Best Regular Show Episodes Ranked

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What a Regular Show for us to be ranking… Despite ending nearly six years ago, Regular Show (much like the entirety of Cartoon Network shows) was a huge staple of any child who had Cartoon Network available to them. But as is so often the case with other shows, like Adventure Time or Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you don’t realise how good it is until you rewatch it as an adult. Also, it helps that Regular Show is ludicrously relatable in its plot as it’s just two friends trying to do anything to escape doing work, much to their boss’s chagrin. Before we get into the list properly, here is some history about the show.


Regular Show first debuted on Cartoon Network in 2010 and ran until 2017, with a whopping 8 series and 244 episodes. This doesn’t even include the film or pilot episodes which round out the Regular Show cinematic universe. Naturally, like all great children’s animated TV the voice cast is kind of stacked with everyone’s favourite Israel supporting Joker, Mark Hamill, the second best Arkham Batman voice, Roger Craig Smith (by default when the other voice is the late great Kevin Conroy), as well as Linda Cardellini and guest spots from Tim Curry amongst others.

And just like every other Cartoon Network show it has more Emmys than Better Call Saul as well as a host of other award wins. Naturally, it did draw complaints about its innuendos and dark themes but those are just more appreciated upon an adult rewatch. Now without further ado, here are our picks for the best Regular Show episodes!

10. No Train No Gain (S8, E22)

What better place for the best Regular Show episodes to start than the episode taking the p*** out of training montages? Now for a quick bit of story summary, the entire last series is built around Pops fighting Anti-Pops to save the universe. Hence here, Mordecai and Rigby help Pops train for the fight with a training montage which allows them to bend time and space. Unfortunately for everyone else it traps them in the montage all whilst Mordecai and Rigby are playing one of their songs. FYI this is just Through the Fire and Flames by UK band DragonForce. Overall, a solid episode which riffs on the overuse of training montages.

9. Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special (S6, E26) 

As will become apparent in later entries, Regular Show has the ability to go from 0-100 in 0.01 seconds as evidenced by this episode which is a homage to mecha anime. What starts out as Mordecai and Rigby having to remove a cassowary, a flightless bird, from the park turns into an epic battle between them, some ducks and geese against a group of lawyers over merchandising rights. And we’re still trying to comprehend that those were actual words we just wrote. Anyway, this episode is a perfect episode to show your friends who haven’t seen the show before as it has all the stupid chaos we’ve come to love.

8. The Real Thomas (S6, E8)

Won’t the real Thomas please stand up? And yes we just made a Slim Shady segue in a Regular Show episode ranking… Anyway, this is a classic cartoon episode where one of the characters, in this case Rigby, learns something unusual about Thomas and you will literally never guess what direction the episode goes in. Because if you guessed this episode devolves into Thomas being a KGB agent leading to Benson, Mordecai and Rigby having to save the park from the KGB. Ironically, that’s an enormous left turn but it sums up what made Regular Show so damn good with it able to pull off the wackiest plot imaginable to justify the hatred that Mordecai and Rigby have for their jobs. 

7. Cheer Up Pops (S8, E26)

Speaking of that final battle between Pops and Anti-Pops, this episode sees the gang on their way to the final battleground: Lolliland. However, Pops is naturally a bit despondent about the upcoming fight so the gang decide to cheer him up. How do they do this? Well, they record their memories for Pops in what is quite a sweet idea. This is entirely too wholesome for Regular Show to be doing. Also, fun fact Gillian Jacobs (aka Britta from Community) is the voice of Blu-Ray in this episode. Another very solid episode which hits you right in the feels.

6. Rigby’s Graduation Day Special (S7, E36)

As Regular Show’s us in this episode, who doesn’t occasionally love to be the centre of attention? This is evidenced by the fact Rigby has to give a speech at his high school graduation (duh, hence the title) which will be aired on live TV on a show called Inspire America. Naturally, Rigby wants to make it as memorable as possible so everyone will remember oh yeah, that raccoon’s speech was pretty damn good. However, Mordecai is sinking into depression because he’s realised Rigby is more successful than he’ll ever be which is a brutal choice for the B plot. Either way, this is a perfect example of a classic Regular Show episode… 

5. Meet the Seer (S8, E25)

Seer? We hardly know them…. Terrible segue aside, this is another episode which helps set up the upcoming fight for the universe between Pops and Anti-Pops. Here, the gang are shaken after the incident between the Pops so they decide to seek help from the Guardians of Obsolete Formats and the Seer. And naturally, it’s revealed that both the Guardians and Seer have been observing the gang from the very beginning. In comparison to other episodes like Cheer Up Pops and No Train No Gain, this is a much more plot heavy episode to give context for the series finale.

4. Skip’s Story (S5, E22)

Unironically for a character called Skips, Regular Show doesn’t half skip over his backstory at times. However, this episode dives into his backstory about why he’s immortal. And naturally, the whole episode happens while he, Mordecai and Rigby are on break because once again god forbid those two actually do work. Also, this episode has another cameo from Regular Show’s fantastic soundtrack choices as it features Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough. Overall, a very plot heavy episode but merged with the slacking off which made Regular Show so iconic.

3. Eggscellent (S3, E17)

And now back to your regularly scheduled stupidity as this episode sees Mordecai determined to win Rigby a hat. And how does he intend to win said hat? Well, he has to eat a massive omelette which frankly we’d all attempt to eat in order to win our friend (but really ourself) a cool hat. However, no matter how hard Mordecai tries he just can’t eat the omelette to win Rigby the hat. Now this is the sort of thing which made Regular Show so iconic as it’s so daft that it makes you need to see the episode to believe it.

2. Exit 9B (S4, E1)

Remember when we mentioned Thomas? Well here he arrives and then mysteriously the park is closed. For what purpose you may ask? For a massive highway that goes straight through the park hence destroying the park. So it’s up to Mordecai and Rigby to unbrainwash all their friends in order to save the park so they can slack off in it instead of working. Once again, like Eggscellent, this is stupid classic Regular Show as the daft and insane stakes make it must watch for any fans of cartoons.

1. A Regular Epic Final Battle (S8, E27)

And the best episode of Regular Show is…. A Regular Epic Final Battle. Now not only is this a fantastic episode because of the battle between Pops and Anti-Pops but it also breaks your heart, puts it back together only to break it again. Firstly, there’s the gang’s attempts to create traps for Anti-Pops which naturally have no impact and the incredibly sweet reveal about how the gang end up after the battle where they’re all living happy lives. And all this doesn’t even account for the heartbreaking choice that Pops makes in order to save the universe before we see him at the end as he says his famous line one last time. Also, the fact they use Heroes by David Bowie is a beautiful choice because why are we crying at Regular Show’s finale?

So those are our picks for the best Regular Show episodes but what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!