TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021 Preview

High Voltage 2021
Image Source: TNT Extreme Wrestling

TNT Extreme Wrestling presents Ignition: High Voltage 2021 on Sunday November 28 2021. This latest wrestling show from TNT will happen at Fusion, the nightclub venue at 17-21 Fleet Street. Now, Fusion is only a 2-minute walk from Liverpool Central Station and 5 minutes from Lime Street. So, let’s look at the card for Ignition: High Voltage 2021!

High Voltage 2021

The Ignition brand is TNT’s family-friendly product. It features some of the top stars of British wrestlers, as well as new faces that are on the rise. And it’s all in an environment that is suitable for fans of all ages. Additionally, there will be VIP packages available for those who want to meet the TNT talents during the show.

As for the show itself, Kameron Solas will take on Scott Oberman. This will be a particularly intense affair, as it’s a career vs. title match. And their goal is to bring an end to their bitter, years-long rivalry. Now, Liverpool’s own Solas would become the IGNition Champion earlier this year, realising his career ambition in the process. But Scott would attack Solas, and Scott would use a title shot opportunity to claim the belt from a weaker Kameron. As such, the two competitors will be looking to settle the score here.

Other Matches

Manchester’s Taonga will battle Gia Adams in a special Last Woman Standing encounter to end their own rivalry. Speaking of feuds, the war between the tag team of Sinergy, Shreddy, Simon Miller, Big Guns Joe, and Brian Aidenson is set to explode in a special 3-on-3 encounter as ShreNRG take on The Baldy Assholes. The card will also feature Tom Thelwell vs. JJ Webb in a clash of the young lions.

Meanwhile, Ultra X champion Scotty Rawk will be in action, and in a VIP-only match, international star Aurora Teves battles Ignition regular Hannah Taylor. To round things off, Leon Grey will look to smooth out his issues with Chase Alexander. These relate to the events of Little Show Of Horrors last month.


You can buy tickets right now for TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021. You can also email TNT Extreme Wrestling if you want to know more about this card.