Best Adam Copeland Matches Ranked

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We thought we knew him. Cue Metalingus drum solo….. With Adam Copeland finally clinching the TNT Championship away from the Father of the Year on last week’s AEW Dynamite, what better time is there to look back over some of his best work? And yes this will include his work as Edge just because otherwise half of this list would be random tag matches and Christian Cage. Another important factor in our list is the fact that only singles matches will be featured just because otherwise TLC 2 would be the best by a long shot. Now with that out of the way let’s get into everyone’s new favourite Ares actor….. Check out the rest of our wrestling content here.

10. Adam Copeland vs Minoru Suzuki (AEW Dynamite #225)

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Kicking off our list is one of Adam Copeland’s few great matches post AEW despite his best efforts. Not that this is any of his fault…. So, if you’re in need of a pretty good match to kickstart your AEW career, there’s really no one better than NJPW’s resident murder grandpa: Minoru Suzuki. While it’s obviously not going to re-invent the wheel, this match doesn’t need to as it’s just two hard blokes beating seven shades of piss out of each other for about 10 minutes. If you’re a fan of either wrestler, this match is a solid watch if you enjoy watching two dads kick each other about like they’re scrapping on Black Friday…

9. Edge vs Roman Reigns – Universal Title Match (WWE Money in the Bank 2021)

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Now this may seem incredibly low but we think it speaks to the sheer star quality of Edge/Adam Copeland’s career that such a good match only places ninth on our list. With that caveat out of the way, this is a cracking match which comes at a time where Roman could have possibly lost the belt and no one would have complained however it was also at a point where he was still the hottest property in WWE. Look at some of the near falls where you almost believe that Edge is going to put down Roman with wrestling’s worst spear. Anyway, a great match which solidified just how lucky we as wrestling fans are that Edge/ Adam Copeland could come back and have this second chance.

8. Edge vs Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell Match (WWE Crown Jewel 2021)

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If the Roman Reigns feud was an exercise in slow burn given it took months for Edge to finally get a 1 v 1 match against the Head of the Table, the Seth Rollins feud was an exercise in how to go nuclear in a very short but violent feud. Whilst their Summerslam match was probably number 11, their blow off Hell in a Cell Match restored some much needed credibility to what had become something which happens in October. That context aside, god lord this match shows how well Copeland thrives in weapons based matches as he and Rollins batter each other including chains, nightsticks and chairs amongst other things. A truly cathartic feud ending and a huge reason why this was such a big dream match for fans.

7. Edge vs John Cena – TLC Match for the WWE Championship (WWE Unforgiven 2006)

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Speaking of Copeland thriving in very violent weapons based matches, this TLC Match at Unforgiven 2006 came at an interesting point for both men. With Cena in peak Superman form and Edge being the hometown favourite, the finish of the match probably caused a bigger meltdown than if the country ran out of maple syrup. Anyway, this match is probably most famous for that avalanche AA spot through a stack of tables with Cena looking pissed off at winning but there’s so much more to love. Mostly just the fact both men are hitting each other with an IKEA’s worth of stuff which mostly sums up a huge part of my love for wrestling….

6. Edge vs Rey Mysterio – World Heavyweight Championship (WWE Royal Rumble 2008)

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Moving away from Adam Copeland’s love for smashing people with hardware store items and to one of his greatest ever opponents: Rey Mysterio. Now while there were plenty of matches featuring these two to pick from, we’ve opted for their match at the 2008 Royal Rumble as the best of a very good bunch. Again similar to some of Adam Copeland’s AEW work so far, this isn’t the most standout match however it is a very good match between two solid pros which acts as a stepping stone into some matches which will be featured later on. There’s plenty of chemistry and slick transitions between spots which is just about everything you can ask for. Also, there’s a lot of Vickie Guerrero nonsense so that might affect your enjoyment of this match…. 

5. Adam Copeland vs Christian Cage – I Quit Match for the AEW TNT Championship (AEW Dynamite 20/03/24)

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And now we come to Adam Copeland’s most recent match and the reason for making this list: his brutal I Quit match with his former brother but really best friend Christian Cage in Toronto. That last bit definitely reads like Tony Khan’s big announcements… Anyway, this match is pure violent and overbooked nonsense fun in the best possible way. Case in point, Copeland diving off a ladder inside the ring onto everyone outside the ring. Or him using a literal spike to try and maim Christian’s legs in the finish…. Ok that reads more like a Tarantino film but still this match feels quite like the Rollins Hell in a Cell Match in how cathartic it feels in allowing both men to go their separate ways. Also fair play to both men for making the TNT Championship feel so prestigious in the process to…

4. Edge vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan – Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship (WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night 2)

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Now this is where it gets even more difficult as any of the top four, and really most of the list, could make a strong case for the top spot. However, this excellent triple threat squeaks unfortunately into fourth but what a match. Considering how good this match is that says a lot about the rest of the matches. Anyway, this match showcases all three men’s strengths with some phenomenal and iconic spots. Just look at the double submission headbutt spot which starts to make you worry about Copeland and Danielson’s health given their history. Also, that final double pin spot is both iconic and technically hilarious given wrestling’s rules. Anyway, watch this match as soon as possible…

3. Edge vs Mick Foley – Hardcore Match (WWE Wrestlemania 22)

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And once again we’ve returned to the nonsense world of Adam Copeland’s love affair with hardcore matches for arguably his most infamous one. Obviously I’m referring to his career-making performance at Wrestlemania 22 against Mrs Foley’s baby boy… Here, we see all the trademarks of the great Ruthless Aggression hardcore matches including plenty of barbed wire and blood. However, the reason this stands as Copeland’s breakout performance is *THAT* flaming table spot which has arguably become the golden standard for that type of spot. Oh, and the rest of the match is obviously great and had a huge role in elevating Copeland to main event status which is key for the last two matches on our list….

2. Edge vs Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Match (WWE Summerslam 2008)

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To conclude Adam Copeland’s love affair with hardcore matches is his brilliant and brutal match against the Undertaker at Summerslam 2008. Considering Edge spent the entire summer making Undertaker’s life a living hell (pun intended), this match was probably his just desserts. Even in spite of Edge trying to go full TLC by jumping off a ladder onto Undertaker on a table holding a chair, eventually Undertaker gets through to him. And by that I mean he hits a brutal headshot with a camera, then a chair shot and then a Tombstone Piledriver onto said chair just to really tell all necks to go f*** themselves. Oh, and don’t forget about Edge being chokeslammed through the ring and then set on fire because apparently Undertaker never heard of the word overkill. A fantastically violent match which can only be bettered by one other match….

1. Edge vs Undertaker – World Heavyweight Championship (WWE Wrestlemania 24)

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And Adam Copeland/Edge’s best match so far is…. His match versus the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 24. To be honest this match is criminally underrated much like Wrestlemania 24 as a whole. Anyway, the story of this match is very simple: Edge has a counter for just about every single move Undertaker has. However, he gets caught out when he thinks he’s out thinking Undertaker for good and Undertaker busts out the Hell’s Gate submission. Also, yes this is the match where Charles Robinson does the 100m sprint to the ring only for a 2.99999 count. So there’s even meme potential here too… But in all seriousness this is arguably so good because of the simplicity of having Edge nearly weasel his way into breaking the streak through every means in the book but getting caught in the end when he just gets too damn clever for his own good. 

So those are our picks for Adam Copeland’s best matches so far but what about yours? Let us know in the comments below!