Best Gravity Falls Episodes Ranked

Best Gravity Falls Episodes
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Having recently ranked the best Rick and Morty episodes, why not rank another treasured show amongst fans: Gravity Falls? Given the similarities between Rick and Morty and Gravity Falls from a wisecracking old scientist to a young duo of adventurers that deal with alien threats. To be specific, a stove pipe hat-wearing alien pyramid named Bill Cipher trying to end the world with Weirdmageddon. So, before I get into the best Gravity Falls episodes list properly, here’s some history about this TV show


Gravity Falls first aired in 2012 and ran until 2016, with two seasons of twenty episodes. It now resides on Disney+. The show follows the Pine family, specifically twins Dipper and Mabel, who stay in Gravity Falls on their summer holidays but notice strange occurrences around the town. Together with a group of characters, including their grandfather Stan, Dipper and Mabel attempt to stop the world-ending event: Gravity Falls also had a ludicrous stacked voice cast featuring Kristen Schaal, Justin Roiland, JK Simmons, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Nick Offerman, and TJ Miller amongst others. So, without further ado here are the best Gravity Falls episodes ranked.

10. Northwest Mansion Mystery (S2, E10) 

Kicking off the list of best Gravity Falls episodes is Northwest Mansion Mystery. Also, there is going to be a heavy emphasis on Season 2 in this list. Anyway, Northwest Mansion Mystery sees the gang invited to the titular Northwest’s party. But while Mabel, Grenda, and Candy obsess over one boy, Dipper, and Pacifica Northwest try and solve the haunted tremors in the house. This leads to a phenomenal twist regarding Pacifica (which manages to be socially relevant and profound). Anyway, what makes this episode stand out is the payoff to Dipper and Pacifica’s tandem, with some romantic hints.    

9. Society Of The Blind Eye (S2, E7)

Next up on the best Gravity Falls episodes is another season 2 episode: Society of the Blind Eye. So, what happens in this episode? Well, Dipper and Mabel are trying to trace the author of Journal 3 but end up finding something far more sinister. To be specific they find a supernatural cult living under the town, zapping people’s memories of weird events that occur in the town. Damn, that escalated quickly. Anyway, this episode is a stark depiction of cults as well as resurrecting one of the Pine twin’s more formidable enemies.  

8. Into The Bunker (S2, E2)

How do you follow up on an episode about a supernatural cult? Well, with the gang meeting an evil shapeshifter in a mashup of Alien and Goosebumps. How could this not make our best Gravity Falls episodes list? Anyway, after deciphering part of the journal, Dipper leads the gang to the supposed author’s location. Except, it turns out to be the lair of a shapeshifter. Besides the actual confrontation with the shapeshifter, the best part of this episode is Dipper finally confessing his feelings for Wendy, as they bond over their experiences together. Aww, that’s sweet. 

7. Gideon Rises (S1, E20)

In a nice break from Season 2 episodes, here is some Season 1 representation in the form of Gideon Rises. So, what happens that allows Gideon to rise? Well, Gideon steals the deed for the gang’s base: The Mystery Shack. Despite everything that he’s been through Stan nearly gives up. In the end, Mabel and Dipper end up confronting Gideon in a ludicrously entertaining final showdown against the Gideon robot. Whilst he might start as an annoying antagonist, this episode sees Gideon evolve into a never-say-die entertaining antagonist. And that transition brings this onto our best Gravity Falls episodes list.

6. Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality (S2, E19)

Aah yes. It’s only taken four entries on our best Gravity Falls episodes list, but we finally come to the Weirdmageddon trilogy. And as the title suggests this is the second part. Anyway, this episode sees Dipper, Soos, and Wendy infiltrate Mabel’s reality bubble which is derived from her own reality. Yeah, it’s weird but roll with it. Whilst this is the loosest of the Weirdmageddon trilogy, that works to its advantage as it allows for more creativity due to two factors. One is Mabel’s perceived reality, and the other is the chase scenes involving Lil’ Gideon. 

5. Dipper & Mabel Vs. The Future (S2, E17)

At the halfway point of the best Gravity Falls episodes is the last episode before the Weirdmageddon: Dipper and Mabel vs The Future. This episode is arguably the most crucial piece of character development as it sees Uncle Ford recognise Dipper’s potential whilst investigating a crashed UFO. However, it’s Mabel’s development that tops that as she starts to wonder if she and Dipper are drifting apart. Oh, conveniently whilst Mabel is struggling with these thoughts Bill Cipher turns up. Truly poignant stuff in this episode and I’m not talking about Bill… 

4. Weirdmageddon: Part 1 (S2, E18)

Narrowly missing out on the top best Gravity Falls episodes is the first Weirdmageddon episode: Weirdmageddon: Part One. So, with Bill Cipher now released to the physical world that poses a problem for the gang. However, Bill soon releases his allies from their respective dimensions to start wrecking Gravity Falls. Whilst all of this is going on, Dipper and Wendy are trying to rescue Mabel from her prison bubble in a Mad Max parody. This is Alex Hirsch throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at the Weirdmageddon opener. More evidence of this is when we see Gravity Falls as Bill Cipher sees it. 

3. A Tale Of Two Stans (S2, E12)

Kicking off the top three best Gravity Falls episodes is A Tale of Two Stans. Similarly, to entry 5 on this list, A Tale of Two Stans focuses on a character’s backstory specifically Stan. Stan finally reveals that it was his brother, Stanford, who wrote the journals before he was sucked into Bill Cipher’s dimension. This reveal also confirms that Stan is in fact Stanley Pines, not Stanford Pines. If all that wasn’t enough, the flashbacks hit the audience in the feels as they start with an emotional recollection of the brothers as kids before showing Stanford trying to control a reckless Stanley. Also, the fact this episode acts as a flashback and a continuation of the previous episode makes it even better.   

2. Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls (S2, E20)

And the second-best Gravity Falls is Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls. Whilst this is the culmination of the three-episode arc, it is also so much more. Not only is it the last episode of the season but it is also the last episode ever. So, if Alex Hirsch was throwing the kitchen sink at Weirdmageddon Part One, this episode is even more mad. The remaining unpetrified Gravity Falls residents team up and build a massive mecha contraption to finally defeat Bill Cipher. Everything seen in Gravity Falls leads to this and the fact Dipper and Mabel realise their destinies is just the icing on the cake. God, I miss Gravity Falls. But if this isn’t #1 on our best Gravity Falls episodes list, what is?

1. Not What He Seems (S2, E11)

Well, let’s face it. Anyone familiar with this show knows why Not What He Seems tops the best Gravity Falls episodes list. But for those who haven’t, here is why. This episode reveals a darker side to Stan as the twins discover his portal’s ticking timebomb and they must find a way to deal with it. But as ever the beating heart of Not What He Seems is Dipper and Mabel. Dipper learns to place his misgivings on Stan’s character whilst Mabel learns to trust her inner ‘Grunkle’. This is even despite the risk to her life, proving this is the greatest emotional investment Mabel placed in herself. 

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