Best IT Crowd Episodes Ranked

Best IT Crowd Episodes
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Introduction – Best IT Crowd Episodes

Well, have you tried turning it off and on again? Obviously, that is the iconic punchline from one of Britain’s best-loved comedies: The IT Crowd. Besides, I was hardly going to review the American Remake. So, what made The IT Crowd so iconic? The cast simply put. The cast featured Richard Ayoade, Chris O’Dowd, Katherine Parkinson and Matt Berry amongst others. Oh, also the sheer amount of memes the show has retroactively spawned, mostly around a certain fire in a certain waterpark. So, before I properly get into the list of the best IT Crowd episodes, here is some history about this TV show.

History – Best IT Crowd Episodes

The IT Crowd first debuted on Channel 4 in 2006 and ran for four seasons from 2006 to 2013. The show followed the IT department in the basement of Reynholm Industries: made up of Moss, Roy and hopelessly underqualified relationship manager Jen and their dealings with the technologically inept workers of the company. This includes father and son bosses Denholm and Douglas. The show earned praise for its funny characters and at points ludicrously eccentric and weird humour. Nothing proves this better than how Denholm reacts to the police investigating pension fund irregularities. So without further ado, here are the best episodes of The IT Crowd.

Best IT Crowd Episodes – Top Ten

10. The Final Countdown (S4, E2)

The Final Countdown The IT Crowd
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Kicking off the list of best IT Crowd episodes is The Final Countdown. So what makes this episode so good? Well, Benedict Wong. But apart from that Moss manages to become a celebrity after solving every problem on Countdown. Obviously, all this leads to a game of street Countdown, which actually makes Countdown worth watching. Anyway, other highlights include Roy’s insistence that he isn’t a window cleaner. Oh, and don’t forget Jen’s obsession with Douglas’s secret meetings with women in fluffy dressing gowns. Overall, a very solid episode.

9. Bad Boys (S4, E5)

Bad Boys The IT Crowd
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And no I’m not referring to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Man, that was a bad joke. Anyway, this episode focuses on Moss and Roy’s adventures in a shopping centre. And by adventures, I actually mean Moss shoplifts a bunch of DVDs for the thrill. And besides, it’s not like this leads to a hilarious misunderstanding with a security guard and an escalator. Other highlights include Jen being left alone to represent the IT Department at a ‘work thing’. And for additional context as to why that is funny, I refer you to the History section of this article.

8. Calendar Geeks (S3, E6)

Calendar Geeks
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Next up on the best IT Crowd episodes is Calendar Geeks. What makes this episode so good, I hear you asking? Well, Roy’s sleazy behaviour in general. When a group of attractive female co-workers suggests doing a naked calendar for a fundraiser, Roy jumps at the opportunity. And yes it’s for exactly the reason you think he did it for… However, they don’t end up making it so Roy has to use nerds to make the calendar which leads to a fantastic payoff which obviously involves the very overtly sexual head of Reynholm Industries: Douglas. Overall, quite a weird episode now I think about it.

7. Men Without Women (S2, E6)

Men Without Women
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Ever wonder what Roy and Moss would do without Jen in the IT Department? Well, don’t worry dear reader as this is the episode for you. So, when Douglas appoints Jen as his P.A., she obviously can’t work in the IT department at the same time. While Jen is dealing with Douglas’s eccentricities and advances towards her, Moss and Roy take advantage of not having Jen around to tell them what to do. So what hilarious hijinks do they get up to? Well, Roy tries to hit a golf ball into Moss’s mouth without shattering his teeth. Impressive yet stupid. Wacky stuff on show there from the IT Department.

6. From Hell (S3, E1)

From Hell
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Say what you want about Denholm Reynholm but he was slightly competent at running a company. And that is a stretch. My point is Douglas is doing his level best to drive the company down. But what is our favourite IT department getting up to? Well, Jen is dealing with a builder from hell, but it turns out to be a case of Roy mistaking him for someone else. Or maybe he is and Roy was right? Anyway, Moss also learns how to stand up for himself, which ends with him chasing after his bullies with a gun. Well that escalated rather quickly.

Best IT Crowd Episodes – Top Five

5. Calamity Jen (S1, E2)

Calamity Jen
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At the halfway point of the best IT Crowd episodes is Calamity Jen. And yes that is a joke about Calamity Jane. Anyway, Jen is obsessed with a very nice pair of shoes. The only problem is that she is to the shoes what the glass slipper was to Cinderella’s sisters. Other high points in this episode include that fire department song, Moss’s expert firefighting and Reynholm Industries War on Stress. For context, this mostly involves Denholm shouting and wearing some very tight cycling gear.

4. The Red Door (S1, E4)

Best IT Crowd Episodes
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Narrowly missing out on the top three best IT Crowd episodes is The Red Door. And a disclaimer, don’t open the Red Door because of the rainforest. But seriously, what lies behind the Red Door will shock you. It’s Noel Fieldi… I mean Richmond, a former high-ranking employee. For those wondering, he fell out of favour with Denholm possibly because of his discovery of Cradle of Filth. But I’m sure it wasn’t that. Other highlights include we wonder what happened to Moss’s new mug and Roy is becoming worried he’s going to become a desk monkey.

Best IT Crowd Episodes – Top Three

3. Yesterday’s Jam (S1, E1)

Best IT Crowd Episodes
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What better way to kick off the top three best IT Crowd episodes than the first-ever episode? So why is Yesterday’s Jam a good episode? Well, the world shatters after the arrival of Jen into the socially awkward IT Department of Moss and Roy. Oh, if that wasn’t enough of a reason to love this episode, the scene which introduces us to Chris Morris’s fantastically weird Denholm Reynholm is brilliant. Everything from the picture of himself to the zoom-out to Denholm pulling the exact pose and facial expression in real life. Even then, Katherine Parkinson nearly steals the scene by trying to match Denholm’s intensity. Honestly better than you remember….

2. Return Of The Golden Child (S2, E2)

Best IT Crowd Episodes
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And finally, we get to the arrival of Douglas Denholm which instantly made him a fan favourite character. And he did it with the most iconic entrances in British TV history, kicking open a church door and screaming Father!!!! Oh, that doesn’t even cover the fact he tries to fight the priest (who happens to be the same actor who plays Neil’s Dad in the Inbetweeners). I suppose I should mention that the episode has other stuff in it like Moss inspiring a meme and finding a website that tells you when you are going to die. Well, that’s put a downer on this episode….

Top Ranking – Best IT Crowd Episodes

1. The Work Outing (S2, E1)

Best IT Crowd Episodes
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And the best episode of The IT Crowd is…. The Work Outing. Simply put, this is nearly perfect for an IT Crowd episode. What makes it so good? Well, Jen finally gets a date with an attractive man who works on the 6th floor: Philip. That sounds brilliant … until you realise that Moss and Roy misinterpret Philip asking Jen on a date which leads to them tagging along. Hence the title The Work Outing. And I’m sure that you can imagine what Jen would be feeling when a potential date goes awry and becomes a work outing!

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So, those are our thoughts on the best IT Crowd episodes of all time! But what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!