Coronation Street Review – April 1 2020, ITV1

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Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a soap opera, and I have been a fan for a very long time. Originally, it had a lot of humour to lift the drama and storylines. There does not appear to be as much humour as there used to be, however.

I appreciate it can’t be a comedy, but it would be more enjoyable for me personally if there was a bit more humour.

The Geoff and Yasmeen storyline is uncomfortable to watch. You feel like saying to her stand up to this horrible man, although in reality, it would not be that easy.

Whilst their major events (such as weddings) always have a major incident take place, I think it would be a surprise, if not a shock, if such an event actually went smoothly.

In other stories: David was being threatened by a gang of youths but managed to escape; Steve and Amy are in Roy’s Rolls with him trying to persuade her to spend more time with him; Gail also met Nick in Roy’s Rolls; Alia is really concerned about her grandmother being bullied by Geoff; Norris and Ken are asking Charles to see a copy of the rules of Stillwaters as Ken knows Charles has ripped him off by charging him an exorbitant price for shampooing the carpet where Eccles had a wee; Kathy visited Gemma and offered to help; and Seb is trying to convince Emma that they can save their relationship.

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