Best Doctor Who Season 2 Episodes Ranked

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With Doctor Who’s latest revival currently in full swing and receiving rave reviews, we thought we’d take a look at Doctor Who Series 2 and the first series of fans favourite: David Tennant! Whilst it is bitter sweet that this series didn’t go to Christopher Eccleston (because of horrible BBC conditions), David Tennant put in some incredible performances alongside returning Billie Piper, especially in the series finale but we’ll definitely get to that later. Now without further ado, let’s get into some history about Doctor Who Season 2 before we commence the ranking.


Doctor Who Season 2 aired in 2006 with the first Doctor Who Christmas Special (and still one of the best ones), The Christmas Invasion, and concluded later that year with a two part special: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. The show had a lot to deliver on given the success of Series 1 (and the unsavoury details emerging about Christopher Eccleston’s horrible experiences filming the revival) and definitely did. These successes included bringing back the Cyberman, keeping the solid run of the Daleks as well as introducing an absolute cult classic monster: The Werewolf from Tooth and Claw… Obviously we’re referring to the Abzorbaloff. Now with the history out of the way, here is our ranking of the best Doctor Who Season 2 episodes.

10. Love and Monsters (S2, E10)

Speaking of the cult classic Abzorbaloff, this episode has entered Doctor Who Series 2 folklore for a number of reasons. The first of these is because of the aforementioned Abzorbaloff which stands out because of its distinctive look as well as just being a very silly idea which somehow works. Also, the other major reason this episode is good is because of how it sets up the idea of Doctor Lite episodes. Basically, the idea where a random person or companion is the main character for the episode and the Doctor acts as a side piece, occasionally adding his input. Inherently daft yet somehow endearing.

9. New Earth (S2, E1)

And here we come to the first (official) episode of Doctor Who Series 2: New Earth. Now there’s a lot to love about this episode. Namely the return of two standout aliens from Series 1: The Face of Boe and advocate of moisturiser: Lady Cassandra. This is a solid enough episode, especially as it showcases a lot of the quippyness that Tennant brought to the role. Just look at his little quip about New Earth hospitals needing gift shops. Overall, a solid episode which brought back some old allies and enemies as well as providing some interesting narrative options regarding Jack Harkness and the Face of Boe.

8. Tooth and Claw (S2, E2)

Is it controversial to include this episode? Probably not but it’s always been a favourite of mine given how it plays into the horror elements provided by the Werewolf. Also, it has a wonderful conundrum of a Scotsman doing an English accent doing a Scottish accent. Now, that’s just very stupid yet a testament to Tennant’s performance. Also, the fact this episode is canonically responsible for Queen Victoria creating the Torchwood agency is just another wonderful twist. Overall, this is just a very fun example of how Doctor Who can smash two different ideas together, in this case Queen Victoria and a werewolf in an action-packed and fun adventure with a hint of horror.

7. Army of Ghosts (S2, E12)

As an avid lover of both Doctor Who and Friday Night Dinner, it’s nice when both series cross over with each other. In this case, it’s Tracey Ann Oberman (aka Auntie Val) playing the head of Torchwood: Yvonne. Anyway, this episode serves as a set up to the very good Season 2 finale which we will definitely get back to. So, when people allegedly start to see the ghosts of their dead relatives the Doctor is immediately suspicious and gets angry when he finds out Torchwood are f***ing around and are about to find out. Overall, the first part of the season finale sets up the dramatic and emotional climax, with a gripping storyline involving Torchwood, the Cybermen, and the Daleks.

6. The Christmas Invasion (S2, E0)

Now we come to the original (and one of the best) Christmas specials. Not only did this have the unenvious task of following up the first Series of the revival but it also had to quickly get everything about David Tennant at once. And boy did it do that as well as introducing a brand new villain in the form of the Sycorax. If that’s not enough then, it also features Harriet Jones, Prime Minister and Tennant’s brutal putdown to her. Overall, David Tennant’s debut as the Tenth Doctor is exciting and memorable, featuring his dramatic showdown with the Sycorax and his first moments post-regeneration.

5. School Reunion (S2, E3)

Arguably this is one of the best episodes of the series just because of how it re-introduces one of, if not the most popular, companions from classic Who: Sarah Jane Smith. Also, it helps that this episode has a lot of fun parts, especially the interactions between Sarah Jane and Rose as well as another instalment in the David Tennant silly hair styles as he goes undercover with Rose at a school to discover the source of the unnaturally clever kids. And this episode brings in K-9 again so what more can you want from an episode of Doctor Who Series 2? Overall, this episode is beloved for reintroducing classic companion Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 as well as how it explores themes of companionship and the Doctor’s long history.

4. The Impossible Planet (S2, E8)

And now we come to another first half of another two parter: The Impossible Planet. Again, this episode stands out for how it introduces another great alien to the new series: The Ood. Also, this episode has a great sci-fi idea with a planet orbiting a black hole and its human inhabitants and the Ood are being terrorised by the Devil. And yes, this is the literal Devil in this case. A great opener to a very underrated two part special which also lays the foundations for Series 3 and the inevitable regeneration.

3. The Girl in the Fireplace (S2, E4)

He’s the Doctor and he just snogged Madame De Pompadour. Now that’s a niche Doctor Who reference from this episode. There’s a reason why this episode is very highly regarded as it does what Doctor Who does so well: blending history and silly sci-fi together. As seen by the fact that The Doctor, Mickey and Rose end up on a 51st Century Spaceship with 18th Century France onboard along with killer repair robots. Overall, a very good episode which really showcases Tennant at his best when it comes to the quips.

2. The Satan Pit (S2, E9)

Speaking of the two parter with The Impossible Planet, this episode goes down the same tried and tested route that Batman: Forever introduced: save a life but let everyone else die in the process. Anyway, despite the CGI for the Devil looking slightly ropey by today’s standards (though it’s still better than 90% of Marvel’s CGI), the scene where the Doctor finally confronts it is phenomenal. Also, as demonstrated by later episodes Tennant’s Doctor thrived in horrible situations where he had to make impossible calculations in order to save as many lives as possible. Honestly, this is a devilishly fun episode to rewatch.

1. Doomsday (S2, E13)

And the best episode of Doctor Who Season 2 is…. Doomsday. Now is this an incredibly predictable choice? Absolutely but it still emotionally wrecks you every damn single time you watch it. Despite having a very silly battle between the Daleks and Cyberman, it also has an emotional finale which gives Rose the greatest (and saddest) emotional finale you could ask for. And also it probably gave an entire generation trauma whenever they hear the words Bad Wolf. The ultimate evidence for how good this episode is is the final shots of Tennant listening to a wall hoping to hear Rose and slowly crying when he realises there’s no comeback for her. On a slightly less sad note, how silly and fun is that Dalek and Cyberman confrontation?

So those are our picks for the best episodes of Doctor Who Series 2 but what about yours? Let us know in the comments below!