Best Fleabag Episodes Ranked

Best Fleabag Episodes
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I’m sorry guys, Fleabag season three isn’t going to happen… I think. Anyway, Fleabag has cultivated a huge fan base due to its unique style, cast and just Phoebe Waller-Bridge being brilliant. Fleabag managed to walk the line between cringe and comedy superbly due to the fact it’s mostly just Phoebe Waller-Bridge arguing with the cast about sex. So, before I properly get into the list of the best Fleabag episodes, here is some history about this TV show.


Fleabag first debuted in July 2016 and ran for 2 seasons until April 2019. Interestingly, Fleabag was based off of creator and lead star Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s one-woman show in 2013. So, as I alluded to in the introduction Fleabag is mostly just Waller-Bridge joking about sex, a certain hot priest, and Fleabag’s (yes, that is her name) relationships with family and partners. Besides Waller-Bridge, the cast is stacked featuring Sian Clifford, Olivia Coleman, Hugh Dennis, and Andrew Scott amongst others. So, without further ado, here are the best Fleabag episodes.

10. Episode 1.1 (S1, E1)

Kicking off the list of the best Fleabag episodes is the pilot episode, Episode 1.1. So, what makes the pilot so good? Well, it immediately throws the viewer into Fleabag’s life. Whether that is her on-off relationship with Harry, the fact her godmother is marrying her father (so many questions there) and her perfect sibling rivalry with Claire, Episode 1.1 gets the viewer hooked. Or intrigued as to how Waller-Bridge came up with this but I digress…

9. Episode 1.4 (S1, E4)

Next up on the best Fleabag episodes is Episode 1.4, aka the silent retreat episode. So, what goes wrong in this episode? Well, Claire and Fleabag attend a female-only silent retreat and the ‘hits’ keep coming. Fleabag then meets someone she knows from the neighbouring sexual harassment seminar (weird place to host that) and Claire mentions she’s got a new job offer to move to Finland. This leads to a great, serious argument between Fleabag and Claire about whether she should take the job or stay with her current job. 

8. Episode 1.5 (S1, E5)

What better way to follow Episode 1.4 on our best Fleabag episodes list than Episode 1.5? So, how is 1.5 better than 1.4? Well, how about a nice family dinner? Except, their manipulative Godmother makes the dinner all about her and her upcoming art exhibit. Also, in some lovely character development, Fleabag returns a statue she stole from her Godmother. Aww, that’s nice… Claire then steals it back after how awful the dinner was. Now, that is some wonderful character growth for Claire and her sister in the same episode.

7. Episode 2.2 (S2, E2)

For a break from Fleabag season 1, here is an example of the second season being just as good. So, what happens in Episode 2.2? Well, her café is actually thriving with customers, much to the shock of Claire. However, it’s not all sunshine and happiness for Fleabag as Claire reveals Martin plans to sue her. For what I hear you asking? For assaulting him at a party. But, that’s not all. She attends a therapy session where she falls more in love with the Hot Priest, leading to her deciding to help out at a church function. A worthy inclusion to our best Fleabag episodes ranking for some pretty unorthodox reasons, then. 

6. Episode 2.5 (S2, E5)

What’s this? Another Season 2 episode on our list of the best Fleabag episodes? So, what happens in Episode 2.5? Well, the Hot Priest tries to distance himself from Fleabag, due to having to control his feelings when he is around her. Don’t worry shippers, that doesn’t last too long. But in some lighter highlights, Claire has a new haircut and desperately wants Fleabag’s approval of it. Also, the only reason she got that haircut? To impress a colleague at work who is also called Klare. What are the odds of that happening?

5. Episode 1.6 (S1, E6)

At the halfway point of the best Fleabag episodes is the season 1 finale: Episode 1.6. So, what happens in Episode 1.6? Well, apart from being the finale of Season 1, it also sees the Godmother’s exhibition, sorry sex-hibtion. That is just horrifying to say and to think about. Not only is the exhibition idea horrible, but the Godmother treats her awfully. On top of all of that, Claire has decided to turn down the promotion against Fleabag’s wishes. Damn, what a season finale.

4. Episode 2.4 (S2, E4)

Ah, yes. The one where Fleabag and the Hot Priest spend a day just hanging out in town with each other. How sweet. On a much more down note, Fleabag starts experiencing flashbacks to her mother’s funeral as she remembers that day. Damn. On a much brighter note, Fleabag and the Hot Priest go drinking that night and question whether they should continue their relationship. Aww, how sweet indeed. So, this makes our best Fleabag episodes for reasons positive and negative.

3. Episode 2.3 (S2, E3)

What’s better than a regular Fleabag episode? A Fleabag episode with Kristin Scott Thomas in it. Anyway, Claire is tasked with hosting an awards ceremony and decides to get Fleabag to cater the event. That’s lovely. Until Fleabag has to improvise an awards statue so she enters the Godmother’s statue. Now that is some long term storytelling. But the best part of this episode is the Hot Priest being the first character to notice Fleabag’s fourth wall breaks. Hilarious stuff really, and a worthy inclusion amongst the three best Fleabag episodes.

2. Episode 2.1 (S2, E1)

Narrowly missing out on the top spot is the Season 2 opener: Episode 2.1. So what makes this episode so good? Well, it centres around a family dinner. Having not seen her family for a year, Fleabag soon learns that her Dad and Godmother are engaged and that the Hot Priest will be officiating the ceremony. Damn. Also, in a slightly lighter subplot Fleabag is determined to find out what Claire’s unexplained health problem is. So much comedy and cringe which is what makes it brilliant. But it’s not #1 on our best Fleabag episodes rankings.

1. Episode 2.6 (S2, E6)

And the best Fleabag episode is Episode 2.6 aka the show’s finale. So, why is this the best Fleabag episode? Well, it features the wedding of Fleabag’s Dad to her Godmother and them finally getting married. Other highlights include Claire deciding whether to stay with Martin or get with Klare. Oh, and also the small matter of Fleabag and the Hot Priest debating if their relationship interferes with his faith. So not much happens. Overall, not just a great Fleabag episode but a great show finale…. for now. Either way, though, this is our only possible choice to top the best Fleabag episodes list.

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