The Most Disturbing Episodes of the Boys Ranked

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For anyone who’s up to date on the Boys, you’ll understand exactly why we’re making this list. Despite going in a circle for Series 3, The Boys seems to be back to its disturbing and messed up origins in its current and penultimate series. Just look at the scene where Butcher emails some rather explicit footage to Victoria Neuman. So with all of that in mind, we thought we’d look back on the most disturbing episodes of the Boys (so far) because they’ll inevitably do something even more f***** up in the next few episodes. Now, let’s get into some history about the show before we enter disturbia. 


The Boys is an adaptation of Garth Ennis’s dark comics and follows a corrupt team of superheroes who see themselves less as humanity’s saviours and more as movie stars and celebrities. The show is a very unsubtle critique of capitalism and its ideals. It also critiques the far right politics which have slowly started to seep back into the world. And you wonder why it took them so long to realise the Boys were making fun of them. It also deals with critiquing superhero culture, specifically DC and its Justice League, and how if they were real they’d be a lot more like celebrities with massive egos. The show has received near critical acclaim across its run so far, especially for Karl Urban and Antony Starr’s performances which offer a fantastic parallel to each other. Now without further ado, let’s get into the most disturbing episodes of the Boys.

10. Good for the Soul (S1, E5)

Whilst some episodes of the Boys are disturbing because of heinous amounts of violence, blood or at times animal abuse, Good for the Soul is disturbing because of how uncomfortably it parodies real life. Case in point, the rest of the Seven and Vought warns Starlight not to make light of her sexual assault at the hands of the Deep. Only for her to expose the entire ordeal at a Christian festival. There’s also the moment where A-Train murders Popclaw accidentally and Homelander goes dangerously closer and closer to a Trump parody when he gives an ominous speech. Overall a good episode which sets the stage for Homelander’s increasingly unhinged behaviour.

9. We Gotta Go Now (S2, E5)

Starting off nice and disturbing here as we immediately see footage of Homelander murdering two civilians and the rightful outrage that this causes. And don’t forget about Homelanders’ new disturbing sexual relationship with the Seven’s newest (and definitely not Nazi) recruit Stormfront. There’s also the brutal attack on Hughie, Butcher, MM and Butcher’s aunt by Black Noir which only halts when Butcher disturbingly threatens to blackmail Edgar that he’s aware of Homelander’s illegitimate son. Overall, not as disturbing as the Boys can be but definitely not for the faint hearted.

8. The Instant White-Hot Wild (S3, E8)

Well, Homelander is right back to his despicable best in this episode. Case in point, when he murders the one member of the Seven who he at least respects: Black Noir for withholding information about Soldier Boy being his father. And that doesn’t even factor in him murdering a Starlight supporter in public and receiving adulation for it. There’s also Maeve’s sacrifice to save the Boys and inadvertently Homelander as she takes Soldier Boy’s blast thus depowering her. Also, it sets up the fourth series when we see just how badly Butcher has fallen because of his use of temporary Compound V in his efforts to bring down Homelander.

7. Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker (S2, E7)

This is just disturbing because of the sheer number of assassinations which even the late stages of the Roman Empire would call excessive. Anyway, it all starts with Lamplighter setting himself on fire after a rescue mission to save Starlight after Vought exposes her. It then ramps up as Lamplighter’s replacement for the trial of Vought is the scientist who created Homelander after Butcher strong arms him. However, this plan goes up in flames as assassinations start happening left, right and centre. Add in an unhealthy amount of emotional manipulation of Ryan by Homelander and Stormfront and you get a pretty disturbing episode.

6. The Female of the Species (S1, E4)

If we had a pound for everytime Homelander was suspiciously involved in an airline disaster, we’d have two pounds. This isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it’s happens twice. Anyway, when Homelander accidentally destroys the control panel on a plane he and Queen Maeve were sent to save, he decides to let everyone die and orders Maeve to leave with him. This episode also features Kimiko (aka the Female) for the first time and her treatment at the hands of the Triad who experimented on her. Again, similar to other episodes this is more disturbing because of how most of the Seven lack basic human empathy and how Homelander uses a plane crash he caused to lobby for his cause. 

5. Over the Hills with the Swords of a Thousand Men (S2, E3)

Once again, this is one of those episodes of the Boys which is disturbing because of how eerily similar it is at times to real life. Case in point, how Vought once again covers up the shady actions of its heroes. In this case, Stormfront as she frames Kimiko’s fugitive brother after she murders a truck load of civilians. Also, three cheers for Giancarlo Esposito who shines as the new shadier head of Vought: Stan Edgar. And don’t forget about how Homelander unleashes his son’s powers by abusing and shaming him as well as attacking his mother. Maybe if at first you don’t succeed, don’t keep trying over and over again.

4. You Found Me (S1, E8)

Well, this episode features some of the weirdest foreplay you’ll ever see put to a television screen. This foreplay in question sees Homelander admit to his boss that he created an army of super terrorists before they then have sex. Talk about explosive chemistry…..  Anyway, there’s also the scene where A-Train, after getting racially profiled out of costume, finally breaks down and relapses on Compound V (the drug which makes Superheroes) Speaking of everyone’s favourite Flash ripoff, he suffers a heart attack and disturbingly Starlight is forced to stay behind to give him CPR lest Homelander find out about her and Hughie. Also, Homelander blows up his boss with Butcher’s explosives once again demonstrating their explosive chemistry. 

3. The Self-Preservation Society (S1, E7)

Remember when we mentioned Starlights sexual assault at the hands, or flippers, of the Deep? Well this episode sees him depressed after his transfer and suffering sexual assault by a crazed fan girl. And if that’s already not messed up enough, there’s the implication that Butcher watched Hughie and Starlight sleep together. Speaking of Starlight, she also gets shot by Butcher during an extraction mission for Hughie. And no that’s not a euphemism for anything mentioned previously…. Anyway, this episode also features the disturbing bombshell that when Homelander raped Butchers wife, Vought covered up the fact both she and the child survived in order to keep Homelander focussed. 

2. The Bloody Doors Off (S2, E6)

In the spirit of the Italian Job, the Boys do not heed the advice of you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off. Although maybe they shouldn’t have as they discover an asylum straight out of a horror film which features a super with very dangerous genitalia as well as a disgraced former member of the Seven: Lamplighter. Ironically he’s played by the same actor who portrayed Ice Man in the 2000s X-Men films. There’s also plenty of revelations about Stormfront as well as Maeve trying to out manoeuvre Homelander by finding a video of them failing to save the plane together. Overall, this episode earns its place here purely for the disgusting scenes in the asylum. 

1. Herogasm (S3, E6)

And the most disturbing episode of the Boys is Herogasm. Because why wouldn’t it be when you read about the nonsense from behind the scenes. Just know there’s a lot of loads involved here. Anyway, despite the mass superhero orgy being ridiculously disturbing at times there’s also plenty of revelations about Starlight as she drops a brutally heartbreaking livestream about her time at Vought and Homelander. Also, don’t forget about Soldier Boy going on a murderous rampage including killing two of his former team members and a whole lot more people when he destroys their house which was hosting the mass orgy. And on top of all this, we see just how disturbed Butcher has become as he takes a knockoff Compound V to fight Homelander. Overall, a stunningly disturbing episode of the Boys.

So, those are our picks for the most disturbing episodes of the Boys but what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!