Best Staged Episodes Ranked

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All puns intended but this is one of the best shows ever to be Staged… Awful pun segues aside, Staged was one of the rare highlights of the pandemic with it mostly just illustrating how good Michael Sheen and David Tennant are together. Also, as so many of these episodes demonstrate there’s some seriously talented guest stars who were all mysteriously available. Not sure why to be fair… Anyway, with David Tennant receiving huge praise for his job hosting the BAFTAs, why not look back at arguably one of his best performances on TV? So, before I get into the list properly, here is some history about the show.


Staged first aired on BBC One in 2020 and ran for three series and 20 episodes plus one Comic Relief special. The first series sees Tennant and Sheen zoom rehearsing Luigi Paradello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author during lockdown on video conference all whilst the underconfident director, Simon, tries to keep them on track. The second series starts leaning into the meta humour as Simon starts making an American remake of Staged but neither David or Michael are asked to reprise their ‘roles’.

Finally, the third series follows Simon trying to get the pair to agree to a Christmas version of Six Characters in Search of an Author or a Christmas Carol, all whilst the show becomes about the behind the scene antics of the show itself. This stupid and meta approach won huge praise from audiences and critics alike as it was nice to see something so refreshingly different. Anyway, enough with the history here are the best episodes of Staged Ranked.

10. The Warthog and the Mongoose Part II (S2, E6)

Now this is what we call the characters suffering the consequences of their actions. Having spent the previous part bickering and trying to undermine the progress of Simon and the show, Simon and Georgia hatch one last desperate attempt to get the pair to reconcile and finish the show. However, this involves getting two actors, both potential future cast members, to try and show them that they’re better together than apart. And honestly, watching this turn into glorified Zoom couples therapy is absolutely brilliant. A wonderful second half of another episode arc on this list….

9. The Warthog and the Mongoose Part I (S2, E5)

Poor Simon, Georgia and Anna have to deal with a lot of nonsense don’t they? Once again, this episode does a great job showing how David and Michael’s antics have an effect on people. When they find out they have to read with other actors (the horror), both men don’t seem very happy with this. All this is while Simon is just trying to keep the ship steady and Georgia has to deal with her charity team’s appearance. This episode sees the characters confront their fears and uncertainties. It’s a poignant instalment that balances humour with genuine emotion underneath all the bickering..

8. Until They Get Home (S2, E8)

So what makes the Series 2 finale so good? Well, David and Michael have finally accepted their respective fates after the events of a certain other episode on this list. David has to finally go back into work whilst Michael finally thinks he’s found a way to get to New York. All this is undercut by the girls finally performing their charity sketch after a series running arc. Overall, this episode does a great job at satirising what it felt like to return to normal after the pandemic and how a lot of people felt about it.

7. Bara Brith (S1, E4)

Hands up if you ever wanted to see Michael Sheen and David Tennant acting like children whilst everyone around them gets annoyed? Well, have I got an episode for you. Here, Michael and David seem unable to regain each other’s trust forcing the show’s producer, Jo played by Nina Sosanya, to step in. That’s right it’s a mini Good Omens reunion… Meanwhile despite his best efforts Michael is still getting drawn into problems with his neighbour. Also, the characters face additional challenges as they try to navigate the complexities of remote collaboration. The episode is filled with witty banter and clever dialogue.

6. The Loo Recluse (S2, E7)

And here is the hammer blow. After the two parts of The Warthog and The Mongoose, David and Michael find out that the studio has cast two actors. But even worse than that, both men have history with the actors who have been cast which naturally leads to some hilarious moments. However what makes this episode so good is how it delves into the personal lives of the characters, offering insight into their relationships and insecurities. It’s a more introspective instalment that adds depth to the series. Overall, this episode is the perfect summary of Staged: silly yet profoundly heartfelt.

5. Long Time, No See (S2, E2)

With Series 2 slowly starting to embrace the meta humour, Long Time No See is a good example of where the show would end up. Firstly, it sees David and Michael wondering why their former director, Simon, seems to be doing so much better without them. Some very nice dramatic irony from the show there. Also, they are struggling to adapt to the fact other people will be replacing them which provides a nice emotional core to this episode. Overall the episode does a great job at showing the characters attempting to adjust to the new normal of remote rehearsals, they encounter various obstacles and distractions. The episode explores themes of isolation and adaptation with humour and wit.

4. Up To No Good (S1, E2)

Now this episode is just too entirely relatable as both David and Michael start messing around and not really taking the play seriously. Not that this has anything to do with the director mysteriously going missing. Anyway, Georgia desperately needs David to help out with the kids whilst she has a meeting with her agent about her novel but he seems less than enthused. Oh, and Michael ends up breaking the law. And somehow in the midst of all of this David gets inspired by Georgia to potentially pursue a new endeavour. Overall this is a very fun episode where the performances from Tennant and Sheen are particularly strong.

3. Who the F#!k is Michael Sheen? (S1, E3)

Well, there’s definitely a bad motherf***er in this episode. Remember when I mentioned the stacked guest cast I mentioned in the intro? Well, this episode sees them bring in Samuel L Jackson as an actor who was previously involved in the play. And just seeing Michael having to interact with a mildly annoyed Samuel L Jackson is hilarious. All this is while Georgia has sold her novel and Anna finds out Georgia is supposed to be the birthing partner for her friend. And yes those are David and Michael’s partners…. Also, the continuing subplot of Michael’s neighbour runs on. Overall, this episode focuses on the challenges of remote rehearsals, highlighting the frustrations and technical difficulties faced by the characters. It’s both humorous and relatable, capturing the essence of remote work during the pandemic.

2. Cachu Hwch (S1, E1)

Whilst the pilot episode seems relatively tame in comparison to the meta nonsense of later series, it is still a phenomenal introduction to the show. It sees both Michael and David playing two West End theatre actors who were due to star in a debutant directors show before the pandemic hit. Worried his big break might be done, Simon convinces Michael and David to rehearse online despite their doubts. What follows is some very relatable situations as both men struggle to adapt to the new normal and just start trying to goof off the entire time. Overall, the pilot episode sets the stage for the rest of the series, introducing the characters and their predicament of trying to rehearse a play remotely. It establishes the comedic tone and the chemistry between Tennant and Sheen.

And the best episode of Staged is…. The Cookie Jar. Now what makes this episode so good? Well firstly it features an unexpected twist with the introduction of a mysterious third character, played by Judi Dench. Here, we see Judi having to play the voice of experience. She does this by forcing Michael and David to actually stay on track with rehearsals. Oh, and the B plot is just as good as Michael tries to work out what happened to his neighbour. Overall, the dynamic between Dench, Tennant, and Sheen adds a new layer of humour and intrigue to the series. And there’s just something hilarious about Judi Dench taking no nonsense from either Sheen or Tennant.

So those are our favourite episodes of Staged but what about yours? Let us know in the comments below!