Ultimate Podcasts That You Need In Your Life

Aren’t podcasts brilliant? Sometimes I will find my finger hovering over the podcast button on Spotify a little bit too often. I love music, I constantly have my phone blaring out music like a personal ghetto-blaster but there are some times that call for a podcast. Mine is when I’m driving or when I’m cooking and cleaning. They enable me to switch off my mind and be able to fully immerse myself into something different than my Spotify daily mix.

If you’re not a podcast fan or just haven’t found the right one for you read on because I’m sharing my favourites with you.

Jules and Sarah the podcast is actual life.

If I could describe this podcast in one word it would be ‘joyus’. Honestly, I can’t express the love I have for this podcast, it literally makes me howl. Jules and Sarah are the epitome of ‘fun‘. Jules is a celebrity tanner and founder of Isle Of Paradise fake tan and Sarah is a motivational speaker, columnist and an all-round gorgeous positive lovely person and together they are 2 northerners living in London. They’ve created this lighthearted podcast where you can delve into their lives and details about their mothers (June and Shelagh), they share their weekly accounts of News from the North and they also like to discuss their spirit animals. Warning, this podcast can be very food heavy, have snacks to hand whilst listening. Thanks to Jules and Sarah I also discovered Port Salut (#portsalutcrew)

Don’t ask, just tune in and giggle along. You’re welcome

Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder is basically Line of Duty in a podcast. From bent coppers to phone hacking the story of Daniel Morgan’s murder is told. It’s intense, disgraceful and shocking. The story moves from the back streets of London, through the highest echelons of Scotland Yard, to the offices of Rupert Murdoch’s best selling newspapers and on to the doors of Number Ten Downing Street. If you’re a fan of true crime and bent coppers you need to get on this right now.

The Tip Off is perfect for any nosey parkers like me.

If you want to know the behind the scenes of investigative journalism and recent headlines then this is the podcast for you. It’s well produced and a fantastic insight into some of the stories that have made headline news. Hosted by investigative journalist Maeve McClenaghan, she asks journalists who led investigations how they managed to keep the biggest data leak in history a secret for so long. Freedom of speech at it’s best.

 Ladies of Liverpool is hosted by one of our city’s most fabulous ladies, Leanne Campbell. You don’t have to be from Liverpool or a lady to enjoy it. This podcast is comforting, friendly and bloody funny! Leanne’s super down to earth personality gets the best out of all her guests and talking of guests, she has a line up of ladies from all walks of life telling us their fabulous inspirational stories. It’s a feel-good listen and a fab way to stay in touch with the Liverpool loop even if you’ve moved away from your beloved city and I just love it!

Sh*gged, Married, Annoyed is LOL material.

Seriously. In a weird way, I kinda want them to have a barney while recording the podcast cos then it will be proper true married life material. Even though I don’t have a toddler I can definitely relate to this podcast, I just swap the kid for a cat (jokes). It’s no holds barred, relaxed and so down to earth, you may as well be listening from their front room with them. It’s laid back, non-scripted vibe totally reminds me of Jules and Sarah. Rosie is brilliant on her own as well, her Instagram cracks me up on a daily basis. Listen immediately!

Hope you all enjoy my choices! For more of my blogs visit me over at bowbelleblush.com

Thanks for reading, Emma.