Best Lucifer Episodes Ranked

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By Lucifer, this is a great show. Despite ending nearly 2 years ago, Lucifer still stands as a great example of how to adapt a character. Ok, it’s a very loose adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s take on the Devil from the Sandman comics but still. As this list will show, a huge part of the show’s success was the chemistry of the two leads as their buddy cop friendship evolves into a genuine relationship. Anyway, before I get into the list properly, here is some history about the show.


Lucifer first debuted on Fox in 2016 and ran on the network for 3 series until it moved over to Netflix for its last 3 series. As mentioned above, the show is a loose adaptation of Lucifer Morningstar, from the Sandman comic series by Neil Gaiman, Tom Keith and Mike Dringenberg, as he leaves Hell and sets up a nightclub in Los Angeles. Here, he meets love interest and detective, Chloe, as the pair strike up an unlikely friendship. The show received huge praise, especially for Tom Ellis’s performance as Lucifer which managed to be both charming and evil in equal measures. Now with that history out of the way, here are the best episodes of Lucifer ranked.

10. Partners ‘Til the End (S6, E10) 

I swear if I had a quid for everytime Chloe went to heaven only to be reunited with Lucifer, I’d be a millionaire. Anyway, the series finale finally sees Lucifer return to Hell after decades on Earth but in a hilarious therapist role, helping to redeem lost souls. There’s also plenty of emotions as Chloe accepts she may never see Lucifer again after he returns to Hell only for Amenadiel tio grant her dream as she and Lucifer get to reunite in Hell. Overall, the series finale where loose ends are tied up and characters find their resolutions.

9. City of Angels? (S3, E11) 

A lovely, ironic title for this flashback episode. Here, the show reveals how Lucifer arrives in Los Angeles and how he becomes entangled in the lives of Chloe and Charlotte. Basically, through sheer coincidence, Lucifer and Chloe end up trying to investigate the same fixed fight case. While Chloe is out setting up sting operations with the help of a certain Charlotte, Lucifer is out torturing the suspect into confessing his guilt. Basically, he’s inadvertently helping Chloe without realising. Also, the dining where Lucifer loses his wings but is able to stay on Earth is really sweet.

8. God Johnson (S2, E16) 

Well, what in the Bruce Almighty is going on here? Apparently, even the ruler of Hell can be fooled by a man claiming to be God. This feels like a proper buddy cop episode where Lucifer commits himself to an insane asylum and meets Earl Johnson who claims to be God and knows things only God would know. Now, there is a very nice twist at the end which explains how Earl has all this godly knowledge but it’s hilarious seeing Lucifer doubt himself. Overall, a fun episode which creates chaos and curiosity among the characters.

7. Quintessential Deckerstar (S3, E23) 

This episode has the same problem with people shielding each other as Aquaman does with explosive interruptions. And yes, that’s a niche comparison. Anyway, there’s plenty of corny romance in here too as Lucifer finally reveals that he’s the Devil only for Chloe to say he isn’t the Devil to her. Jesus, who wrote this? Richard Curtis? There’s also the subplot of Amenadiel trying to get his wings back through a convoluted plot where Charlotte ends up getting shot so he can carry her soul to Heaven. Overall, an emotional episode centred on the evolving relationship between Lucifer and Chloe.

6. Spoiler Alert (S5, E8)  

Oops, Spoilers. Props to anyone who gets that reference and yet again the chemistry of Lucifer and Chloe is what carries an otherwise mediocre episode to being great. Here, we see the aftermath of Dan shooting Lucifer after the latter had sex with Chloe. Yep, we’re resorting to the good, old fashioned love triangle. All this is while Chloe is missing after being kidnapped by the ongoing Whisper Killer. Also, the way the episode ends with all the main characters being greeted by God is hilarious, especially the line ‘now children you know how much I hate it when you fight’. Man that is dodgy out of context…

5. Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam (S5, E10)  

Ever wondered what would happen if God and the Devil were casually just chilling on Earth? Well, wonder no more as this episode sees one of the funniest gags of the show: people keep bursting into song around God, much to Lucifer’s chagrin. There’s also the subplot of Amenadiel trying to accept that despite angels being better than humans, everyone has imperfections which is fine enough. But overall, an entertaining musical (who’d have thought it?) episode where characters express their emotions through musical performances.

4. It Never Ends Well for the Chicken (S5, E4) 

Once again, Lucifer does a great job when it comes to self contained flashbacks and alternative reality stories. Case in point, It Nevers End Well for the Chicken which is a noir-style episode set in the 1940s, depicting a fictional story of Lucifer’s life if he was in that era. Here, we see Lucifer in 1940s New York where he meets Lilith, who he helps recover a ring which she then places her immortality into. Bit daft but we move… Anyway, the ending is ironic as Lilith, now elderly, admits to regretting giving her immortality to Luther. A fun, self contained episode.

3. A Chance at a Happy Ending (S5, E16) 

So it all comes down to a battle in the Los Angeles Memorial Colosseum between Lucifer and the deranged angel: Michael for the chance to become the new God. Despite Michael sending Chloe to Heaven only for Lucifer to save her in Heaven, spontaneously combusting in the process, Lucifer defeats his brother and gives him a second chance on Earth. All this is while Lucifer is surrounded by kneeling angels, who accept him as the new God. A thrilling and intense finale that wraps up various storylines and sets the stage for the following season.

2. A Good Day to Die (S2, E13) 

And to think Lucifer nearly paid tribute to the worst Die Hard film with that title… Anyway, this is a fantastic episode as it really delves into Lucifer’s relationship with Chloe as he re enters Hell in order to try and find an antidote to save her. Unfortunately, he’s unable to get the one person with the antidote to assuage his guilt enough. There’s also a great subplot between Charlotte and her son where despite her best efforts she still can’t earn his forgiveness. Overall, a very great episode where we see how far Lucifer goes to protect Chloe.

1. A Devil of My Word (S3, E24) 

And the best episode of Lucifer is…. A Devil of My Word. Simply put, the Series 3 finale (if you don’t count the specials) is fantastic as it builds on the events of Quintessential Deckerstar. There’s a huge hunt on for Pierce after it’s revealed he killed Charlotte and all this is while Lucifer nearly loses Chloe after the two are lured into an ambush. This leads to a lovely moment where Lucifer uses his wings to shield Chloe. And the ending where Lucifer reveals Pierce is going to be haunted in Hell for eternity with the memory of Charlotte’s death is very nice. Also, it’s great to see Lucifer using his devil face. Overall, a gripping season finale where Lucifer deals with a threat to his life and the safety of those he cares about.

So, those are our favourite episodes of Lucifer but what are your favourite episodes? Let us know in the comments below!