TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021 Review – Fusion, Liverpool, England

High Voltage 2021
Image Source: TNT Extreme Wrestling

This is our latest wrestling review for TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021 at Liverpool‘s Fusion. Now, the card would have a crucial Title vs. Career match in the main event position. So, let’s take a look at TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021!

TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021

Six-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
SynerNRG vs. Big Guns Joe, Brian Aideson & Simon Miller

After the VIP-exclusive dark match, which saw Aurora Teves defeat Hannah Taylor, we had our opener. This six-man elimination bout would see factions collide, though it’s Big Guns Joe that would largely dominate the crowd support. Early momentum for the good guys would be cut off as the numbers game would allow the villains to dominate. Aideson would be the first to suffer an elimination after a Steinerizer by Sinergy. Miller would shortly taste the same fate, leaving Joe all alone with three heels. Could he channel the spirit of a Shawn Michaels or a Bianca Belair to turn things around? Yes – well, almost.

Indeed, Joe would use a roll-up and a Boston Crab respectively to narrow it down to being him vs. Shreddy. And the offence would go back and forth with Joe particularly surviving some major moves. When Sinergy would attempt to interfere on Shreddy’s behalf, Aideson and Miller would even the odds at ringside. However, Miller would shockingly turn heel by dragging the referee out of the ring with Joe on the verge of winning. A Shreddy TKO would end the match moments later, with Miller hitting Joe with a Dominator afterwards. Now, Miller’s trunks say “Why?”, but TNT fans must wait for an answer as to Simon’s actions here. No doubt, Joe has the most interest as he seeks revenge on Simon in 2022.

TNT Ultra X Title Triple Threat Match
Scotty Rawk (C) vs. Man Like Dereiss vs. Jimmy Jackson

Fresh off his successful title defence at Cold Day In Hell, Rawk would defend his crown again here. On this occasion, though, he would have two opponents. One would be Dereiss, who would freestyle on the microphone en route to the ring. The other would be Jackson, whose tights would resemble a packet of Doritos according to some fans! Incidentally, all three are babyfaces, so this would have a sportsman-like feel to it as a high-flying exhibition showcase. And all three would fly very high during this bout.

A huge moonsault to the floor by Dereiss was a major highlight, with both adversaries landing very close to my feet. A tower of doom from Dereiss with Rawk suplexing Jackson was another standout moment. As was a huge 720 DDT from Rawk to Dereiss. Not forgetting Jackson’s totally insane shooting star press off the top rope onto both men at ringside. In the end, Dereiss would hit Jimmy with a 450 splash, only to taste Black Mass from Rawk. The three-count was academic to end a thrilling three-way match that would have everybody buzzing.

Last Woman Standing Match
Taonga vs. Gia Adams

Prior to intermission, we would have the blow-off to a fierce rivalry within the women’s division. Adams would strike with an immediate Samoan drop, with Taonga trying to crawl backstage. But Adams wouldn’t let her, and the two ladies would brawl all over Fusion. Back into the ring, Taonga would strike with a brutal running kick and a corner knee. The fight would end up in the bar and back in the ring, with Adams hitting a Cena legdrop onto Taonga, After an exchange of punches and chops, Adams would strike Taonga with a DDT out of a guillotine choke.

At that point, Taonga would introduce a steel chair and whack Adams in the back with it. She would even drill Adams with a Killswitch onto the chair. However, Adams would drive Taonga headfirst into a corner-placed chair. Gia would then bring three further steel chairs into the ring. After building a chair pile, Adams would eventually nail Taonga with a brutal powerbomb onto all of the chairs. So, Gia would seal the win, while Taonga wonders if this is the end or if further punishment towards Adams is possible.

Tom Thelwell vs. JJ Webb

After intermission, it was time for two of TNT’s rising stars to clash. On that note, Thelwell currently holds the Ignition briefcase, ensuring a future title shot further down the line. Webb would cut off a fast start by Thelwell, but Tom would rebound in style. Indeed, he would blast JJ with a tope to ringside. In fact, the impact would see JJ’s head whack my shin, which would have caused even greater pain for Webb. He did recover, though, and Webb would dominate proceedings from there. Thelwell would also rebound, though, with a back German suplex and a moonsault for two.

From there, things would escalate with further major moves. Thelwell would nail a brutal back German suplex on the apron (the hardest part of the ring). A stunner to the floor would almost decapitate Thelwell, but he would stay in the game, After big moves and bigger near-fgalls, Webb would strike Thelwell with one more stunner off the top rope. That would seal the win for Webb in arguably the match of the night.

Chase Alexander vs. Leon Gray

In the penultimate bout, two familiar foes would go at it. Chase, with Martini in hand, would receive plenty of heckles from those in attendance. However, he would control the early stages by dominating Gray’s left arm and head. A headscissors and monkey flip from Leon would swing the momentum, but Chase would strike with stiff kicks. In particular, a slingshot into the bottom turnbuckle would allow Chase to manage the bout.

A running enzuiguri from Gray would raise hopes for his fans. Chase would respond with a half nelson suplex and a famouser off the ropes. Alexander would then demand a steel chair, but he would ultimately decide not to use it. Grey’s last hope would come with an F5, yet Chase would click out. After avoiding a moonsault, a suplex onto the knee would seal the victory for Alexander.

TNT Ignition Championship Title vs. Career No Disqualification Match
Scott Oberman (C) vs. Kameron Solas

The main event of the final TNT show of 2021 was a weighty affair. Oberman as the defending champion would exude confidence, while all the pressure was on the shoulders of Solas. Indeed, a failure to win the title here would prevent him from wrestling on a TNT Ignition show again. The late addition of a No DQ stipulation would further elevate the significance of this contest. Scott would strike with a title belt shot before the bell, but Solas couldn’t stay down. A huge senton to the floor by Kameron would lead to the brawl going all over Fusion. An exchange of bodyslams would eventually lead to Solas hitting a moonsault off the DJ deck onto Oberman and other TNT staff.

Back in the ring, a chop battle would lead to a Solas superkick and an Oberman RKO (out of nowhere). Oberman would avoid a Solas moonsault, and Scott would hit Cross Rhodes, but Kameron would kick out. Further brutal slaps and chops would lead to Solas hitting a Death Valley Driver, but Oberman would survive. Scott would miss a twisting corkscrew, but he would hit a diving RKO for a close two-count. A title belt shot back to Oberman would allow Solas to hit a Tombstone, but it still wasn’t enough. Finally, Solas would hit Oberman with a diving RKO and a flashy corkscrew moonsault to win the match! Solas was the new TNT Ignition Champion, and his career would also resume. A huge celebration for Solas, along with a fist bump from the ex-champ, would provide a feel-good ending.


TNT Ignition: High Voltage 2021 was quite the show. We would see several strong matches, a heel turn, the start of one feud and the culmination of other rivalries. And to round things off, we would crown a new champion to lead the Ignition brand into 2022. All of this makes High Voltage a more than adequate show to end 2021 on a high note for TNT.

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