TNT Cold Day In Hell 2021 Review – Fusion, Liverpool, England

Cold Day In Hell 2021
Image Source: TNT Extreme Wrestling

This is our latest wrestling review for TNT Cold Day In Hell 2021 at Liverpool‘s Fusion. Now, the card would guarantee the crowning of a new TNT World Champion along with other major matches. So, let’s take a look at TNT Cold Day In Hell 2021!

TNT Cold Day In Hell 2021

Soner Dursun vs. RP Davies

For each TNT show, there is an exclusive match for VIP ticketholders. On this occasion, it would pit Dursun, a TNT regular, against Blackpool boxer and MMA fighter RP Davies. And fans would definitely be on Davies’ side with chants of “RPD” throughout the bout. Dursun, in contrast, would receive plenty of boos, with him taking pleasure in antagonising the Liverpool audience.

Soner would dominate the early going and proclaim “this is my world” while trapping Davies in a headlock. But RPD would fight back with a headscissors that would send Soner to the floor. Dursun would re-evaluate his strategy by targeting RPD’s right arm and hitting two straight bodyslams. Davies would avoid a third slam as well as escaping the impact of a top rope elbow drop. From there, RPD would impress fans by striking Dursun with a floatover DDT and a standing STO. However, his efforts would be for naught, as Dursun would steal the pin with his feet on the bottom rope.

TNT World Championship Qualifying Match
Adam Maxted vs. Charlie Sterling

To determine the fourth and final participant in the main event, we would have this qualifying bout. And it was a contrast of styles, with former Love Island contestant Maxted showing off power and his “flex” appeal. Charlie, though, would rely on high-flying attacks while relishing the chance to flip off both Adam and the locals. To be fair to Charlie, his aerial assaults would be impressive, including a standing dropkick that would make Hardcore Holly proud.

A range of stiff knife-edge chops would put Maxted in control, only for him to miss a corner dropkick. Yet he would rebound with a suplex that would score a two-count. A backbreaker and abdominal stretch would swing momentum in Charlie’s favour, along with a superkick to the jaw. Maxted would somehow kick out of an Irish Curse backbreaker/brainbuster combo. This would lead to Adam scoring the win with a pump handle slam into a facefirst takedown. That would allow Maxted to fill the final slot for the TNT World Title headline bout.

TNT Tag Team Title Match
The She-Wolves (C) vs. The New Sick Boys

This one would focus on the “card subject to change” aspect. For after the entrances of both teams, we would have a surprise appearance by The Kings Of The North. These two former TNT Tag Team Champs would insult all four combatants enough to earn themselves a place in the match. Hence it suddenly becoming a triple threat affair. After a wild start, it was The She-Wolves that would be standing tall. That was, until Lizzy Evo and Angel Hayze ran in to attack The She-Wolves and brawl with them backstage.

That would leave The New Sick Boys and The Kings Of The North to battle it out. When they had made their own entrance, The New Sick Boys brought a large bag with them. And at this point, the bag would empty to reveal a collection of VHS cassettes. No word on what the tapes were of. Either way, the tactic would backfire with the Kings hitting a powerbomb and an Au Revoir onto said tapes. The referee would count three, and The Kings Of The North were suddenly new tag champs! Chants of “bulls–t” would ring around Fusion, with the Kings deeply insulting several fans en route to the dressing room. Incidentally, the VHS tapes being neatly stacked before being taken away after the match gave me a chuckle.

Chantal Jordan vs. Heidi Katrina

This match would mark the TNT debut of Chantal, who calls herself “The Bad Girl”. Heidi, in contrast, was amongst the more popular TNT performers on the card. The match itself would be a neat showcase for both women, with Katrina delivering the offence and showing the personality that makes her a firm favourite. For Jordan, meanwhile, it was a chance to prove that she could hang with the top female stars in TNT.

And she would certainly achieve that goal. Because after delivering one stiff kick after another, she would build up towards one final striking roundhouse kick to the temple. That would seal the victory for The Bad Girl, who now places herself on the map in TNT’s women’s division. Speaking of which, it was time for one of the biggest TNT Women’s Title matches to date.

TNT Women’s Championship 30-Minute Iron Woman Match
Lizzy Evo (C) vs. Alexxis Falcon

These two have a long history of famous TNT clashes. Amongst them are the first all-women’s main event in TNT and them headlining the first TNT PPV event. Yet this was their biggest match yet as a test of endurance and pressure for both. Furthermore, Lizzy’s recent attitude adjustment would add further spice to the contest. Mind you, while Alexxis had very strong support, there were plenty of crowd chants in Evo’s favour too.

After a slow start, Falcon would roll out of an Evo headlock and trap the champ in a La Magistral. That would put Falcon 1-0 up after around four minutes, but Evo would even the score moments later with a roll-up. A trip by Evo’s pal Angel Hayze would temporarily help Evo, but further interference would allow Falcon to take out Hayze at ringside. The two combatants would brawl around the ringside area and even towards the main staircase within Fusion. Shortly thereafter, The She-Wolves would take out Hayze and drag her backstage as retribution for earlier on.

Second Half

With the bout reaching the halfway point, Evo would earn a countout over Falcon after a hard knee to the face on the ring apron. Further ringside attacks by Lizzy would almost make it 3-1. Yet Falcon would rebound strongly after a twisting DDT, despite controversy as to whether or not it was a true three-count. Ultimately, Alexxis would benefit, with it now being 2-2 and with only 12 minutes to go. From there, we would see plenty of big moves. Alexxis would somehow save a brutal back German suplex. Similarly, Evo would survive a suplex and a Sister Abigail into a DDT.

By the final five minutes, both women were totally spent, with Evo especially showing the signs of war. Her Boston Crab and Daniel Bryan-esque elbows would raise hopes for her fans. Yet Falcon also wasn’t done yet, and after pummelling Evo with boots, an armbar would allow Alexxis to go 3-2 up. From there, Alexxis would smartly run down the clock and keep Evo in harm’s way until the time could expire. That meant Alexxis Falcon was the new TNT Women’s Champion! A very exciting match would lead to both women receiving applause and Evo endorsing Falcon as the new titleholder.

Session Moth Martina & Clint Margera vs. LJ Cleary & Fabio

After intermission, Session Moth Martina would come to the ring, and she was ready to party. Unfortunately for her, though, she would receive a rude interruption by both LJ Cleary and Fabio. They would remove any chance for a party and instead challenge her to an impromptu match. But Martina would have back-up in the form of Margera, the deathmatch king of TNT. As an unsanctioned match, this would be pretty wild, with several steel chairs coming into play.

However, Cleary and Fabio would repeatedly refuse to use chairs, claiming that such tactics were beneath them. That they had no issues with beating up Martina was not lost on the fans, who would boo Cleary and Fabio throughout. And being the villains that they are, LJ and Fabio would eventually relent and strike their opponents with the chairs anyway. Not that this helped their cause, with Margera and Martina simultaneously hitting each adversary with the chairs. In the end, LJ would take a middle rope Codebreaker from Martina and a Death Valley Driver from Margera to end proceedings.

TNT Ultra X Championship Match
Scotty Rawk (C) vs. Kid Lykos II

In the penultimate bout, we would see two of TNT’s most high-flying competitors dish it out. Lykos would have no time for the fans, repeatedly giving them (and Rawk) the middle finger. Rawk, in contrast, was super-popular with those in attendance. Lykos would initially kick seven shades out of Rawk before tasting a clothesline that would see him flip 180 degrees. Though the action was fast and furious, Lykos’ banter (and quite frankly brutal insults) would arguably stand out the most.

A cannonball/superkick combo would get a two-count for Rawk, as would a back German suplex shortly thereafter. Lykos almost won the title with a running knee and a very painful stretch hold. Lykos would kick out of both a top rope dropkick and even a 720 DDT, Yet a devastating Black Mass would do the trick for Rawk, who would successfully retain his title. Afterwards, Lykos rejected a handshake with another middle finger, though he did give Rawk a fist bump.

TNT World Championship Fatal Four Way Match
Nathan Cruz vs. Adam Maxted vs. Dean Allmark vs. Dan Moloney

It was now time for our main event to decide who would claim the vacant TNT World Title. Cruz, a regular on the UK circuit, was the clear villain in this one. Maxted was aiming to secure his second and biggest victory of the night. Allmark, meanwhile, was very popular, with chants of “Dean-O” by many on hand. As for Moloney, he would also have his share of fans chanting “Dan” in a simultaneous homage to Alan Partridge. Dean would immediately superkick Dan and wipe him out at ringside with a tope as Cruz and Maxted would clash inside the ring. Roles would soon reverse, with Dean and Dan in an uppercut battle in the ring and Cruz and Maxted battling on the floor. This would allow Allmark to moonsault all three of his opponents at ringside.

From there, the brawl would head all around Fusion, with the action getting up-close and personal. Amongst the highlights were drinks and cartons being used as weapons, Allmark senton bombing onto everybody, and Moloney slamming Maxted on the concrete after a super-stiff chop battle. Back in the ring, Allmark would hit a very impressive springboard Backstabber on Cruz. A Moloney piledriver on Allmark wouldn’t be enough, nor would his spear on Maxted. Yet a now-bloody Moloney would piledrive Cruz to seal the victory. Indeed, Dan Moloney is your new TNT World Champion!


Overall, TNT Cold Day In Hell 2021 was a lot of fun with plenty of action and variety. The wrestling itself was strong with the opener and especially the Iron Woman match being highlights. Meanwhile, the main event was frantic and notable for various memorable spots. Add to that three title changes when you include the vacancy being filled, and you have quite the card. TNT returns with Ignition High Voltage on Sunday, while the Extreme brand itself will be back in January 2022. Based on this evidence, TNT is definitely worth a look, with Cold Day In Hell being a strong effort all-round.

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