Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off TV Review

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
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Synopsis Of Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off

Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off (2022) is the latest installment in the Scott Pilgrim franchise exclusive to Netflix. It’s based on the original comic run by Bryan Lee O’Malley which released between 2004 to 2010, a 6-year journey in the making. This series has had multiple adaptions in multiple genres. These include the cult classic 2010 hit Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, directed by Edgar Wright. Not forgetting the beat ’em up genre of games of the same name released in 2010. (This was delisted in 2014 due to licensing issues.)

Hope has finally breathed back into the series, the author Byran Lee O’Mally has been successful in releasing new stories after the initial success with Scott, with a personal favourite of mine being Seconds (2014) but more important to Scott with the games grand return in 2021 through the complete edition it was about time the series finally got adapted into … well, a TV series.

The series (like the video game) takes more inspiration from the comic version of Scott Pilgrim’s world with character designs ripped straight from it. Bryan Lee O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski tackled the anime series together to create a visually unique version of the tale. Due to its more comic book look it’s able to stand out from other anime on Netflix with quite some ease to the point where it’s an anime in name only rather than conventionally. The movie cast returned to reprise their roles 13 years later for this retelling though with plenty of gags and moments for the fans of the film edition of the story serving as a love letter to all fans.


Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off follows an alternate look of the version of Scott Pilgrim vs the world in which Scott Pilgrim is your typical broke 23-year-old with dreams of breaking into the music scene. He lives with his roommate Wallace Wells, he’s admired by his 17 year old girlfriend Knives Chan until he meets the girl of his dreams (literally) Ramona Flowers at a party in which the two fall in love. All is great until Scott realises the burden of dating Ramona includes having to face her seven evil ex-boyfriends one-by-one, starting with Matthew Matel and working up towards Gideon Grey … or that’s how the original story plays out.

Analysis Of Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off

Despite the premises and marketing, Scott Pilgrim portrays an alternate version of events. This sees a supposedly-defeated Scott go against Matthew Matel leading to a massive shift in events. The series from this new point follows Ramona and the gang from this new event trying to piece together what happened to Scott and dealing with the rippling aftereffects off the massive events. From here the series goes in a direction almost unheard off as it becomes almost a character deconstruction of Ramona and the 7 evil exes. Ramona must confront each of them from new perspectives. And we see the damage that she caused and what drove her away from them simultaneously.


This new direction gets us to care for all the main players of this story. We get to see a new side to these characters. It’s surprisingly compelling and deeper than it had any right to go. An episode where Wallace seduces the overpowered vegan-powered Todd on a movie set and then rejects Todd is one of the funniest sequences all year. But the deep dive into Todd’s insecurities along with his love is gripping and explains why he settles with Scott’s ex Envy. Each ex gets this treatment, seeing new human sides to them which views them fairly and allows us to see why they resent Ramona so much and how these awful motives from both the heroes and villains only serve to them more human.

I never thought a character like the main villain Gideon Graves (the main villain of all adaptations) losing his power and hitting a bum-like level would work under any level. But it just does. His relationship with Julie Powers is cute. Their joint hatred of Scott causes some funny quirks in personality. And the bromance introduced with Lucas Lee is just the best thing they could have done. Ramona having a more central role this time is also essential to these moments of character growth. Furthermore, her clash with Roxie is something to witness. Indeed, it’s beautiful in animation as they fight through different film genres. They vent about the past and how they both failed each other. It’s amazing in both style and substance; it’s just incredible.


Speaking of which, the animation is also on point. As a massive fan of the comic, the style really works. And it’s a perfect blend of anime and modern cartoons such as Steven Universe or Owl House. It’s smooth as butter and no shot looks static or dull. There’s always an impressive set piece. My favourites are Matthew vs Gideon, Ramona vs Roxie, and Lucas Lee vs the paparazzi. Oh, and the final fight which I can’t spoil. The surprise is worth it alone, especially as a lifelong fan of this series. But the deconstruction on both Scott and Ramona’s characters and where that can lead is special. I didn’t need it until I saw this movie, and now I do!


The only negative I think I could give Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a small one. If you’re a fan of Scott himself, he’s only in three out of the eight episodes available. And so the mystery is finding him. To get the most out of the series, you need prior knowledge and other viewing of the media. This serves as a subversion which is great for long running fans but what about the every man? The series is for that niche though. Okay, the lack of Scott for long periods is an issue. But we already have so many other versions of this story that tell the plot from his perspective. So, I love the change of pace.

Summary Of Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off

In conclusion, Scott Pilgrim: Takes Off is a love letter to the series and the story it diverges from. It takes these beloved characters and takes them in new directions we never thought we would see. All while honouring every version of this beloved cult story. The animation and soundtrack absolutely bops and the heart is on point hitting in every area it needs to. If you’re a fan of this series or curious, there is no better time to jump into the sex-ba-bomb craze.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – Outstanding