subtract anything from the game, talk is always going to be rife about which video game will get the next adaptation into either film or TV. So with this in mind, we’ve decided to suggest our 10 picks for Hollywood’s next video game adaptations. Now with all that out of the way, here is a brief overview about Hollywood’s, shall we say interesting, history with video game adaptations.


Hollywood adapting videogames is nothing new with a wave of video game adaptations being seen across the 80s and 90s. These include infamously terrible films like Super Mario Bros, the second Mortal Kombat film and most of the Resident Evil films which moved into the 2000s as well. However, that being said there are some good adaptations in the midst of a shower of mediocrity such as the first Mortal Kombat, the Tomb Raider films and more recently the new Mario Bros film. But these are often few and far between as often Hollywood misses the point of why people loved the game in the first place and instead fart out a mediocre to terrible film which was likely written by AI. Now with all this in mind, let’s get into our list of video games which deserve an adaptation into either film or TV.

10. Ghost of Tsushima (Film)

Whilst many of these entries will undoubtedly be dud picks, this entry seems to be pretty much ironclad. Given Ghost of Tsushima’s heavy combat usage, you’d expect the film to appoint someone with a background in stunt work and action films. Naturally, they’ve reportedly signed John Wick franchise director, Chad Stahelski, to direct the adaptation which is bound to have some of the best fight scenes known to man. Also, the unique colour palette of the game lends itself to Stahelski’s filmography, as seen by any of the John Wick films. So as long as the studio gives Stahelski creative control, the Ghost of Tsushima film will undoubtedly be incredible.

9. Red Dead Redemption (TV)

For this entry, it’s paramount that we’re clear this refers to the first Red Dead Redemption. This is mostly due to the insane scope of the second game which would make a TV show impossible for it. However, the first game could be an incredible modern western given the sheer openness of the games world. That combined with a revenge plot at the heart of the game means it lends itself phenomenally to an adaptation. If done correctly, this could quite easily be an easy hit for any network brave enough to adapt the rough and violent Wild West as seen in the game.

8. Legend of Zelda (Film)

Unlike Red Dead Redemption, anyone of the fantastic Legend of Zelda games would yield itself well to a film. Now, especially after the success of the animated Super Mario Bros movie there’s been significant clamour for the Legend of Zelda to receive similar treatment. Need I say more, than the idea of an animated Link galloping around in gorgeous animation? Just as long as Hollywood doesn’t press the Pratt button for Link because having nearly caused Mario fans to have a stroke, we’re not sure the reaction would be any better for Link. Also, like so many games on this list, the huge fanbase, especially of the back of Breath of the Wild, means there’s serious cash for anyone brave enough to give The Legend of Zelda the Super Mario Bros animated treatment. 

7. Dead Space (Film)

For what feels like an age, there’s been reports that some Hollywood studio is finally going to pull the trigger on a Dead Space adaptation. However, with those reports ironically dying down this one seems incredibly unlikely but on the off chance it is still in a pipeline, Dead Space would be sick as a film. Not only would it lend itself perfectly into the horror genre, but this leads onto many Dead Space fans’ only condition: let John Carpenter direct it. Because if there’s any film which could draw Carpenter back to Hollywood it’s Dead Space. 

6. Shadow of the Colossus (Film)

Whilst many of these games and franchises have a huge amount of lore and story potential, Shadow of the Colossus is arguably the best example of minimalistic storytelling in modern video game history. This, similar to Dead Space and Ghost of Tsushima, would require a director who understands Team Ico’s vision of the story being minimalist and who is able to deliver fantastic looking Colossi. Hence why the king of the cancelled project: Guillermo Del Toro may be perfect as his blend of horror yet often understated narratives could lend itself perfectly to anyone of the Team Ico trilogy. And yes, we’re suggesting this for the idea of scaling Colossi being on a cinema screen….

5. Uncharted (TV)

Hold your horses Tom Holland fans, we’re aware Uncharted has already been adapted into a film two years ago but given how little that actually resembled Naughty Dog’s iconic series we’re advocating for it to get another adaptation. This time with a convincing Sully and Nathan Drake cast because Wahlberg and Holland just didn’t live up to the enormous billing from the games. Also, the lack of any real globetrotting and treasure hunting really smashed whatever potential the film could have had so please Sony forget about your last attempt and give the fans an actually half decent adaptation. Either that or let Sky attempt it after the success of The Last of Us.

4. Gears of War (TV)

Similar to Ghost of Tsushima, Gears of War has long in need of a TV adaptation most notably from Amazon. And with such a violent and brutal game, it’s not going to be an easy one to stomach, however with the right cast there’s every chance for it to be successful. So, who to cast as franchise lead Marcus Fenix? Well, we’re pitching the obvious fan cast: Dave ‘Big Boy’ Bautista. Given how much he’s been openly campaigning at times for it, give the man what he wants and let him go around with ridiculously oversized weapons murdering everything in his sights. However, another reason Gears of War works is because of the emotional core of Fenix’s family hence another good reason to cast Bautista who has frequently displayed a fantastic range. Now if this fan cast doesn’t come to life, maybe a later pick will….

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn (Film/TV)

Are we purely suggesting this for the incredible visuals that Hollywood could bring to an already beautiful game? Yes we are however, sometimes you just need pretty visuals to wow an already invested audience. Also, unlike a lot of other video games on this list, Horizon: Zero Dawn has a female lead meaning yet more opportunities to annoy people who claim Hollywood is going too damn woke. But in all seriousness, the visuals and giant creatures alone could justify Horizon getting a much deserved adaptation providing you have a team of good writers who know how to write strong female characters.

2. Resident Evil (Film/TV)

Now yes, we’re very much aware of the many, many, many Resident Evil films and Netflix Series however not one of them has really captured why the game series is so damn successful. Despite having an easy premise in theory to adapt, Hollywood has repeatedly ignored this to instead fart out mediocrity. So providing you get a solid horror movie director, there’s no reason why say Resident Evil: Village couldn’t be an incredibly tense film or tv series. And yes, we’re suggesting this for the incredibly powerful Lady Dimitrescu and nothing else like the stunning gothic vibes which could again fit Del Toro if he so chose.

1. God of War (TV)

Is there any surprise about our advocating for a God of War series? Given the franchise’s enormous spike in popularity on the back of 2018’s reboot and Ragnarok, what better time is there to bring everyone’s favourite Angry Dad to life on the silver screen? Also, for the love of god Hollywood please don’t cast The Rock no matter how much he cries about the woke agenda ruining Hollywood and America. Instead, using Bautista’s fan cast as his emotional range could provide the necessary base for Kratos’ trauma post murdering his entire extended family. Also, he has the physical presence to work in the original God of War run in Greece. So really God of War is a win-win for whoever wants to adapt it.

So those are our picks for 10 video games which should get film or TV adaptations but what are your picks? Let us know in the comments below!