Game Review: Vampire Survivors

Image Source: Steam

Vampire Survivors Details

Developer: Poncle

Publisher: Poncle

Platform: PC – Steam

Release Date: 20th October 2022. (Early Access 17th December 2021)

Age Rating: 7

Image Source: Steam

Vampire Survivors

Exploding onto the indie game scene over the last few months has been Vampire Survivors. A rogue-lite demon killing auto-shooting action game that costs less than £4 yet will keep you entertained for hours! So, in the spirit of “just one more game” let’s review Vampire Survivors.

Image Source: Steam

Story of Vampire Survivors

As it is a rogue-lite the isn’t much story, with the game taking a more traditional arcade game-esque route. Consisting of various main stages, you can unlock and various bonus rounds, the game does have a campaign just not much more than that. But you don’t need it. It allows you to be sucked straight into the action-packed addicting gameplay, as you watch the symphony of colors dance around your screen as you desperately try to survive.

Pros of Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors sports a very impressive, and diverse character roster. From Demons, Death, Clerics, a Panda, and a Dog to more traditional warriors all available for you to unlock via gameplay. Once you have completed said character criteria the character becomes available to purchase with the games currency.

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The rogue lite is ideal for casual gamers or just for someone wanting to play a game that’s less taxing on the brain. The brainless fun that can be had is unlimited. Through the open plains of the Mad Forest, the claustrophobic corridor of the Inlaid Library, or even bonus stages such as the Bone Zone and Boss Rush, the is countless of hours of gameplay waiting to be unlocked.

In the game you will pick your character, then level in which you will have to survive 30 minutes to beat it. Various difficulty modifiers exist to increase XP, enemy health, number and more allowing you to scale the gameplay to your skill as you inevitably get better at the game. For a measly low price under £5 it is ridiculous how much content the developer has actually put into the game.

With different unlockable mode such as Hyper, and Rush allows you to increase XP and gold gain as well as speed up the timer. Golden eggs allow you to permanently upgrade a character’s stats, allowing you to turn your favorites into even bigger beasts.

Cons of Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors does what it aims to do perfectly. When taking the price tag into consideration as well the really isn’t many cons to the game. It’s perfectly accessible, fun, engaging, entertaining, and incredible value for money. I myself put 48 hours into the game in the first two weeks of owning it yet couldn’t get past 30 hours in the new Saints Row which I anticipated eagerly. The only thing that will seem like a con after playing this game is how much other games charge for something that would keep you entertained a fraction of the time Vampire Survivors does.

Summary of Vampire Survivors

You will often find yourself saying “just one more game” as you try to unlock that next weapon, that next character, the next relic, or even the next level. Vampire Survivors is a ridiculous value for money and is rammed packed with unlockable that will keep you entertained for hours. In short you will struggle to find a game that’s better value for money. The game doesn’t break the mold, but then it doesn’t need to. Utilizing tropes from arcade era games Vampire Survivors is simplicity perfected.

Image Source: Poncle

Overall Rating: 10 – Masterpiece!

Platform Played On: Steam Deck

Game Time At Review: 48 Hours

Recommendation: Yes

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