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What We Do In The Shadows
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Now, this is going to be fun. Currently at 3 seasons with a 4th one on the way, What We Do in The Shadows the series has eclipsed the popularity of the film of the same name. Wacky, over the top and hilarious, let’s get into some history of the show.


First broadcast in March 2019, What We Do in the Shadows was created for a film, and a series, by Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi. The series follows three vampires, Nandor, Nadja and Lazlo living in Staten Island, New York. Because of their inability to adapt to modern times, Nandor’s familiar Guillermo (a human companion) does most if not all the work for them. The three vampires were initially sent to take over America but they only managed to take over one street. The three vampires are also joined by Colin Robinson, an energy vampire, who lives in the basement. Needless to say, they get up to some nonsensical adventures as they try to navigate the modern world. Anyway, let’s get into the best What We Do In The Shadows episodes ranked.

Best Episodes Of What We Do In The Shadows

10. The Curse (S2, E4)

Kicking off the best What we do in the Shadows episodes ranked is The Curse. Now we’ve probably all received a weird curse/scam email because that’s exactly what happens here. Unfortunately, because the vampires are very old fashioned they assume the Bloody Mary email is real and will happen. On top of all that, is Guillermo’s side quest with a group of vampire hunters. They then become enamoured by Guillermo as he’s the only one to have killed a vampire. Now we know nothing will happen to Nandor, Nadja and Lazlo but it does pose a funny question: How does Guillermo get out of this one? Just really funny from start to finish.

9. Manhattan Night Club (S1, E4)

Manhattan Night Club is otherwise known as the one with the cursed witch hat. What’s cursed about the hat? It was made from witch skin and looks alive. Oh, it also seems to curse Lazlo whenever he wears it. Examples of this include a bookshelf falling on him, his cloak getting jammed in a door and apparently a potato famine. Cursed hat aside, this episode sees the vampires cross paths with an old ‘friend’ Simon the Devious. They hope to form an alliance in order to conquer more of America. Without saying much more, this episode is more than worth a watch.

8. Colin’s Promotion (S2, E5)

This entry on the best What we do in the Shadows ranked features the one vampire who lacks the most screen time: Colin Robinson. This is mostly due to him being an energy vampire, they literally bore people to death. After taking a seemingly boring office job, Colin reaches new levels of power with his head literally swelling in size as a result. At one point, there’s three Colin Robinson terrorizing the vampire’s house. All of this is terrible but it feels like it’s born out of Colin’s want for a genuine friend. Aw. That’s both heartwarming and very disturbing.

7. The Trial (S1, E7)

One of the great things about What We Do in the Shadows is its long term story arcs. Case in point the Trial. This episode sees Nandor, Lazlo and Nadja put on trial for killing the Baron, though they don’t remember it. Whilst this episode’s story lacks a bit, it makes up for it for the Vampiric Council. Not content with the three vampires from the film of the same name crossing over, the likes of Tilda Swinton, Evan Rachel Wood and Danny Trejo all make appearances. But the MVP of this scene? Wesley Snipes on a video call because he steals the whole scene. No mean feat considering the acting chops on display. The Council also make jokes about how difficult it was to get A-Listers Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson. Utter hilarity from Waititi’s Hollywood connections.

6. City Council (S1, E2)

Next up on the best What We Do in the Shadows episodes ranked is the second episode, which is really the first proper one. City Council sees the vampires trying to stop the Baron taking over the world by listing a list of very over the top demands. The demands range from a giant sun blocking dome to ’nun free areas’. Now Nandor misses the point by hypnotizing a council member but Lazlo demonstrates how little vampires understand human society. How? He fixes the neighbourhood’s raccoon problem. That sounds good right? Well, he then leaves the dead raccoons on the council person’s doorstep. Needless to say, that didn’t work. At least Colin Robinson has a fun time with the tedious nature of the meetings.

5. Werewolf Feud (S1, E3)

Once What We Do in the Shadows got going, the show was churning funny episodes out like no man’s business as evidenced by Werewolf Feud. If anything, this proves Waititi and Clement love to take the mick out of common genre tropes. Exhibit A: the hatred between werewolves and vampires. After a werewolf urinates in Lazlo’s vulgar topiary garden, the ancient truce between vampires and werewolves is broken. You know it’s ancient as it goes back to….. 1993. There is lots of mick taking towards the werewolves like their canine urges and their love of a game of fetch. God, I love this series so much.

4. Citizenship (S1, E8)

How could Waititi and Clement top Werewolf Feud? With an episode about Nandor trying to gain US citizenship. Wait what? Well because Nandor’s country from his medieval life doesn’t exist, except for a bag of dirt split on the floor, he decides to become an US citizen. One key obstacle is in his way: what happens if a crucifix-damned creature has to say an oath in God’s name? If anything this shows how bad Nandor’s life is compared to his past one. The subplot is also delightful with Nadja mentoring a young vampire, Jenna, which is just wonderful. This is mostly due to Beanie Feldstein’s awkward performance and physical comedy.

3. Animal Control (S1, E5)

Next up on the best What We Do in the Shadows episodes ranked is Animal Control. This episode sees Lazlo captured by animal control after someone hit him whilst he was in bat form. Yet again, this episode shows the incompetence of the vampires in the modern world as no one has a clue on how to free Lazlo. When they accidentally free a normal bat and it bites Guillermo, Nandor isn’t the least bit worried about the chance of Guillermo getting rabies. Serious props to Matt Berry who does the absolute most this episode by promising and then freeing a bunch of feral cats.

2. Resurrection (S2, E1)

Now I know there might be serious controversy over this episode placing this high but hear me out. Resurrection sees Nadja and Lazlo recruit a familiar, Topher, played by the Sixth Sense kid, Haley Joel Osmont. Whilst he has lots of fancy modern words on his resume that impress the vampires, he does nothing to back them up. Bear in mind, Topher even bores Colin Robinson which deserves serious props. Whilst Topher being an irritant to Guillermo is fun, this episode goes up a notch during a visit to shady shaman. Hello Benedict Wong. Needless to say, Topher was never really the same afterwards. In the end, he has to endure a zombie workshop, truly a fate worse than death.     

1. On the Run (S2, E6)

And at the top of the best What We Do in the Shadows episodes ranked is Season 2’s On the Run. This is primarily for two reasons: Jackie Daytona and Mark Hamill, I repeat MARK HAMILL, as Jim the Vampire. First of all, Jim comes after Lazlo for a century-old debt he owes him causing Lazlo to go on the run to escape. He eventually settles in Pennsylvania as Jackie Daytona. Basically Lazlo with a toothpick and jeans. Daytona settles as a bar owner and girls volleyball coach and genuinely seems happy until Jim tracks him down. This leads to a bar brawl with Hamill picking up a pool cue like a lightsaber. Seriously, who wouldn’t geek out? Eventually, Lazlo settles his debt with Jim through a weird talking fish thing known as Big Mouth Billy Bass.

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So, those are our thoughts on the best episodes of What We Do In The Shadows of all time! But what do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment below!